Goods: Gun, roses and Kururugi Suzaku bound in thorns (Code Geass R2, AGF2012)

Ripped-up uniform, bare-chested, hands-bound… and ON THE BED!

This suggestive illustration of Suzaku in a pre-compromising position is specially created to be used for exclusive goods sold at Animate Girls’ Festival 2012 on 17-18 November 2012.

In the few past years, Animate/Movic received loads of customer complaints about long queues, overcrowding and goods running out of stock during the 2-day event. So they probably decided to let fans preorder these “exclusive” items now before the actual days. Kills two birds with one stone. Appease the die-hard fans and make more money out of it.

Title: Code Geass Rebellion of Lelouch R2 Tapestry コードギアス反逆のルルーシュR2 タペストリー
Price: 1,500 Yen (w/tax)
Available: late November 2012
Size: about 36.4 x 51.5cm
Newly illustrated. Cloth material, full colour print.
Movic Japan exclusive preorder link:

The tapestry… fueling the fujoshi delusion of BL raep fantasies and whot-not.

For some reason, I think BL fans of Code Geass probably like to see Suzaku being abused ^^;; Well, being the way he is, I kind of understand why orz;; I have no plans to add this to my collection but it does look kinda hot *hides*

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15 thoughts on “Goods: Gun, roses and Kururugi Suzaku bound in thorns (Code Geass R2, AGF2012)”

  1. this one totally bara (with roses thorn etc, just add some beef muscles tee-hee)
    kidding, but the pics just too yaoi too be true… <3

    p.s and totally non-con <3

  2. And another item that i’m gonna get,hope they have enough stock at AGF(this year will be my first time going to AGF in person^^).

    1. @lucy4: You can consider preordering it from Movic if you must have it (See my post with the link). It ends 30 September. Better safe than sorry XD

    1. @planck-chan: More goods will be revealed by other participating companies nearer to the event date. I believe we should see some kuro bas goods too!

      So far only this tapestry design was revealed for Code Geass. Maybe there’ll be more later :)

    1. @Hawah: now that you mentioned it, I think the “abuser” viewpoint can be taken from the fujoshi delusion of Schneizel x Suzaku, considering that Suzaku is wearing his pilot uniform ^^;; since he was never captured by the Black Knights before. (if my memory is correct)

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