Goods: Getting wet again with Prince of Tennis posters (Yukimura Seiichi, Shiraishi Kuranosuke)

There’s something overtly smexy about bishies drenched to the skin.

Title: Prince of Tennis Stick Poster Rain-drenched illustration (テニスの王子様 スティックポスター 雨濡れイラスト)
Price: 4,200 for box of 8
Available: 15 September 2011
Animate Japan Exclusive so far. Not sure if it’ll pop up at online stores later.

Full-colour stick paper posters measuring 18.2 x 51.5 cm. There are 8 Normal versions and 8 Special versions. Total 16 designs to collect.

Each box contains 8 pieces, so it is not possible you can’t get all designs like this. Money sucking ^^;; But they sure understand how to fan the fiery fantasies of fangirls and fanboys.

Are these all new artwork or recycled?


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19 thoughts on “Goods: Getting wet again with Prince of Tennis posters (Yukimura Seiichi, Shiraishi Kuranosuke)”

  1. @ Ponytale

    I am SO SAD to have decided on not ordering!! Now I am regretting it? Did you order any? If you know of anyone who ordered please contact me!

    1. @urusaiii: on dear… I didn’t order… D: I’m not a fan of the series so it wasn’t on my priority list (lack of $$)

      I hope you can find them! Try auctions!

    2. @ponytale

      I need the whole box! And YJ is going for at least 500yen each poster >__<

      I can't believe in Japan how popular POT is !! The craze ended here a long time ago, but seems to me every once in a while there are new POT items coming out, and YJ is still very expensive!

      The New POT anime is definitely very good and I will be sure not to miss out T_T

    3. @urusaiii: Original price for each poster is about 500 yen, so its the same price as if you buy them by the box :O but yeah, there’s extra fees when its on auctions :(
      I think POT is a continual thing in Japan. They have various events, special goods, etc and that keeps the craze going strong. Most of us outside the country don’t get to experience them at all.

  2. @Ponytail: YUMMMY! I want one!!!

    Oh Yeah! Tezuka is worth it!!! I have taken lunch box wrapping and made pillows from them.

    @Mel hey could keep me posted about the dakimakuras? thanks in advance!!

  3. @ponytale yeah yeah!!! I’m always taking a look to see if it’s not re-released XD hahahah oh that’s true, it’s indeed very expensive, but it was the same with my Akihito dakimakura, the price is always like that, high high reaching the clouds T^T; but anyway, i’m happy i got it ahhaha XD i wish there was one of those dakimakuras of Atobe 3<

    1. @Mel Keigo: I think with so much fan service POT is giving out, your wish for their dakimakura will very likely to be granted :D

      Akihito is quite worth it cos it looks yummy! And it’s still slightly cheaper than the covers that they sell to male otakus lol XD

  4. Oh i would like to….but I have bought a lot of books lately and do not think I would be able to purchase them.

    That being said, if someone does buy them and they do not want their Tezuka poster, I would be willing to make deal with you. *wink wink nudge nudge*


    WOW! Life Size Tapestry of Atobe…. If got a life-size tapestry of Tezuka, I think some of friends would probably try and have intervention. ;o)

    Actually I would prefer a Tezuka body pilllow over a tapestry. That way I can snuggle with my captain! tee hee ^_^

    1. @TasukiHoneyBunny: How about hooking up with Mel since you girls are aiming for different POT boys XDD

      I’ve seen JP fans sewing up life-sized tapestries like these into body pillows. Really clever! <3

      There was a Tezuka one!! :O

  5. @ponytale hahahhaa yeah!!! they did in 2009 if I’m not mistaken, but I was late to see it. When I did they were already all sold out… and a bit expensive too…. but I’m not sure if I’d hesitate to buy even though (if they were available T^T) ahhhahahah XD

    Here the link for Atobe’s real size statue –

    woah Ive been a huge fan of POT, way before I met yaoi, so it’s kind of the love of my life XD
    I don’t know if I’m buying it, since I’ve spent a lot of money this month already (my dad’s money >_>;) but if I happen to find it available at the stores I usually buy from, I’d give it a serious thought XD

    1. @Mel Keigo: 190cm! Wow. That’s an awesome looking life-sized tapestry~ definitely a must-get for fans huh. Animate may reissue them again cos it’s already been through the 2-yr cycle. You never know. But 10,500 Yen + proxy fees OTL;;; its just as bad as trying to get the Kichiku Megane dakimakura.

  6. Ow gosh Atobe Keigo my husband XD how beautiful!!!! I`ve recently seen those at Animate and couldn’t believe, so pretty all the pics XD but i’ve recently bought so many things so … >.< yeah… I wish there was still available those real-size statues XD hhahahaha~

    1. @Mel Keigo: Ah~ no wonder you have his last name XD

      Did they release their statues? Wow do you have a link to the pics?

      Yes these posters look hot! The author sure knows how to do fan service lol. I also bought a whole bunch of stuff. Really broke now ^^;; I’m not exactly a fan so I’m safe lol. Are you going to get them?

  7. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I want Tezuka!!!!!!!

    It were to purchase this, I would have to use a proxy right??

    why do you keep showing me stuff that drains my bank account? ;o)

    Love ya, Ponytail!!!

  8. Dang! Finally a sexy Keigo poster, and it’s an exclusive. *sadness* I’ll stay my hand on these, but they look great. I’m pretty sure the artwork is new too, which just makes them more enticing.

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