Goods: FREE! PVC 1/8 scale figures Nanase Haruka, Tachibana Makoto (ALTAiR, Alter, Hobby Stock)

Ready for some wet, glistening bishie pecs? :D

Title: Alter Free! Nanase Haruka 1/8 figure HOBBY STOCK x ALTER 七瀬 遙
Price: 7,800 Yen (w/o tax)
Available: October 2014

Title: Alter Free! Tachibana Makoto 1/8 figure (HOBBY STOCK x ALTER 橘 真琴
Price: 7,800 Yen (w/o tax)
Available: October 2014

Last update: 4 November 2013

Here are the recently revealed prototypes of the first 2 boys. Preorders have not been announced yet. But the boys sure look good! Makoto’s face sculpt is spot on! Haruka looks really cute too! There’s speculation that maybe we can remove Haruka’s jacket to put his apron on :D I’m sure we will get to see all five boys from the anime made into figures.

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23 thoughts on “Goods: FREE! PVC 1/8 scale figures Nanase Haruka, Tachibana Makoto (ALTAiR, Alter, Hobby Stock)”

  1. These look so good, it’s about time they made some new non-chibi figurines of bishounen characters. >:o Especially of Free! Can’t wait to see it painted. :D
    I’ve missed too many limited-time/sold out bishounen figurines… so now I must stalk these until they become order-able. D:<

    Anyone know if there's a website that the figures are from? Or will most of the shops have them?

    1. @Kouki: These are general release items, so they’ll be available for most figure stores. So far no announcements about limited edition Free! figures yet, so no worries :)

    2. Oh, cool. :o So they won’t be “sold out” and such? Or is it still limited in that sense? Sorry, I haven’t bought many figures, so I guess I am still a bit of a newbie to it. XD
      Thanks for the reply, by the way. :D

  2. Totally not hoping their clothes can be taken off *coughs*theirswimpants*cough*

    And I can’t wait for the other 3 (Rei in speedos mostly)

  3. I already said everything about these guys in my Figure Colector circle, and most of them was censored for minors.

    So, I’ll just say I WANT D:

    All the five guys.

  4. Thank you Alter! I hope they make all of them eventually. In the meantime these are both going on my list because I can’t choose and I want them all anyway.

  5. Hi pony, its my first time commenting here on your blog =)
    Those Free scale figures looks awesome and promising
    I like Makoto Tachibana, the taller one because he is cute, Im going to get pre-orders of him on our local hobby store as soon as possible. Which of the two boys you like?

    1. @torterra389: :D Thanks for commenting! Yeah, the sculpts look good! Looking forward to their release. It’s a tough fight between Makoto and Haruka for me XD I like them both and I think they make a great pair. But if I REALLY have to choose, I’ll go with Makoto too :3 His droopy eyes are so cute.

    2. Yeah he is really cute. He is on my wishlist and immediately takes his pre-orders on our local hobby store once they are officially announce their release date. Im currently pre-ordered nendoroid hibiki kuze on our local hobby store, so hope I have still money for mako (^^”)

      And I also heard that the 1/8 scale figure Kuroko Tetsuya from megahouse GEM series is really fast to sold out in pre-orders online, that makes me really surprise a lot how he is very popular =) and 1/8 scale Taiga Kagami is already revealed also on Animate Girls Festival last Nov 2-3.

      I think the two boys are more promising when prototype is in colors already, more likely revealed at next wonfest I guess, and personally, this is my fist time to see a scale figures of an attractive male anime character in a swimsuit, so that’s why Im going to get one as soon as possible XD

    3. @torterra389: I think we may get a glimpse of Kagami’s prototype during AGF 2013? I will try to stop at Kuroko though. He is my fav out of the lot and I shall have him all to myself muahahaha… I managed to preorder him from a local store. I didn’t monitor online stores cos I was busy with work. Heard that PO war for him was unexpectedly crazy. But FREE! boys have to be a pair cos they look too good together. Hope we can all get our hands on them successfully!

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