Goods: Igarashi Taichi & Suhara Aki version dakimakura cover (Spray, Kichiku Megane)

Update 4 March 2012: Finally a colour illustration! But kind of late since the order period has already closed in January.
Title: Kichiku Megane specially illustrated dakimakura Igarashi Taichi & Suhara Aki version (with booklet) 鬼畜眼鏡 描き下ろし抱き枕 [五十嵐太一&須原秋紀バージョン](小冊子つき)
Price: 8,400 Yen (w/tax)
Size: W500xH1700mm
Material: A&J manufactured standard smooth. Fastener included. Full colour.
Booklet: B5 size. 16 pages. Full colour cover. Contents rough and detailed dakimakura design drawing and short story.

Made to order only:
Order Deadline: 15 December 2011 – 31 January 2012, 10 am.
Delivery in: March 2012

Description: Kichiku Megane Hugging Pillow series. Follow up to Saeki Katsuya 佐伯克哉 hugging pillow, capturable characters in the game are next! Illustrated by Misasagi Fuuri みささぎ楓李.

Set includes a dakimakura cover with one character printed on each side and a booklet with lots of information. Short story setting is Taichi and Saeki Katsuya while they are in New York.

Igarashi Taichi looks yummy in those boxers! Shota-lovers will fall for Aki on the other side. Not for me tho~ so money saved! YAY. (Thank God… orz;;;)

There’s real truth in the saying that goes, “Be careful of what you wish for…cause you might just get it!” I’ve wished for these sexy dakimakuras for a couple of years.

Previously I didn’t want to order this one because I wasn’t interested in the shota character… but *_* the coloured version looks gorgeous! Too late for regrets now.

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28 thoughts on “Goods: Igarashi Taichi & Suhara Aki version dakimakura cover (Spray, Kichiku Megane)”

  1. I got like 3 of those covers with katsuya. I was thinking of getting the others, but then I realize I’m more of a fan for megane katsuya than the game itself. But did some thinking coz i feel sorry for the game since i did enjoy the game..I’m totally turned off by Honda and the oyaji so that one is out of the question. I’m not really a fan of yusa and mido and mr. R either.. But Aki and Taichi r so cuuuute! But didn’t order it anyway coz the exchange rate was as low as the bottomless pit >_>

    1. @Urusaiii: Megane Katsuya is HOT. I’m not surprised if you only like the game because of him. I don’t really like Mr R ^^;; and while Honda’s design looks yummy, I wouldn’t say I like him in the game either. (He is kinda annoying lol) And for some strange reason I like oyaji san quite a lot lol~ XD And I’m biased for Mido because of Yusa Kouji :P The covers for Aki and Taichi are lovely *_* Though they’re not my favourites in the game, I would love to have this cover! But it’s too late since the order period is long over :(

    1. @Shirokaze: lol~ I might have just bought it for collector’s sake if I had enough money.
      LOL~ you prefer the Hadaka Shitsuji versions where the characters are having a boner? XD

    2. @Shirokaze: Hehehehehe XD Sorry I couldn’t resist teasing ya. Hmm… yeah their crotches are a little too “flat” :-\

  2. i wonder what face my dad would make if i asked for this as a christmas present XD……no….that’s suicide T__T

  3. holy crap Taichi looks damn sexy here >o<//
    first was Midou now Taichi, damn i need to pick one Dx unfortunately i'm still a high schooler who lives with her parents…

    I don't give a shit about Aki though haha… his route was annoying.

  4. They’re super hot! Yay, I’m happy to see they made a Taichi dakimakura! He’s so handsome. He’s my favorite character. Aki looks soooo adorable~! (Please forgive me for my perviness, I’m kinda a shota-con.)

    I saw the the Midou & Mr. R ones in your article. They’re really nice, especially Midou-san!

  5. I think I just died a bit.

    Too bad I’m living with my mother again and now definitely can’t own these lovelies.
    Aki looks sensational, I never even liked him before, aha.

    1. AH, I wish.
      But I’d have no place to hide it. That woman roams everything in my house.
      She already gets scandalized over my half naked bishoujo girls.

      I’m already having a hard time hiding my cosplay crap.

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