Goods: Harada Sanosuke Hakuouki Trading Voice Mascot Review (Movic)

Like a boss!

Title: Hakuouki Supicotto (Speaking mascot?) 薄桜鬼 すぴこっと
Price: 4,410 yen (1 complete set contains 6 boxes)
Release date: 7 July 2011
Description: 60-65 mm. Each character will speak 2 lines from the anime.
Available from Animate Japan/Movic only. CDJapan offering proxy service! Check ’em out!

Made by the same company who gave us Durarara!! Trading Voice mascot figures.

About the character in the fictional otome girls visual novel game (Some spoilers ahead):

Harada Sanosuke (原田 左之助) (Voiced by: Yusa Kouji)

Harada is the Tenth Division Captain and prefers the spear to the sword, but he is seen carrying both. In the anime he has a fierce rivalry with Kyou Shiranui, pitting his spear against Shiranui’s pistol. He is based on the historical Harada Sanosuke. He is the only playable character in the otome game who does not take the Ochimizu.

Individual box packaging.

Harada is actually my favourite character because of his seiyuu Yusa Kouji :D Love this confident pose of his. Check out the detail around his fringe area.

You can clearly see the definition of the sculpting, including that of the eyebrows, etc.

3-D eye lash lol~ See the black? And that cheek! Ooo~

Sexy back of a manly man.

I like his ahoge too.

Simple design but nice details.

Lol~ at the cheeks.


Front view of the voice base! Nothing to peek at underneath the hakama :(

Back and bottom. The batteries can be replaced. Just undo the screw on the left.

No one messes with me!

Random close up!

Nice detailed sword. Would be interesting if they made him with his spear.


Let’s hear how Harada sounds

Speech 1: 新撰組 十番組組長 原田 三之助 Shinsengumi Tenth Division Captain, Harada Sannosuke

Speech 2: こいつには指一本 ふれさせねえ! You will not lay a finger on her!

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6 thoughts on “Goods: Harada Sanosuke Hakuouki Trading Voice Mascot Review (Movic)”

  1. haha yeah, the spear is his trademark /_\! And makes him much sexier LOoool but omg if Chibi Sano had a Chibi Spear! OMG Loool BRILLIANT! <33 sadly noo *sigh*

  2. OMG ! SANOOOOoo! so darn adorable ahhaha xD <333 he's soo cute! XD! his ahoge is really cute indeed! XD <33 gah <33 he's like a BOSS! XD LOLll <3

    1. @planck-chan: XD Yep. So much cuter than expected!

      Harada for me! XDD But I agree with you… the rest of the guys are so attractive too…

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