Goods: Fushimi x Misaki dakimakura cover (K anime, hugging pillow, Comiket 83)

Misaki: What the *beep* are you looking at!? *tsundere blush*
Fushimi: heh heh heh
Love-hate relationships really does work! (for fujoshi that is)!

That blushing Misaki is fujoshi bait… are Misaki-s destined to be tsundere ukes? Anyway if you’ve watched the anime of K last season, you would know that Fushimi and Misaki’s friendship/bromance goes way back… and Shizaya pairing in Durarara!! has proven that love-hate relationships get lots of attention from fujoshi and our delusions even more, make one of pair an obsessive yandere!

Miyano Mamoru’s Fushimi was just crazy and Fukuyama Jun’s Misaki was such a cute hot-head. Sparks definitely flew when they got together. Btw, the dakimakura cover is OFFICIAL goods.

Title: K Hugging Pillow Cover (Fushimi Saruhiko & Yata Misaki) K 抱き枕カバー(伏見猿比古&八田美咲)
Price: 10,000 Yen (w/tax)
Available: 29-31 December 2012 (Comic Market 83/Comiket83)
Size: 170cm x 50cm
Material: A&J manufactured 2WAY Tricot


Description: Event exclusive only item that I missed out cos I didn’t know it existed. It was said that they may release it for general sale if there were stocks left but as expected, the dakimakura cover was sold out fast. You may still be able to find it on sale at Yahoo Japan auctions. Prepare to pay at least 30,000 Yen for it now. There was also supposed to be reissue after the event on 23 February 2013 but I’m not sure since I’m so late to the news.

Check out somebody’s loot pic grabbed from the web and Misaki side at the event

Some rabu rabu~ with help from photoshop

And there’s a another dakimakura of this couple coming up in June 2013! Watch for the next post!

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7 thoughts on “Goods: Fushimi x Misaki dakimakura cover (K anime, hugging pillow, Comiket 83)”

  1. K disappointed me a lot with the plot. I really expected a lot more but… Can’t stop liking it. XD I can’t help but expect a lot the second season of this bishies.

  2. Love these two, heard that their relationship will change in the second season. The ones of them as middle school students are adorable as well~

  3. I like the art style. I never heard of the “K” anime series. The guy with the black hair and glasses looks really cool.

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