Goods: FREE! Figma figures Nanase Haruka, Tachibana Makoto, etc (Hobby Stock, Max Factory)

Update! Figma Makoto’s prototype revealed! And his face looks cute :3

Haru-chan was released this month. I’m still waiting for mine to be shipped since I put some other items in the same order and they’re not in stock yet orz;; Here are more pics of this lovely boy. Hope they let us preorder him soon!

Btw, 17 November is Makoto’s birthday! Check out the anime’s official site for voice birthday messages (till 24 November 2014 only)!

Title: figma – Free!: Tachibana Makoto フリー 橘真琴
Price: ???
Available: ???

I’m loving those abs too!

Title: figma – Free!: Haruka Nanase フリー 七瀬遙
Price: 4,500 Yen (w/o tax)
Available: November 2014

Description: Pre-painted Posable ABS & PVC Figure
Size: Approx. 155mm Tall (NON Scale)
Includes: Main figure, base, smiling face, swimming face, cap worn head part, diving board, goggles, water surface effect, apron

Figma Haruka released! I’m waiting for mine to be shipped :D

More official pics of the figure

Last update: 4 November 2013

And THIS!!! Too awesome for words. Prepare your wallets in the upcoming months!! Gosh… can’t wait to get my hands on these action figures when they’re available! I think we can safely expect all 5 boys to be made :D I’m so excited hehehe.

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6 thoughts on “Goods: FREE! Figma figures Nanase Haruka, Tachibana Makoto, etc (Hobby Stock, Max Factory)”

  1. They are cute but those breast keep me away lol. I know there is nothing that can be done because the figma are like that. (remember floating Evangelion boobs?) Would be cute to see nendoroids~<3
    I love the last picture of him swimming it works.:D

    1. @Maria: Hahaha yeah it bothered me a little at first but I got over it :D The figure looks pretty good overall and the faces included are nice :3 I’m waiting for Makoto’s figma XD

  2. I just imagine what outift will they choose. Swimsuit? Don’t like so much like the figma style. School suit? Don’t look so much what the fans want.
    Maybe swinmsuit with the coat? XD

  3. Hi! It’s been a while again! Haha. It seems I keep on saying that whenever I comment here~

    I’m excited for these as well, even though nope, I don’t like figmas since they seem to be so delicate. XDD Let’s get the static figs as well!

    Our poor poor wallets~ they bleed.

    1. @banoni: Fun thing about figmas is that we can pose them :D Figma quality isn’t too bad and aren’t as delicate. Can definitely consider them! As for me, I’m definitely getting them lol.

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