Goods: Hijikata Toshizo, Okita Souji, Saito Hajime 1/10 figures (Hakuouki, Kotobukiya)

Saito-san looking good :)

First revealed during Wonderfest Summer 2010, Kotobukiya’s 1/10 scale completed figure Saito Hajime (斎藤一 完成品フィギュア) will be available in January 2011.

Following in his footsteps, Okita Souji’s figure (沖田総司 完成品フィギュア) arrives in March 2011 and Hijikata Toshizo’s (土方歳三 完成品フィギュア) in June 2011.

Damage: 7,140 (w/tax) each.
Size: 1/10 scale so should be around 18 cm / 7 inches or so, depending on their pose.
Animate/Movic Japan Exclusives (out-of-print)
Characters: Okita Souji | Hijikata Toshizou | Saito Hajime

Here are more pics of their figures. From the images, the make and quality of these Hakuouki (薄桜鬼) figures look similar to the Harutoki (遙かなる時空の中で) figures which were also made by Kotobukiya.

Saito Hajime’s figure below. The pose looks pretty dynamic :) Nice! You can always do more when your character has long hair <3 Clever use of sculpting for their long head bands to indicate movement.

The following is Okita Souji’s figure. Oof~ nice chest :3

Hijikata Toshizo’s prototype revealed (19 November 2010)

I’ll probably not get them cos I usually don’t collect PVCs unless they blow me away, like Natsume Takashi or they are from BL-related series cos they are just so darn rare :)

Update: I caved and bought Saito and Okita OTL;;;

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19 thoughts on “Goods: Hijikata Toshizo, Okita Souji, Saito Hajime 1/10 figures (Hakuouki, Kotobukiya)”

  1. 0A0 S-SOUJI!!!!! I WANT SOUJI’S FIGURE!!!!! *nosebleeds* H-HE LOOKS SO DARN HAWT!!! *faints* I want Sano and Shinpachi’s figures too…man how to order..? ;o;

    1. @jurimizushima: Try a JP proxy buyer but if I’m not wrong Souji (normal version) is sold out already *_*
      For Sano and Shinpachi’s figures, you can try The figures are animate exclusive, so the price BiJ quoted is higher. They ship international though :)

  2. *sighs* And in these hard economic times no less. But I’m really scared to think about how much they’re going to cost a couple of years from now >>;;

    1. @mai: Hmm I was hoping for a general release and consider it slowly… like you said $$$ is scarce. And they really are animate exclusives! I think the prices will surely shoot up… *_* lemme go get my calculators again OTL;;; cos the boys do look pretty good.

  3. HEY p(^-^)q ! Sorry for the late reply ><

    Nope, I did not get Saito's plushie. Perhaps you may want to consider whether do you have any particular figurines that you definitely will be buying this month or during the next few months (: If there are, maybe you may want to put the Saito's plushie on hold first. However, if you have extra spare cash or simply love him to the max, I suggest that you get his plushie ^^

    YUP! I totally agree with you that this series of Hakuouki figurines are SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE !!! I gotta have have them on my desktop ^^ hahas (:

    1. @buttertoast: no worries! ^_^)/ well, if I look at my current preorder list right till October, I’m not supposed to buy ANYTHING more already OTL. But between Saito Plushie and the Togainu ones, I’ll definitely get the latter which I expect preorders to open soon.

      Hmm, they’ll look good on desktop indeed…

  4. ~~Actually I find that his face looks a bit like Akira’s kotobukiya figure :P

    lol thats what i thought when i first saw the picture. maybe the same sculptor (who wishes they would be working on doing a sculpt of gigolo Akira than Hakuouki). XD

    im loving the Okita figure very dynamic~
    hopefully they wont be so expensive i plan to save next year.;;;

    1. @Firstfarewell: Sorry your comment went into spam :P Well, there’s still time to consider so… don’t worry. I don’t think they’ll be selling out so soon!

      @sigma: yeah probably! XD Hopefully he/she gets to work on new Togainu figs after the anime comes out X3

      The Hakuouki boys are 7,140 each… more expensive than the HaroToki ones. Keep your fingers crossed for discounts!

  5. wow they look…really good ;A;”

    but Im not sure if I’d be willing to shell out that much cash, orz

    thanks for the previews/sharing the news! *W* <3

    1. @buttertoast: Do you have Saito’s plushie too? I’m still struggling if I should buy it cos I’m so broke.

      Yep, the nice thing about this series of Hakuouki figures is that it’ll be based on their fighting illustrations! That’s why we get more dynamic poses :D I love to see Hijikata figure too.

      @sigma: I’ll probably wait :O maybe they’ll go on sale like HaruToki ones too! I like Saito’s pose XD Actually I find that his face looks a bit like Akira’s kotobukiya figure :P

    I would really want to get my hands on those figurines ^^ but on a second thought, I feel that the makers are not doing justice to Saito’s expression. )):
    Hmm, I may get Saito eventually since he is one of my favourite characters ((:
    However, I can’t wait for Hijikata to be released ^^
    Hopefully, his figurine will blow me off my chair ((:

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