Goods: If planting were an otome game… Growing veggie boyfriends

PlantingSounds like fun! If this were real, I don’t think I would bear to eat the cutie when he is ripe for harvest (sounds kinda wrong) XD

Title: Tabegoro Kareshi Ikusei Setto 食べごろ彼氏 育成セット
Price: 972 Yen each (w/tax)
Available from:
Auto translated as Ready to eat her boyfriend training set on the English sale page ^^;;

Description: Cultivation set for edible vegetables likened to handsome guys with corresponding personalities.
You choose the guy you like to cultivate! Why not grow the guy you like?
Includes character book and cultivation instructions キャラクターBOOK(育成説明書)
Total 6 types. You’ll definitely be tempted to get them all.
Each package contains a name plate that you can stick into the pot.
You may give it a lot more care than you expect?
It is also recommended as a fun gift!
Size of package: W150 x D32x H234 mm
Set contents: Seeds, pot bottom Ami (?), inner pot, culture soil, container (prefabricated), character BOOK (instruction manual), name plate (cut package) 種、鉢底アミ、インナーポット、培養土、コンテナ(組み立て式)、キャラクターBOOK(育成説明書)、ネームプレート(パッケージ切り取り)

Check out the characters! The chibis are rather cute lol~ I do enjoy growing herbs and plants. It is quite a therapeutic activity. I’ve grown basil and sage from seed and mint from cuttings. I haven’t been successful with mint seeds, so I’ll probably not try with this again. Instead, I may order the megane character’s set and give it a try. I love Rockmelon bruschetta with goat’s cheese and prosciutto! YUM!


1) Mini Tomato プチトマト Difficulty level: ♥♥

Pick the tomato if you like a playful Italian man personality (known for being good at picking up girls lol)
His tagline: “You’re going to cultivate me? I’d love to be taken care of by someone as beautiful as you.”
In general, he loves girls, is a good cook who can prepare nutritious meals. He loves the sun and loses steam during wet season. Good for the skin.
ナンパでお茶目なイタリア系男子. 「君が俺を育ててくれるの? 君みたいな美人さんだったら大歓迎だよ」

2) Arugula ルッコラ Difficulty level: ♥

Seems like a gentle person but is actually a sarcastic sadist (do-S) HaHaHa 8D Typical megane-chara! So choose the Arugula (It’s leaves are commonly known as rocket leaves and usually used in salads) for a some kick!
His tagline: “I don’t think you’ll be able to manage me… do you have the confidence to do so?”
In general, he is just naturally sarcastic and everything he says carries thorns. In the past Arugula has aphrodisiac effects and he is attractive. Watch out for caterpillar and Abra worms.

優しく見えて実は毒吐くドS系男子. 「僕が君の手に負えるとは思えないけど…育てる自信あるの?」

3) Mini Carrot ミニキャロット Difficulty level: ♥♥

He is an active and positive guy.
His tagline: “You’re being lazy again! Hurry hurry! I’m hungry! Come onI!”
In general, he is naive and although he often fails in what he does, he is laid back and doesn’t worry about things much. He likes children but is often hated by them in return. He works hard and has a feeling that he is being acknowledged for his efforts. His eyesight is good thanks to the vitamin A.

元気でめげないポジティブ系男子. 「まーたお前さぼってんじゃん! はやくはやく! 俺、腹減ってんの! ねえってば!」

4) Mint ミント Difficulty level: ♥

If you like a comforting relationship, pick the Mint.
His tagline: I feel comforted when you’re with me. Do you feel the same way? Then, would it be ok to be together always?
In general, your frustration and tension will disappear when you’re with him, the comforting type of guy. He has a lovely presence that naturally gathers people to him. He likes minty sweets. Smells nice.

一緒にいるだけで安心できる癒し系男子. 「君が側にいてくれると安心するんだよね え?君もそうなの? じゃあ、ずっと一緒にいてもいいかな…?」

5) Habanero Pepper ハバネロ Difficulty level: ♥♥♥

Habanero has a sharp tongue but he is actually a warm-hearted wild tsundere.
His tagline: “If you are not serious about doing this then don’t come near me. I’m not so naive!”
In general, he is often misunderstood due to his sharp tongue but he is warm-hearted and caring of others. He is manly, has a strong sense of justice and exudes warmth. He is bad with slugs.

口が悪いけど本当は温かい乱暴系ツンデレ男子. 「生半可な気持ちで手ぇ出すくらいなら近づくんじゃねぇよ… 俺は甘くねぇぞ!」

6) Small Eggplant コナス Difficulty level: ♥♥♥

This guy is a mystery because you can’t tell what he is thinking about.
His tagline: “… I’m hungry… what? You’re giving me water? Hmm… you’re a good person huh.”
In general, his personality is plain like the colour white and he is not assertive at all. You can’t tell what he is thinking but he most probably isn’t thinking of anything at all. He goes along with others and probably doesn’t think about it much either.

何を考えているか分からない淡白系男子. 「…お腹空いた… なに?お水くれんの? ふーん、お前良いやつだな」

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8 thoughts on “Goods: If planting were an otome game… Growing veggie boyfriends”

  1. If this were real, I’d so eat him up! lol
    This is really a cute idea. (First sword guys and now this)XD
    I wanna plant me some mint.<3

  2. @ponytale: I think of getting all of them!! *w*
    But it’s Habanero who makes my heart swoon~ I have a weakness for the wild tsundere type of guy!

    1. @Kirika: Oh my, please share your growing experience when you get them! :D I’m only going to try getting the ones I have the highest chance of growing. My house doesn’t get enough sunlight.

    Without it, I would have probably never found out about this gem that I need to get by all means!! Thanks for this precious piece of information!!

  4. Sounds fun….let`s grow a relationship..
    I laugh tears right now XD
    “Anata wa kawaii…tabetai kurai ni ne~”
    Since Sweet Pool I feel uncomfortable with these kind of sentences…”^^

    1. @kitsunebi: oh my… that brings back such… (can’t decide what to feel) memories of sweetpool DX I’m checking my customs for the possibility of importing seeds and soil ^^;; Hope it works out.

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