Goods: HiroC, OnoD chibi figures! (Kamiya Hiroshi, Ono Daisuke, DGS)

HiroC and OnoD

Uwa~ It’s HiroC & OnoD! XD

Nya-san MirrorIf you love Dear Girl Stories (DGS), the radio show hosted by Kamiya Hiroshi 神谷浩史 and Ono Daisuke 小野大輔, or just the seiyuus in general, you probably already know about this ^^ but it is still an exciting piece of news for me as a figure collector.

The two chibis are perfect reproductions of the seiyuus’ manga persona, as well as their chibi versions in the Nintendo DS game Hibiki and I just love them to bits.

How to get your hands on them? Order the upcoming commemorative monthly issue of Slyph comics and you’ll get HiroC, the next month will give you OnoD. If you want to complete the collection for the sake of it, follow on with the 3rd issue and get the Nya-san (kitty) mirror but I probably will only buy for the boys. Each issue will also feature some mail-in only items but I’ll pass… not located in Japan. Thank goodness the chibis are normal includes. ^^;;;

Each issue costs 580Yen (w/tax)

More info:

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14 thoughts on “Goods: HiroC, OnoD chibi figures! (Kamiya Hiroshi, Ono Daisuke, DGS)”

  1. Hello!~ Kyaa! I want it so bad! Just stumbled upon your website. :3 Thank you for the info! ^^ And as much as i hate to admit it T^T, i’m afraid and so disappointed that i’ve missed HiroC, correct? *sobbing* But then again, i still have a chance to order ’em both, don’t i? Oh please tell me i’m right! *_* Because it is super duper cute! So please. Oshiete ageru! How do i order ’em?? I haven’t passed the dateline to order, have I? I’m thinking of ordering where they’ll ship HiroC, OnoD and they nyan-nyan~ *kyaaa* How, where and how much? *excited&determined!* :3 Hoping for your reply soon! And for your info, I do not live in Japan.

    1. @piyyah: thanks for dropping by! Don’t worry, they’re still on sale ^^ just try ordering from comicomi! Key in シルフ2010年7月号 for HiroC) in the search box cos the direct linking t the page doesn’t work. They ship internationally! Good luck!

  2. i wanna both of them!!!!!!!! so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ i just entering DGS world just now!!! >.< i wanna order it!! bwahahahahahahaha!!

  3. They’re so cute! Two of the most beloved seiyuu turning into chibi figures, that’s nice! I’d like both!
    Talking about cute, Ciel Nendoroid preorder starts soon, they say tomorrow, but dunno how exactly since Japan time is different. Probably usual shops like AmiAmi, Hobby Search etc. Anyway, don’t miss Sebby’s Lord!!

  4. Ok. I’ll try. Thanks. It’s going to be july issue right? still in 2 month then…Livin here is a bliss as well as torture. Each of your guilty pleasure exactly in front of your eyes or only few blocks from the house… T_T. but…money…

    1. @Luvi: lol~ don’t regret ok? It’s going to be the -first- (but small) OnoD figure!!! I’m not planning to use it as my phone strap cos I tend to throw my things about. Just for display on my desk… nya~ XD I’ll be really happy if the figures are at least 5cm tall. *keeps fingers crossed* But I have a feeling they’ll probably be around 3 cm *_*

      @Ri: although it is the July issue, the magazine is published on 22 May. Don’t ask me why lol~ so do watch out for it when you drop by the bookstores when it is released. Well, that’s a happy problem XD at least you can save your shipping costs to buy more stuff. Everytime I look my shipping charges/ commissions/handling fees I’m like… sigh… if only they are spent on the actual item instead.

  5. Hahahaha I have a tenancy to lose phone straps after a while so I’ll probably pass on this one. …Probably. >A<

  6. OTL I know I said I’m gonna stop buying figurines for a while, but I’m kinda tempted to get the OnoD one. @A@ It’s… too… cute. orz

    And the Kuro Nya-san mirrorrrrrr. *A*

    By the way, it says they’re straps in the picture though. o:

    1. @Ri: you can order from comi comi ^^ if you have trouble looking for the issue, type this text in the search box: シルフ2010年7月号 but if your local bookstore carries the magazine, try checking with them if they’re bringing it in… lol~ that’s the dream of all fujoshi who are not in Japan. Lucky you~ XD

      @Luvi: Yeah, OnoD’s chibi is so cute XD that genki puppy! Mmm let me add the info. Yeah it should be phone strap size probably but if they’re such good quality, I seriously don’t mind. Hmm okie, I’ll just buy 1 copy for Nya-san OTL;;;

  7. Whoaaa..looks cute. does this means i can just buy the slyph magazine in bookstore and get them? or i should mail order? Luckily i just move to japan so i can satisfy all my fujoshi desire..ahahhahaha..

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