Goods: Honda Kenji x Katagiri Minoru version dakimakura cover (Spray, Kichiku Megane)

Colour illustration update! Katagiri-san’s yukatamoe (*A*) GAAAA!!!! And Honda!!! THOSE PECS!
Title: Kichiku Megane specially illustrated dakimakura Honda Kenji & Katagiri Minoru version (with booklet) 鬼畜眼鏡 描き下ろし抱き枕 [本多憲二&片桐稔バージョン](小冊子つき)
Price: 8,400 Yen (w/tax)
Size: W500xH1700mm
Material: A&J manufactured standard smooth. Fastener included. Full colour.
Booklet: B5 size. 16 pages. Full colour cover. Contents rough and detailed dakimakura design drawing and short story.

Made to order only:
Order Deadline: 15 December 2011 – 31 January 2012, 10 am.
Delivery in: March 2012 OH NO MARCH AGAIN?!! SO many pre-orders in that month orz…

Description: Kichiku Megane Hugging Pillow series. Follow up to Saeki Katsuya 佐伯克哉 hugging pillow, capturable characters in the game are next! Illustrated by Misasagi Fuuri みささぎ楓李.

Set includes a dakimakura cover with one character printed on each side and a booklet with lots of information. Short story setting is Honda and Saeki Katsuya while they are in Italy.

Honda is TOO HOT! And ultimate lethal combi of Yukata x Oyajimoe. Like I mentioned previously in the post on Midou & Mr.R version dakimakura, I found Katagiri very erotic when paired with Kichiku Saeki Katsuya for some unexplainable reason… that’s when I discovered my affinity for oyaji-moe ^^;;;

Katagiri’s seiyuu is Yasumura Makoto 保村真 who sounds quite different from his usual roles cos he raised the pitch of his voice for this character. And Honda! IT’S Yasumoto Hiroki :D~ (aka Germany in Hetalia, Razel in Lamento) How not to love.

BOTH OF YOU ARE MINE (*A*)!!! Can’t wait to see the final images!

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21 thoughts on “Goods: Honda Kenji x Katagiri Minoru version dakimakura cover (Spray, Kichiku Megane)”

  1. I need this pillow like burning… but it looks like I lucked out. ;_; is there any other way to obtain it without spending 400$ for it on eBay? lol

  2. Did you order one of these ponytale? You mentioned you have 4 cases coming in March in a reply last week. Anyway I couldn’t resist ordering one of these, and when I saw the final design I’m super excited. Got an email it should ship (to my ‘Japanese address’) on 3/13. And my husband wonders what I do when he’s not home..

    1. @Prettyvillain: Yes, I did :D this is one of the 4 that’s coming in. The other three are Mido/Mr R, Shukan soine’s 2 boys. I’m envious you have such an understanding and open-minded husband XD I hope my future one would be too lol~

    1. @yudashin: /flails/ me too! XDD And yeah… my bed would get crowded too… orz;; but since I don’t have a 170cm length stuffing, I’m safe for now XD

    1. @Len-chan: yeah I didn’t expect the final artwork to look so hot :D freak out or not, I would be glad to have him lol~ and I love Katagiri XD

  3. Totally agrees with the oyaji-yukata deadly combo, i love Katagiri with Megane Katsuya too for some reason >3< And Honda too, i love him with normal and megane Katsuya <3A<

    1. @Sairu: Katagiri is such a cute thing that you feel like loving and bullying at the same time :D Honda is pure hot jock in this dakimakura!

  4. Wow super handsome! Honda looks so… wow!!! I just can’t describe him! Super hot! Katagiri looks so moe! I like him very much. He’s super nice~! <3

    when I saw katagiri for the first time I was like “OMG!! SAILOR SENSHI HENSHIN SEQUENCE!”
    but it didn’t happen xD;; damn you Misasagi Furi! katagiri kachouuu why so moeeeeeeeee!

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