Goods: Handsome ikemen comfort food… literally (Otsumami)

Yeah, it’s edible. Oo~ Blushing new salaryman.

The things they come up with for delusional otome/fujoshi.

Which flavour of men tickles your palates? The new guy who just joined the company who , your intellectual manager or the cool mature director?

Upon close scrutiny of the marketing text, Who will you eat these snacks with? It says that these are Japanese rice crackers that the representing character on the packaging will eat WITH you. Only in Japan will you see these products… probably. ^^;;

Otsumami おつまみ is a type of snacks that are often eaten with alcoholic beverage in Japan.

1) Title: Snacks to eat with for comfort. Newcomer chapter 貴方とおつまみ 癒してよ 新人編
Prawn flavour Japanese rice cracker (えび煎餅)
With newcomer who is reliant on you 甘え上手な新人。(and would supposedly brings out your motherly instincts? lol~)

2) Title: Snacks to eat with for comfort. Manager chapter 貴方とおつまみ 癒してよ 課長編
Squid flavour Japanese rice cracker (いか煎餅)
With intellectual manager 知的な課長。

3) Title: Snacks to eat with for comfort. Director chapter 貴方とおつまみ 癒してよ 部長編
Crab flavour Japanese rice cracker (かに煎餅)
With cool director. クールな部長。

Price: 367 Yen (w/tax) each
Available: mid May 2011
Date of expiry: 3 months from date of manufacture.
Only available at Animate Japan.

Update 8 May 2011: OMG last checked… they’re SOLD OUT!!! D: Less than 1 week they’re up for preorder. There are more delusional otome/fujoshi than we expected lol~ I wonder if Animate will restock them.

Megane manager…

Or “crab”-by director?

Each pack comes with a name card of the corresponding character too. Hahaha :D Add some delusional points for that.

Maybe a series of CDs are in the works. Who knows? I find the illustration of the new guy having that uke vibe kinda cute. The other two… well, they look ok but if they can attach a seiyuu voice to them, it’ll be more interesting. The company should have made CDs to go with these snacks.. like say, “Buy 1 box of 10 packs to redeem a character CD” or something lol lol~

Taste-wise, I think they’re probably not much different from the usual rice crackers you can find in stores.

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14 thoughts on “Goods: Handsome ikemen comfort food… literally (Otsumami)”

  1. Totally delusional xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, I’m surprised too that they’re sold out in less than a week. I’m sure Animate will restock, since it was a total sucess xDDD

  2. Not the crackers but the seafood itself, aha.

    And the download idea is actually really great. Cost efficient and it would definitely be a delightful treat.

  3. What the….hahahaha japan really does make the most interesting products. :D
    hahaha i can imagine nariken or kazuhiko inoue for the director
    and morikawa for manager….. :D
    If there were corresponding drama cds, however, my eyes would be definitely set on the newcomer :)

  4. Prawn and squid, I feel like a kid at my grandparent’s table again, lol.

    A CD would definetly help get past the art, no doubt.
    “Would you want my sexy voice with those crackers?” Yes please but I guess they’d turn up the price a good bunch for it.

    1. @Oru: hehe love those crackers! Your grandparents love them too?

      maybe they can give us options to buy separately without the voice cd. And to save cost they can provide somewhere to download the voice tracks instead of a cd too. But I guess it’s easier said than done :P

  5. I feel like buying a pack next time I order something… I mean, those are the same price as the cheaper crackers here so it’d be slightly more win? : D

    I’d prefer the crab ones but, like it was mentioned previously, he does seem a bit too “old” and kinda lost his “posh”-ness.

    1. @maku: I agree. I would go with mr prawn too lol. Director san looks too old o.o But if they cast seiyuus who I like I may accept it hehe. As for flavours, all sound yummy.

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