Goods: Harada Sanosuke 1/10 figure (Hakuouki, Kotobukiya)

Painted figure update. GOSH HE REALLY DOES LOOK HOT!
My middle name is HOTNESS! Harada Sanosuke 原田左之助 figure!

Based on this illustration!

Title: Hakuouki Harada Sanosuke 1/10 figure 薄桜鬼 原田左之助 リアルフィギュア 1/10塗装済完成品 (Movic)
7,140 (w/tax)
May 2012 Delayed: July 2012
1/10 scale so should be around 18 cm / 7 inches or so, depending on their pose.
Movic Japan Exclusive

Hakuouki (薄桜鬼) figures look similar to the Harutoki (遙かなる時空の中で) figures which were also made by Kotobukiya.

I wished they posted bigger images. BUT I think this is a must get for me. They captured his badass facial expression perfectly. RABUU!!!

Side by side comparison of the unpainted figure. Awesome much!

The details look great! Check out those abs!

Ooo~ sexy back! The spear on the unpainted prototype looks crooked but the painted one looks ok :D

Can’t wait to see his painted prototype! :D I’m glad they’re not rushing to release him and hopefully the extra waiting also translates to good quality :)

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35 thoughts on “Goods: Harada Sanosuke 1/10 figure (Hakuouki, Kotobukiya)”

  1. omigodddddd sooo beautiful! HARADAAaaaaa! he became more ikemen! <33 I so can't wait until its out! then to pair it off with upcoming shinpachi! hahaah *shot*

  2. Meh, I actually wanted to buy it but all the money I had saved up for geekness was drained by university OTL

    He really does look great, as expected ; h ;

  3. @ponytale: yeah, the prices are surprisingly good, but when you calculate shipping, it’s not so great. i think playasia inflate their shipping a little bit….

    1. @iced_wine: Yeah they generally do that but that was because they had free shipping for orders over US$50. But seems that there’s no more free shipping promotion now.

      Gaa… That’s why we have to compare prices.

  4. Oooooo, me must get~~~~~~

    But seriously, kotobukiya is sucking my wallet dry…with the re-release of their hiiro one coins, the shiki and akira figures (not that I’m complaining about that), and I just discovered the special open eyed keisuke akira set and damaged ver akira are open for order on playasia..omg…no money!!

    1. @iced_wine: Me too *_* his face looks fab!

      Heh cos Kotobukiya is one of the few companies who bothers making figures of female fan-oriented characters… its a happy problem for us! I just hope that these items aren’t always limited editions or Japan only. Things are expensive enough without additional proxy fees. Oh my~ playasia selling the boys at quite a good price! \(*o*)/

  5. Wow, they might really release all of the Hakuouki boys! Hopefully some enemy onis will come as well. Sano is well done! Must buy! :)

  6. @ponytale: lol, yep, I only thought about it after I bought Okita that…this figure was really expensive for a 1/10th. I mean, they cost a lot more than all of my 1/8 & 1/7 figures! Really expensive! I think the old 1/10 Chiral boys were around 4800-5400 yen.

    Haha yep, same price but definitely worth it since they are 1/8 and the beauty is, they aren’t exclusives (besides Damaged Akira)

    Yep, I’m hoping the painting will do Harada justice because I love the picture they based him off of XD

  7. Ugh they ruined it! I like his grin in the anime, but they overdid it! He smiles and that’s his whole face.. Reminds me of one piece. And his hair… Too crazy..

  8. XD spears always tend to look crooked for some reason. (i’m so lucky i havn’t fully watched this series yet are i’d be super broke by now;; (Love yone and her art and would love to get my hands on her designs being sculpted-but when it comes to the actual figure price tag- it’s to much! lol~ T__T)

    1. @sigma: I think there’s always a possibility these figures are reissued a few years later like the HaruToki figs at a super bargain price. We never know. Well, I still can’t believe they were that cheap at that time. You bagged a few boys right?

      It’ll definitely be nice to own your fav Hakuouki guy :3 the sculpts generally look good so far.

  9. Aw man. Harada is sexy. He’s the other guy I like from Hakuouki but god, he’s so expensive for a 1/10th =___=; Plus, I just pre-orderd Akira & Shiki + Akira – Damaged Version (which I had to pay for now). Hm, but I want to see his painted version. For now, his face looks a little ok to mee~ I bet he’ll be sexier painted.

    1. @momo: Hmm now that u mentioned it, I’m reminded that maybe I really should have resisted getting them ^^;; old 1/10 Chiral boys were around 5,275/5,400 yen? I forgot.

      New Shiki / Akira is definitely worth the money… Same price even tho they’re 1/8.

      Yeah I think Harada’s prototype sculpt looks pretty true to the original illustration, except for the length of the torso. Hopefully painted looks just as awesome.

  10. Yep, his middle name is hotness, but his first is exclusive…

    I feel bad, all Hakuouki guys are so expensive, Okita and Harada are my fave, and also wanted Saitou, but it’s now a distant dream, cos I have many other figures on sight, like already preordered TnC (ok, if I win the lottery I’ll get all my guys XDDD).

    1. @planck-chan: how true! I didn’t want to buy too but finally caved and bought Saito and Okita. I didn’t like Hijikata’s figure, so that saved me a bit of money ^^;;

      Harada looks very promising. I hope we can all win the lottery too lol xD

  11. oh no….exclusive again…..T.T

    shiki and akira just opened for preorders..and now this one too….omg~~my bank account!!!!

    do you know if amiami runs something similar to the 10% off grand total sale they just did during xmas time?

    1. @iced_wine: yeah they’re freaking exclusives again. Starry Sky, Hakuouki…

      I’m not sure about the sale. Maybe just wait and see? I don’t think the Togainu no Chi boys will sell out so soon.

  12. snifff… I really hope the painted version looks like more to the great Kazuki-sensei drawing. Because for now I don’t like neither his face nor his hair. Also his pose is like the spear weights 500kg XXDD he is too inclinated, don’t know :/ for now only that awsome abs are the only good thing for me. Let’s wait… and see u.U

    1. @izas: the painted prototype usually looks very much better. I’m only a little concerned about his torso. It seems a bit too long compared to the original image. Might be the angle of the photos tho.

    1. @K.K: Sexy beast indeed! Such exuberance <3

      Since this is just the prototype, he should look better after refinement and paint job. I think his torso seems a bit too long for now. Or maybe it's cos of the angle of the photo.

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