Goods: Get ready for 2015 with Hakuouki bishie calendars (yukata-moe, wall-hanging, desktop)

Hakuouki 2015 Calendar

What a lovely face to see every morning :D

Title: Hakuouki Calendar 2015 Wall Hanging Type 薄桜鬼 カレンダー2015 壁掛型
Price: 2,000 Yen (w/o tax)
Available: November 2014
Size: (A2) 590 x 420 x 15mm

Description: Features 7 pages of newly illustrated artwork of yukata-clad Hakuouki eye-candy for every 2 months (including Chizuru on the cover).

Title: Hakuouki Calendar 2015 Desktop Type 薄桜鬼 カレンダー2015 卓上型
Price: 1,600 Yen (w/o tax)
Available: November 2014
Size: (A5 Deformed) 160 x 180 x 15mm

Description: Includes the illustrations of the Wall Hanging type calendar in a smaller size and some additional illustrations.

I found out that these illustrations were not created by original character designer, Yone Kazuki… and it really came as a shock as the artist who did it recreated her style almost perfectly :O If nobody told me about it, I wouldn’t have guessed. And these men sure are HOT! (♥o♥) There are alternate-universe Hakuouki SSL/Sweet School Life (desktop and wall hanging type) calendars too but I’m more interested in the yukata-clad ones.

My wall-hanging type calendar has already arrived since I chose EMS delivery. It costs just a little more than SAL parcel but reaches me in less than a week. It was too big to fit SAL small packet measurements (90cm), so be prepared to pay more for the shipping due to the size. However, I would say, it is definitely worth it :D As for the desktop calendar, I’ll update with a review when it arrives since I chose SAL small packet to save on shipping. It’ll take about 2 weeks to reach me.

There are a total of eight pages, including 1 cover, 6 pages inside and a plain, black, back cover. All pages are relatively thick and printed on paper usually used for posters. The back cover is the same thickness. The pages are held together by ring-binding.

Hakuouki 2015 Calendar

The paper is printed in matt-finish and the illustrations are gorgeous! One of the things I love about this series of illustrations is how the artist uses the softness of water-colour painting style and recreates natural lighting from the environment. It really brings out the warmth in the artworks and are so so beautiful to look at.

Hakuouki 2015 Calendar

January and February 2015 ♥ Hijikata Toshizou

Hakuouki 2015 Calendar

March and April 2015 ♥ Saito Hajime
Ohayou… *nosebleed max*

Hakuouki 2015 Calendar

May and June 2015 ♥ Toudou Heisuke
Those ABS. Heisuke fans must be really happy to see this cos he doesn’t get to bare his skin much XD

Hakuouki 2015 Calendar
July and August 2015 ♥ Harada Sanosuke
MORE ABS!! (♥o♥) I don’t get why otome games are so adverse to showing bishie nipples ^^;;

Hakuouki 2015 Calendar

September and October 2015 ♥ Okita Souji
Need a neck rub? XD

Hakuouki 2015 Calendar

November and December 2015 ♥ Kazama Chikage
Do you need help with that? :3

Hakuouki 2015 Calendar

It’s 2 months too early but what the heck :D Looks great on my bedroom wall. I made a hole in the plastic cover sheet to hang the calendar. Offers some protection from the dust :) Yep, I’m all set for 2015!

Hakuouki 2015 Calendar

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13 thoughts on “Goods: Get ready for 2015 with Hakuouki bishie calendars (yukata-moe, wall-hanging, desktop)”

  1. lol! So apparently there is this new game going around that’s causing an uproar. It has something to do with sword guys. Have you heard of it yet?XD I forget the name but I love all the fan art from it.

    1. @Maria: yep! And Goodsmile has plans to make figures of the characters! :O It is an online game if I’m not wrong but unfortunately I can’t access it from here. :( It is country-restricted. You can try accessing it from this link (choosing Japanese/English language doesn’t make a difference for me cos it detects by IP address orz.

    2. Oh wow restricted?! o-o That’s crazy I don’t know why It would be restricted. :(
      There are so many characters and there going to make figures of them all!? Omg maybe it be better if I stay away from this lol!

      Ah I just clicked it and saw that it is not available in my area too;; maybe its better this way.;;

    3. Oh wow that’s neat you can accesses it now and thanks for the video! :) I was able to see what the game was like. Like you I also don’t think I will have time to play, but its okay because I don’t think I will like it because it plays out like those card collection type games lol. (I tried a few of those games over summer break last year and yea I couldn’t get into them.;;) The art is super cute though. Can’t wait to see the figure releases. XD

    4. @Maria: yeah sometimes the more you can’t get to something, the more you’ll try to ^^;;; anyway, I agree with you about the gameplay. From the video, it seems very repetitive and possibly frustrating since a huge part of it is random, from smithing swords, sword drops, using the dice to move ahead and enemy encounters. But have you seen the wonderfest announcements for the game figures? OMG the nendoroid is super cute and those scaled figures are in the works too! I’m really excited for this year and next XD And DmMd’s Koujaku nendoroid was announced too! Too awesome :D I hope all of them turn out great!

    5. @Ponytale: Oh wow where have you seen figures? I haven’ seen them yet! I bet their awesome~ and DmmD nendo! OMG that means there going to make a clear one omg! *o*

    6. Saw the nendo to one of the characters in the game! It’s so cute!!
      So many nice things coming out this year! I saw that there making Magic Knight Rayearth figs too! Omg my childhood. I was happy to see Card Captor but wow Rayearth! They haven’t make figures for the series in years!*o* *cries

    7. @Maria: They call him affectionately as Jiji (as in grandpa lol) A must-get cos he is so cute :D Hope he doesn’t trigger another pre-order war when he is up orz;;;
      I guess female figure collectors are getting serious attention from the makers from now on :D Rayearth is one of my first CLAMP reads/// the feels *sniffs* Our childhood <333 Hope they turn out great!

    8. I do predicted a pre-order war LOL! He will sell out definitely in the first day (possibly hours/mins?? XD )! Love his name!

      Omg yes! The first Clamp read for me was X/1999! *v* I remember seeing them in magazine and I fell in love with their artwork/stories. I wish there were figures of this series! I’m loving all the latest releases of card captor stuff too! I remember watching the anime to Rayearth and crying lol. I adore Eagle vision and oh don’t get me started on my favorite pairings from then lol!////;;

  2. OMG thank you for for reviewing this!! -and omg the illustrations are not done by Yone!!!?!?!?!?
    I know there are a few artist who draw almost like her but still!! This can’t be! Everything is a lie!! (LOL)

    I really want to know who did the artworks now.
    And yea I think drawing in nipples depends on the artist? If not then I think if nipples were drawn people would mistake the games illustrations for a BL if they never played the game and happen to look at illustrations only?? My theory anyway. XD

    1. @Maria: Yeah I was shocked and very curious about the current artist too. Ah~ the BL theory makes very good sense :P Nipples are more erotic probably and often featured in BL scenarios XD

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