Goods: Household appliance vacuum cleaner for figma (Shizuno Izumi Sekirara)

Figma Shizuno Izumi

Erm kinda random… this combination…

These accessories come with Figma Shizuno Izumi (志津野 泉) from an 18+ eroge (H-game) called Sekirara se・きらら. I’m not sure if I want to get this but that vacuum cleaner looks like something we can use if we had a Figma Misaki (Junjou Romantica) As for the cake, I already have LOTS of Rement cake and pastries =_=;;; what a let down. The pillow is so-so too. Nothing to shout about. I won’t be getting this girl cos I just remembered that I have a Rement vacuum cleaner already ^^

The character has a pretty face though. Nice breasts too :D

Damage: 3200 Yen (w/tax) Why does she cost more than the other similar figmas from the same series? *_*
Available: November 2010

Figma Shizuno Izumi

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2 thoughts on “Goods: Household appliance vacuum cleaner for figma (Shizuno Izumi Sekirara)”

    1. @ri: Lol~ XD that’s cute!!! Well, I discovered I already have a Rement vacuum cleaner :P so I’ll pass on this one. It’s kinda silly to spend so much for the sake of ONE toy vacuum cleaner OTL.

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