Goods: Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan Hugging Cushions (Anikuji Hakuouki, Animate)

News Flash 10 March 2011! Anikuji can now be purchased at Animate Japan online store! Starting now. While stocks last. I tried but didn’t get the cushion :-\ Anyway, good luck to those who wanna try! :D


Another version to collect for the die-hard fan.

These cushions of the guys can be won as Animate Japan exclusive lucky dip prizes. There are other cute prizes to be won too.

Title: Anikuji Hakuouki アニくじ 薄桜鬼
Price: 500 Yen per try lucky dip (Lucky draw)
Available: 10 March 2011

Prizes: Set A~E
Set A: Cushion 3 types – A賞:クッション(全3種)
Set B: Wall Pocket, 1 type – B賞:ウォールポケット(全1種)
Set C: Cutlery set, 1 type – C賞:カトラリーセット(全1種)
Set D: Scrunchie Hair accessory, 6 types – D賞: (全6種)
Set E: Bookmark, 6 types – E賞:クリアファイルセット(全6種)

Official info:

The cushions measure 50×20 cm each, so they are slightly smaller than the Anikuji DRRR!! cushions and Togainu no Chi Akira x Shiki Jumbo cushions (3,675 Yen)

It would have been more exciting if new art was created but they kept recycling them. But if we’re lucky to win them at 500 Yen each at the first few tries, then probably we shouldn’t complain ^^;;

The other prizes are cute too :)

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