Goods: Hijikata loves Sake (Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan, Japanese alcohol)

Ever the rules guy, Hijikata Toshizou 土方 歳三 forbids the under-aged from drinking!

Title: Hakuouki Japanese sake 薄桜鬼 日本酒
Reissue: March 2011
Price: 2,940 Yen (w/tax) each
Available from: Animate Japan only

Information: 720 ml. Pink bottle with silkscreen gold print. Pure white rice sake (サイズ:720ml, 仕様:瓶ピンク(シルク金色印刷) 純米吟醸酒. The sake is described as an excellant quality sake that is aromatic and sharp with a mild aftertaste. (原料米・種麹・酵母・仕込水・全て山形産のものを, 使用し丹精込めて造った純米吟醸酒。香り良く、後味まろやかで切れの良いお酒です。)

Note: On sale only for ages 20 and above. Customer must show age identification upon purchase/collection.

Pretty pink bottle that goes well with the Hakuouki’s sakura theme. I don’t drink sake. How about you? :D

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11 thoughts on “Goods: Hijikata loves Sake (Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan, Japanese alcohol)”

    1. @Yume: it says the consumption of alcohol by the underaged is prohibited by law ^^

      It seems that Japan is very strict when it comes to this law.

      It’s very Hijikata style cos he was the one who set all the laws in the Shinsengumi.

  1. Cool, I don’t like alcohol that much, but I would drink that XDDDDDDD.

    Actually, is known that Hajime Saitou loved sake XDDDDDD. But he looks sooo serious in the anime XD.

  2. i came across this quite a while back. it’s really tempting to get. but i haven tried sake before =(
    where can i find this? only in Japan rite? since they need identification.

  3. Even in a white desk or a simple shelf, it’d really bring some life to it… to bad it’s a bit expensive for the effect.
    I’d get it in a blink of eyes if they were selling it in the nearby chinese store or something… 30 euros + shipping is somehting I only give for really nice alcoholic drinks ^^’

    Though for someone who likes sake and hakuoki it might be a good deal…?

    1. @Oru: Yeah, if only we don’t have to pay for shipping and stuff :( I would grab it too if I can buy if off the shelf. Otherwise, I don’t think it’s worth it too.

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