Goods: Hetalia Axis Powers one-coin Chibi Figures (Kotobukiya)

More big-headed fun from Hetalia Axis Powers anime/manga!

This is the second set of high quality chibi figures to come from Kotobukiya.

Title: Hetalia one-coin grande collection -Round 2-
Damage: 6,120Yen (w/tax)
Available around November 2010.

They also feature removable heads for endless hours of fun! (lol~)

Judging from the hat and that cute strand of curly hair, my best guess for the secrets would be Chibitalia’s Holy Roman Empire (神聖ローマ, Shinsei Rooma) and Chibi Northern Italy (イタリア Italia). However, each box will have only ONE secret, in the attempt to suck our money again… like how they did it for Chiral Forest one-coin‘s striped and white Y-shirt Akira. Oh wait… update, ONE BOX will get you the complete set! <3 The chibis will be in put in the same box! Ah~ so that means they are smaller than their grown up counterparts! Brilliant! XD

Let’s look at the pic of these cuties from the anime lol~ In this pic (left), Chibi Italy is wearing his maid uniform.

The sillouette of the figure looks like his normal wear as below.

Btw, the reissues of the Title: first one-coin set are currently on sale too, so get it now if you missed it the previous round :) The first set features the full 9-piece box that includes the secret figure. I already bought 1 set when they first released but haven’t got round to opening them yet :P Available at most figure shops!

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9 thoughts on “Goods: Hetalia Axis Powers one-coin Chibi Figures (Kotobukiya)”

  1. Thanks, ponytale, I’m Italian, but here in italy there are many fairs and expos about anime and manga, where you can find any gadget, and the merchants say, that a new set will come out, but they didn’t say when :) So thanks for the information :)

    1. @Bau: ah~ icic :D glad to help! Well, cos sometimes these figures get delayed so maybe the merchants want to save the trouble of having to keep updating their customers until the release date is nearer.

    1. @Bau: usually after these figures are released in Japan, suppliers in other countries will also start to receive their stock. If you’re referring to the anime/toy shops in Europe, it should also be released in November/December period too :)

  2. This new set is wonderful, just ordered mine from AmiAmi! I already have the 1st set and even a Italy Pasta version (my Japan Nikujaga version is on the way), I’m in love with these chibis!
    The best are Canada with Kumajiro, Prussia with Gilbird and Greece with cat!
    THANK YOU KOTO! Adorable!!!

    1. @planck-chan: yeah! I thought it was about time they released figures of other characters too! I’m especially excited to see Chibitalia couple :3 Uwa~ you have the Animate-only DVD limited editions? :D awesome!

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