Goods: G.E.M. Series BLEACH Ichigo Kurosaki Figure (MegaHouse)

Sexy back.

Title: GEM Series Bleach Kurosaki Ichigo (PVC Figure) GEMシリーズ BLEACH 1/8 黒崎一護
Price: 6,800yen (w/o tax)
CDJapan 29% discount: 4,845yen (w/o tax)
Maker: Megahouse メガハウス
Size: Approx. 220mm tall (1/8 Scale)
Sculptor: Kosuke Arai
Release date: 15 September 2011

I’m not a follower of Bleach series cos it was already 200+ episodes when I got back into watching anime ^^ but I liked the first episode when I sampled it.

Anyway, this is one of the latest male figures to come under Megahouse’s GEM stable. So far, Megahouse’s figure releases include most of the boys from Gintama, Kaworu from Evangelion, Kimura from Rurouni Kenshin, Night Rikuo from Nurarihyon no Mago and Kakashi from Naruto. Their poses are usually relatively static with variations by giving the figures interchangeable parts (see: Kakashi post) and/or create fluidity by giving them wind-blown hair or flowing fabric.

This “Bankai version” of Kurosaki Ichigo is given the wind treatment too and as you can see, the prototype looks rather beautiful. According to the description, his Zanpakutou is in Banaki style as well with chains! … … Well, not that I know what that is about lol~

The flowing coattails (if that’s what you call it) and folds of the hakama is lovely.

I’m terribly moe-ed by the shot from his back (^///^) and I quite like his angsty face and the lined details of this figure.

And… did you notice it? YES… THAT! That sexy, SEXY collar bone :D~

Grabbing him from CDJapan at 29% discount! Made me wonder if they made a mistake at first when I saw the price ^^;;

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39 thoughts on “Goods: G.E.M. Series BLEACH Ichigo Kurosaki Figure (MegaHouse)”

  1. OOOPS. I meant Edward Elric and NOT Roy Mustang. We’re all wishing for Mustang’s GEM so that confused my brain a little. ahaha. SORRY~~

  2. Lelouch (emperor version) and Roy Mustang will also get their G.E.M versions.^_~ and isn’t Ichigo cheaper over at Amiami??

    1. @banoni: yeah it’s an exciting announcement for collectors :) when I saw ichigo at cdjapan he was 29% off but seems they have updated the discount :O hmm I hope they keep to the price they gave me o.o

  3. He looks vey sexy, and Ichigo is a nice character, I like him, even not being a big fan of Bleach (my fave is Reiji, if it was him, I surely couldn’t resist). Still considering about, those GEM are super awesome but I just can’t afford that many – Gintoki rerelease and Takasugi for July, Lelouch is going to be rerelease in August, Ichigo for September, and still have Kaworu from Kotobukiya this month too. Unfortunately, it’s impossible at this rate!

    1. @planck-chan: I think I’ll try to get Lelouch now that they’re making Suzaku!! I’ve skipped the Gintama boys and Kaworu (tho he is tempting) so I’m a bit relieved but… I have many books, cds, figures and goods on preorder too OTL;;

  4. @ponytale yeah, I love that artist :9. Totally xDDD but it’s Ichigo, so it might worth it XDDDDDD

  5. gem does good figures
    but i dont like this ichigo at all.
    it is better than the other ichigos around..
    but they couldv made the figure much better >.<

    1. @Shirokaze: Yeah… I think one thing they can further improve on is his expression. ^^ I like the current expression but it’ll be even more awesome if he looks stronger.

  6. Well at least it ain’t yet another Hisugaya figure. It’s a pretty sweet looking figure, I ain’t gonna lie. But I’m more of a Yoruichi kind of guy. I think it’s about time she got herself another figure. Why not? They give a billion to that ice brat Hitsugaya just because he’s the Edward Cullen of Bleach.

    1. @Alex: Lol Edward Cullen of Bleach Lol~ XD I’m not a Bleach fan (yet) so I’m appreciating this figure purely from a “what a beauty!” perspective XD There can never be enough of good figures ^^)b

  7. @ponytale

    Oh! I know. I just got into them later too so I don’t have any of their 1/8 PVCs. I’d really like them but used ones are so pricey >__>;

    Mhm, I hope other BL games make figures too. I’d like to see that.

    Yes! Voice mascots :3!

    1. @momo yeah I got some of them off yahoo Japan auctions and they sure cost a lot more. With proxy fees and so on and I think I subconsciously try not to remember how much I spent on them lol OTL;;;

      Still missing the lamento main couple rai and konoe but I haven’t been monitoring for them already. Too expensive and too busy :P

      Let’s keep our eyes open for more pics and news of upcoming boys! So exciting!

  8. @ponytale: Same. I tend to collect the chibis from series I like. i love the TnC/Nitro+Chiral Kotobukiya one coins :D~ I also like the nendoroid petites too lol, but I only collect the boys for that. And another are the hitman reborn Deformed chibis~

    1. @momo: me too cos I have a special weakness for anything nitro chiral :3 got into the fandom and figure collecting slightly later so I don’t have some of the 1/8 PVCs tho.

      I do hope that other BL game companies make figures too.

      I also like some of those chibis that come with a voice base. Seiyuu love <3

  9. i actually checked out more on wonderfest after momo mentioned about durarara figures and found this!

    Can’t believe i missed out on all the good stuffs ;_; i was under the impression that there weren’t any male figures planned to be released after reading like 5 blog updates on wonderfest by danny choo months ago. I guess he is more selective on the figures that is to be displayed on his blog :p

    1. @chibi: just like how I prefer to talk about male figures. Danny definitely posts 98/% more about girls lol :D

      That was a post about the recent wonderfest. Which figures did you have your eyes on?

  10. lol! I know, expensive hobby! I try not to buy the scale figures much as well. Just the really really want ones. But yes! The Shizaya one looks like a must to get cause of course, Alter Altair is making it :) I really loved the Natsume one they did~~ I have him right at my desk so I can stare haha!

    Mhm~ I love chibis. More easy and not as pricey to get :D

    1. @momo: natsume is fab :3 definitely one of my fav boy. I can’t wait to see what Alter would do for Shizaya <3

      I tend to go for mostly kotobukiya chibis and a few selective company's works. Have to be picky cos there are too many chibis to buy if you want them all. :P

  11. @ponytale: Yes! The Mukuro is super cute lol. I really wanted him.

    Mhm, I’m eager to see the Shizuo and Izaya figures. And yes! KHR has cute boys lol. I’d like figure scales but I think their chibi ones are cute too.

    Haha, well, I’m fan of certain series (or many) but I usually tend to only buy the boys I really like :D. Complete series are…TOO HARD! Hurts the wallet

    1. @momo those animate exclusives are really rare indeed. So far I haven’t seen them reissue anything after it’s sold out :(

      I like chibis too! I’m trying not to get too much into scaled figures cos of the price. But recently there are more lovely bishi figs that are gradually wearing down my resistance. Sigh expensive hobby! And Shizaya looks set to be must buys cos they’re by alter OTL

  12. OMG! I want Ichigoo! *-* Yeah, the back is… Lovely XD. And the collarbone *-*…

    Ichigo is jail bait, I haven’t seen a 15 years old teen that has THAT body (but Ichigo has 17 now, tho).

    1. @Asamisa: I didn’t know he was only 15 when the manga started. So is figure when he is 17? Well, maybe his body type is more common in Asian boys at that age ^^

  13. @ Chibi

    Omg! I know, KHR needs their own figures! They had 3 releases by Yujin~ but they’re all like exclusives especially the Mukuro one made with Animate~~

    ^^ I love Ao no Exorcist~ I hope they get their figures too. Durarara is coming out with Izaya and Shizuo made by Alter :)

  14. Ichigo! I used to follow the series but dropped it somewhere along :(. One piece, bleach and naruto all got their figurines. Hope KHR can get some love in the future xD

    recently watched ao no exorcist, feels like it will take over the durarara craze this coming comiket

    1. @chibi: Cos their fight never ends ^^;; I think so far the only 200 over episodes Japanese anime that I actually completed was Gintama.

      KHR has some of the cutest boys <3 they tend to release the boys as chibis figures and small goods instead of 1/8 sized figures.

      Nearly forgot about Shizaya figures. Eagerly looking forward to them!!! We might be able to catch a glimpse of them in the upcoming Wonderfest in July maybe? EDIT: which event comes first? Comiket or Wonfest? :O Need to check… excited!

      Ao no Exorcist looks good! Planning to catch it too when I can.

  15. Hehe! I guess yeah, a bishie to get :D

    I love the P.O.P! So far, I have Strong World Zoro, Strong World Sanji and Strong World Luffy~ ^^! And there’s a whole bunch coming out this summer toooo~ Like, the strong world Ace or Impel Down Ace & Luffy. ~_~ and other to collects haha. :D

    1. @momo: The good thing I see from not being a fan of any series is that I will only buy the character I like from that series ^^;; but if I’m a fan… I think I’ll also be pulled into trying to have a complete collection OTL.

  16. I’m not an Ichigo fan either, but the form of his body/clothing (especially from the back) is just too beautiful… that price is so tempting too! O:

  17. GEM always does a wonderful job with their figures. *^* Ichigo looks quite sexy. BUT, since I’m no longer a huge fan of Bleach~ Ill have to pass~ But I just love that body shape. And yes, that collarbone is sexy (o^.^o) and plus, lol, saving up for Megahouse P.O.P One Piece figures~ O:

    1. @momo: I’m not fan of either series so I’m looking at this figure from a purely bishi-moe perspective XDD if there’s a word for that lolol~ *drools some more at his sexy lines*

      Megahouse P.O.P One Piece figures look interesting! I’m fans would be more than happy to own. Which characters do you have of them already?

  18. omg Ichigo!!*o*
    He looks wonderful! I’m happy to see him in PVC form!
    So far i’ve been happy with GEM’s releases, They have there own way of designing poses and things.

    1. @sigma: Yes! I love the form of his body shape… very streamlined, athletic and sexy! <3 I find that this pose works for me because I can feel the aura/power of the character bubbling under the surface, ready to strike at you at any second as his coattails flow poetically in the wind… kinda delusional lol~ ^^;; but I guess I'm quite attracted by this figure. The facial expression is beautiful too.

      Icic… so I guess we can be assured that the final product would be of good quality? :D

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