Goods: Good Smile Kuji x Miku Hatsune 2012 Winter Ver. Prize-G GraPhig ABS (Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin)

Which ones did I get from the lottery?

Title: Good Smile Kuji Miku Hatsune 2012 Winter Ver. Prize-G GraPhig ABS グッスマくじ 初音ミク 2012 Winter Ver. グラフィグABS
Price: 800 Yen (w/tax)
Available: 20 December 2012
Official site: and
6 different variations to collect. Includes:
a) Hatsune Miku Tda Append version Tda式アペンドミク Ver.(illustration by Tda)
b) Hatsune Miku Cat version にゃんこ Ver.(illustration by ソウノ)
c) Hatsune Miku Christmas version クリスマス Ver.(illustration by ぷちでびる)
d) Kagamine Rin-chan School Backpack version かがみねリンちゃん らんどせる ver.(illustration by ちほ)
e) Kagamine Len-chan School Backpack version かがみねレンくん らんどせる ver.(illustration by ちほ)
f) Megurine Luka Sanpachi version さんぱちルカ Ver.(illustration by 三月八日)

You can win other prizes from the lottery (Kuji) ranging from plushies, figures, clear folders and so on. Here’s a quick look at other prizes available in the lottery.

I tried the lottery at the Animate store in Taiwan. I forgot how much I paid for each try but I managed to get only the G-prizes after 4 tries. Lucky in a way because I got four different ones out of the 6 designs available.

Here’s a look at the box package of the G-prize. Top and bottom.

Sides of box.

These are the designs I got from the lottery!

First up, Len. Made of plastic material. I was expecting him to be a paper toy.

About 6 cm tall. I think you would either like the design or hate it.

His head from the back looks like mango pudding with custard. I think it grows on you.

We can dismantle the little blocks! Wasn’t expecting that. Notice the band aid on his knee? Cute!

Panty shot lol :D

Here’s Rin! I like the snowflakes on their eyes. Very winter indeed.

Similar to Len except for the red.

Back view.

Ooo… corresponding band-aid on the other knee.

I just realised how creepy this shot looked… Len looking up Rin’s skirt ^^;;

Nyanko cat version Miku! Very cute! Features cat ears, kitty mouth, paws, collar bell and fish hair-clip!

Love neko-mimi.

Another view.

Cute little tail right there.

How she looks dismantled.

No what panties? :D

Finally Miku Append version.

There are so many Miku versions out there made into actual products. Happy problem for hardcore Miku collectors’s wallets, especially if they must have them all.

Blocky but just as cute.

Cuter than expected too.

Dismantled and looking a little sad bald…

Woo~ white pantsu attack!

Each box came with a Christmas illustration too, although this post is almost a year late :P

Back side with more information about the artists.

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!

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6 thoughts on “Goods: Good Smile Kuji x Miku Hatsune 2012 Winter Ver. Prize-G GraPhig ABS (Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin)”

    1. @dandycorset: I just realised it was on my to-watch list :D I finally did and you’re right! It’s good! Anyway, are you in a Hakkenden fandom right now? XD Icing on the cake would be Mamo-chan as Shino huh <3

    2. Yea I still love Hakkenden. I wish they would make more of this series. Oh have you finished watching it!? <3

    1. @dandycorset: I think Miku Append looks the best too! I didn’t buy the paper crafts cos I figured they won’t be durable :-\ The character design you have is cute. I haven’t seen this work before. Looks interesting :D

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