Goods: Gimme more Bishonen cuties from Final Fantasy!

Final Fantasy Dissidia Trading ArtsThis set of figures are planned for release in conjunction with the upcoming PSP game Final Fantasy Dissidia that features prominent characters from the Final Fantasy Series.

There are only 5 figures to collect but please let me get the full set in one box! I’m not even going to complain about having to buy an extra figure if I get an extra Squall… such a bad-ass pose. Love it XD An extra Tidus or Cloud wouldn’t hurt either.

Standing at 98mm to 155mm tall, the sculpts and paint job of all the figures look great. Hopefully the final products look just as good! I wonder what’s in store for us in the other volumes ^^ This is undoubtedly an exciting collection to look forward to.

Final Fantasy Dissidia Trading Arts Vol. 1 Box of 6
Damage: 5280yen (w/o tax)
Available: February 2009

Final Fantasy Dissidia Trading Arts
From left: Warrior of Light (FFI), Zidane Tribal (FFIX), Cloud Strife (FFVII)

As a side note, I’m also tempted by the PSP game, a versus type fighting game (which I suck at) cos of the seiyuu cast, including Sakurai Takahiro, Seki Toshihiko, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Midorikawa Hikaru, Fukuyama Jun, Ishida Akira, Paku Romi… just to name a few… And, I don’t even own a PSP! *sweatdrop*

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23 thoughts on “Goods: Gimme more Bishonen cuties from Final Fantasy!”

  1. lol~ I think I’m too old for them to demand that I put Naoto in the closet ^^” They probably pretend they didn’t see it or treat it as a typical designer quirk.

    O~ Lulu’s butt is irresistible… yea he has Project BM’s new skinny body and he can wear anything that is made for 1/6 dolls. Other Medicom figures I have sometimes have trouble fitting into their undies, pants or tops x_x but not Lulu :D

  2. yea i noticed tht naoto is paler.

    I think parent standard response is always like tht, something a bit discouraging because they dont understand. well still he give you freedom to keep instead of saying, “put tht thing back in the closet.”

    Lulu: Thanks for noticing tht i have “the most lovely body” now can you keep your hands off my butt. I started to get some chill…

    Lulu’s got the new type of body is it?

  3. Hehe… great idea. I’ll go hunt for a small Christmas hat for the duck! XD

    ^^ I’m displaying Naoto knee/sitting position (in kimono!) on a side table… my dad looked at him and commented he looks scary like a ghost. I gave a =_=” look. Too pale la this Naoto. He needs a tan. Light on the other hand has a better colour.

    Lulu has the most lovely body *caresses the skinny legs and butt* He can wear almost ANYTHING I give him XD

    Lulu: (T_T) somebody save me from this crazy BL fangirl… my Geass dun work on her.

  4. Haha yea buying frenzy. plenty girls are waiting for the first ecchi BL figure.

    Until such figurine exist, we just have to stick with our imagination with the available bishonen figure.
    Whoa~ nice, Naoto no longer feel ‘cold’ and ‘un-clean’ and ‘exposed’
    Has he done his CK photo session??? Or we should wait until his manager, Ms. Ponytale able to find spare time out of her busy schedule? XD

    Naoto: My My i feel warm. Thanks babe~glad to be yours (thou lock up in the closet)
    Lulu: Suck ass. its just an underwear. Are you trying to sweet-talk her into buying you more stuff?
    Behind the hidden camera, the ducky smiled. Tee Hee Hee. Chu!!! Ducky didn’t realize his fate of wearing XMAS hat is near….

  5. I think the boys willl wear black undies… since girl figures wear white :P

    Definitely… and it’ll probably be a limited edition to create a buying frenzy lol~

    Hehehehe… fitting scenario you dreamt up XD

    Lulu is currently being forced to wear something very moe (although I personally am not a big fan of it) and he is not smiling lol~ Gaa… I have a lot of photo ideas but no good form to see it to production.

    I gave Naoto CK-looking black undies kekeke… so he is not pantsu-less anymore.

    Shiki has to break out of his box first before he escapes from my claws Muaahahahaaha…

    As for Light, he is in handcuffs lol~ *cracks whip*


    Ducky: Chu~ :3

  6. well if such ‘XXX’ thing will exist..i hope they wear CK instead of leopard undies…no fun rubbing such undies Grrraowww!!!
    Perhaps the figurine will think of something like, “I know you like it, becoz i see you’re smiling.”

    First ecchi-BL figure will be phenomenal and create lots of KYA!!!! from fangirls

    Lulu: errmm..should i worried if such thing exist for girls?
    Naoto: You bet you are…on a second thought i wear no undies so no probs for me
    Shiki: I think we should jump out of this girl’s room
    Light: I wish i can help…but im in a wreck (lying in desk-in a dissected state)

    The four boys suddenly feel so unlucky being a group of bishonen instead of some fat yellow pouty duck.

  7. :3 Chuu~ XD

    Yeah, I also take the currency exchange into consideration when I look at my orders now. I cancelled a few music CDs and DvD orders too (T_T)

    Ah~ the duck paper bag! My duck bag is safely inside the cupboard filled with figures icic…hope the business does well! ^^

    HAHAHAHAHA… I’m thinking the same thing… that little smile creepin’ after making the undies disappear… If there’s a male version, I’ll probably just buy it cos it’ll be the first ecchi-BL figure ^^” provided that the price and design is acceptable.

  8. well your fist sculpture project can be pouty duck of Junjyo. CHU!!

    Current condition is Yen goes up against IDR so ha-ha i concentrate myself for awhile with selling local bags (the duck paper bag remember? it’s my friend’s trademark)

    Im okay with the fact tht im a pervy (nothing’s wrong by liking or adoring sexy man XD) but to rub my finger against the ERRRMMM…sounds dirrrty.
    Im going to feel guilty (for awhile) then probably smile because of it.

    Anyway the dirtiness of the product is a side-issue. i have to say tht’s it’s very innovative and mean more $$$

  9. Haaa~ pervs unite XD but I just can’t imagine it happening to BL figures just yet x_x and I agree that women prefer it subtle too. I also feel that it is sometimes waaay sexier than seeing everything at one go :D~ Ahh… hmm… then the rub-and-disappear undies would be fun here. OMG… I’m beginning to understand the psyche behind producing such figures. OMG o_O;;;

    Ah~ icic kekeke that’s true. Okie, when I master the art of clay sculpting, I’ll do a one-of-a-kind statue for u XD You’ll probably shake your head when it doesn’t resemble the subject lol~

    Regarding the business… I was thinking, is it possible for u to accept orders/preorders then arrange shipping either directly from Japan or from Indonesia, depending on the location of the order? Cos it is always better to have global customers since Indo shoppers are generally not as online-shopping savvy.

  10. OH yeah RUB. Yuccch, always finds a way to satisfy fan.
    How come we don’t have tht RUB-thingies with male figurines XD, yeah im a pervert!
    I think tht wont happen real soon, women tend to like subtlety rather than wham-bam display..prefer barely veiled than nude. LOL~ *what am i talking about?*

    I’ll be grateful if im the only one who own his RAH other some people in this planet. im very selfish when it comes to sumthing i really love.
    Let’s just say i’ve waited long enuff for this.

    well tht sad thing does happening, to children especially because they dun exactly understand the term of bootleg, parent juz give them the approval and pays, those kids oso not familiar with digging information from the net.

  11. Lucky gal… do you think he has good market potential? Can buy like a few and sell on ebay or something.

    HAHAHAHA… actually, it wasn’t SCRUB… it was RUB, right? *faints* so ecchi… o_O

    If BL evolves into a market that produces such erotica figurines… I’m not sure what kind of reaction I’ll have when I see them. *MEGA sweatdrop* It is one thing to read or watch Hardcore BL but another matter altogether to DISPLAY it. LOL~

    icic… It’ll be really sad if somebody bought that bootleg figure at full price from that Indo shop. The paint job was very bad indeed.

    Yep, Playasia is good. Love the sales especially XD

  12. well i haven’t got full report of how much $ i’m gonna spent for Tetsuo Kurata RAH (tht’s his name) but it’ll definitely lower than SGD180
    Yup the actual price is about 10,000 Y and you can trust me tht i WILL NOT buy tht dirty figurine (scrub the butt and the pantsu gone) XD

    Yep definitely bootleg in not-so-ugly-box kekeke~ im not sure if they sell in full price but probably not (althou it can be considered expensive among bootlegs)
    Your Balthier should be a LOT nicer, PA have a good service and after several orders im very satisfied with them.

  13. Hahaha… I won’t have any problems dissecting him for you if the need arises XD

    Awesome ah~ Maybe your hubby knows you really wanna get him so he got you a good deal? :D How much are you getting him for?

    Mr Kamen Rider (human) is on sale in one of the toy store here at S$180.00 ^^ The actual list price is around 10,000 Yen right? I think the dealer is selling him at a lot more expensive cos they need to buy the Kamen Rider (grasshopper keke), then send in the coupon to purchase the human version.

    Oh yah… remember we saw this Final Fantasy guy Balthier’s figure at one of the Jakarta figure shops we went to? I think they might be selling a bootleg…

    I received my figure from Playasia about 1 ~ 2 weeks ago and the design and paint job on his vest was nicely done and defined. Comparatively, if I remember correctly, the paint job on the figure we saw on the shop window display wasn’t done properly. Were they selling it at the full price?

  14. oh yeah i will cancel yoyaku for cuties of FF because i plan to get tht kamen rider-guy-RAH.
    I dunno where to put him..and because he’s a real person in life it’ll be awkward for me to dissect his RAH XD

    actually not a he or she but a company give it to me thru hubby.
    seriously good resale price? i tot they were dropping because of the lameness of several feature.

  15. Your friend probably forgot what he/she already gave you but its good anyway lol~ they fetch good resale prices ^^” Most games for PSP are fighting games. Nintendo DS games are supposedly cheaper too.

  16. You mean the same person gave you twice? Is it different version? There’s original PSP and PSP slim XD

    I think the main reason people buy PSP is for the sexy factor and FF games. I think a Nintendo DS has better game variety.

    As for Kuroshitsuji… hehe wait for sale ;)

  17. Those are gifts. seriously twice somebody gimme PSP. weird.
    Once again, it’s the game variety tht makes me go ‘yuuch’ on PSP
    I want WII…

    Same here…only Ciel and Sebastian but i dun classify myself as their true fan. If i skip big deal.

  18. @akiyama: Wah 2 PSPs! You’re so lucky XD If I buy a PSP it would mainly be for the sake of these seiyuus. Not a priority la… since I’m really bad at fighting games… but tempting.

    Compared with the Kuroshitsuji trading figures (I only like Ciel and Sebastian. The other figures don’t look as good), I seriously don’t mind having extras of these FF figures cos all are so lovely!

    @Fuuga: YES SQUALL! XD Contrary to most people, FFVIII was my first experience with an FF game :P so he has a special place in my heart. This sculpt looks waaaay more handsome than the 1/6 action figure but I don’t own one tho’ cos I’m still waiting for sale lol~

  19. yea same with me. This comes first, Kuroshitsuji some other time la~ after all i hate the ‘extra thingy’ on Kuroshitsuji

    They do look lovely but still i dun expect much, especially the packing whew!!

    I have PSP, 2 PSPs in fact. Both are gifts tht i would likely to sell in a low price.
    Seriously the guidance book is all japanese XD
    anyway im not so keen in PSP game, very limited option.

  20. Hehehe… yeah man… when I saw this set, it was instant lust XD~~~ Squall looks delicious!

    I like this even more than the Kuroshitsuji Trading Arts figures, so I’m definitely getting these first. I’ll only pre-order one set this time. Budget constraints. If the quality is good and there’s future sale, I’ll consider getting another set. They look really lovely. I think the future volumes of this series will include Sephiroth and the rest of the cast featured in the game. Ah~ the awesomeness… ^^

  21. Awwww….i go for yoyaku@this also.

    Thx for posting this…as i said before i hate gunblade but surely i can make an exception. XD

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