Goods: FLESH&BLOOD dakimakura cover, Crimson Spell and other BL bishie goodies galore (Chara, AGF2012)

More Huggable bishies coming our way!

Received a request from sawwie-chan for a quick list of Animate Girls Festival 2012 goods sold by Chara. Hope this helps you too! Damn I want these goodies too (*o*) Someone please give me money for the event orz;;;

Chara Booth: B-19
Date: 17-18 November 2012
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1) Chara Collection 2012 booklet A5 size – 2,000 Yen
Description: All new content created for this booklet.
COVER Takaku Shouko 高久尚子
COMIC Akiba Touko 秋葉東子, Umezawa Hana 梅沢はな, Enjin Yamimaru 円陣闇丸, Ootsuki Miu 大槻ミゥ, Kitazawa Kyou 北沢きょう, Kinoshita Keiko 木下けい子, Kusaka Sakae 草間さかえ, Kojima Rarako 小嶋ララ子, Sagami Waka サがミワカ, Shindou Mayuri 新藤まゆり, 砂河深紅, Junko ぢゅん子, 楢崎壮大, Hiwa Fumiko 日羽フミコ, 円屋榎英, Yamada Mario 山田まりお, Yoshihara Rieko 吉田理恵子& Kada Michiru 禾田みちる
NOVEL 可南さらさ, 神奈木智, Sunahara Touko 砂原糖子, 中原一也, 鳩村衣杏, 樋口美沙緒, 渡海奈穂

2) Autographed books
a) Chara comics – 580 yen each
Umezawa Hana 梅沢はな DEEP THROAT 華麗な海賊たち1
Kojima Rarako 小嶋ララ子 Ano Ko to Juliet あの子とジュリエット
Takaku Shouko 高久尚子 Boku ha subete wo shitte iru 2 僕はすべてを知っている2
Aida Saki 英田サキ& Takashina Yuu 高階佑 DEADLOCK1
Hidaka Shouko 日高ショーコ Yuutsu no Asa 4 憂鬱な朝4
Yamane Ayano やまねあやの Crimson Spell 4 クリムゾン・スペル4

b) Books – 1,470 yen each
Aida Saki 英田サキ& Takashina Yuu 高階佑 HARD TIME DEADLOCK1外伝
松岡なつき 王と夜啼鳥 FLESH&BLOOD外伝
Yoshihara Rieko 吉田理恵子 灼視線 Nijuu Rasen 二重螺旋外伝

c) Chara Bunko – 580 yen each
秀香穂里 恋人同士 大人同士2
Shuudou Rena 愁堂れな 家政夫はヤクザ
Sunahara Touko 砂原糖子 Secret x Honey シガレットxハニー
凪良ゆう 恋愛前夜

3) Special Goods Set – 2,500 Yen each
Contents: Clear file x 2, mouse pad, special can badge

b) Hidaka Shouko 日高ショーコ Yuutsu no Asa 憂鬱な朝
Contents: Clear file x 2, postcard x 6, special can badge

c) Yamane Ayano やまねあやの Crimson Spell クリムゾン・スペル
Contents: Clear file x 2, mouse pad, special memo pads x 2

4) Clear file set – 1,000 Yen each

2 designs by each mangaka: Enjin Yamimaru 円陣闇丸, Ogura Muku 小椋ムク, Kojima Rarako 小嶋ララ子, Takaku Shouko 高久尚子, Takashina Yuu 高階佑

5) A3 Clear Poster – 1,000 Yen each

a) 彩 FLESH&BLOOD (New illustration)
b) Hidaka Shouko 日高ショーコ Yuutsu no Asa 憂鬱な朝

6) iPhone Case – 3,000 Yen each
b) Hidaka Shouko 日高ショーコ Yuutsu no Asa 憂鬱な朝
c) Yamane Ayano やまねあやの Crimson Spell クリムゾン・スペル

7) FLESH&BLOOD Dakimakura Cover 2 types – 5,000 Yen each.
Size: 150 cm length

No new illustrations but the guys sure look good.

a) A 海斗&ジュフリー
b) B ナイジェル&ビセンテ

8) High Quality Framed Art

a) 彩 FLESH&BLOOD – 24,675 Yen
b) Enjin Yamimaru 円陣闇丸 Nijuu Rasen 二重螺旋 – 20,475 Yen

Get the special Shopper Bag when you spend 3,000 Yen and above with 彩 FLESH&BLOOD and 日高ショーコ 憂鬱な朝 on each side.

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26 thoughts on “Goods: FLESH&BLOOD dakimakura cover, Crimson Spell and other BL bishie goodies galore (Chara, AGF2012)”

  1. I like the clear files. They look quite nice. The posters look very nice especially the one to the right. That one is my favorite. The framed artwork is nice as well.

  2. hmm…the three gift sets all look yummy to me…what’s the best way of getting these things? i’ve never bought stuff from a con/fest before….

    1. @iced_wine: usually event proxy fees are higher so be prepared to add at least double to the final amount. There are also no guarantees that they can get the items during to event orz but the cost would be refunded then.

  3. Aaaah the new illustration for the Flesh & Blood clear poster looks beautiful, wouldn’t mind shelling out 1000 yen for that if i knew how probably proxy…..

    I swear Aya’s artwork is just gorgeous do you know anything about any of her other works or maybe her websites? Its always been hard for me to find her work online.

    1. Omigod I’ve seen Housekis work before now that you’ve told me their work is similar no wonder, yeah this helps alot thanks @_@

    2. Anonin: where is your location? Maybe we’re able to setup something like a group buy? I’m low on funds myself :( proxy fees will usually double or triple the price of whatever you want to get so you have to be mentally and financially prepared for it.

      I don’t know much about this artist except that I find her works attractive. I’ll see if I can find more information about her.

    3. @Anonin: sadly the proxy I usually use doesn’t want to do it for international buyers anymore :( Its unfortunate cos her fees were very reasonable.

  4. OMG,FLESH&BLOOD, i need it in my life lol!

    Is this a Art book? 松岡なつき 王と夜啼鳥 FLESH&BLOOD外伝
    The set looks good~*_*

    As for the Dakimakura it’s kinda let down as i usually like to see the laying down illustrations.XD

    1. @dandycorsets: its a novel if I’m not wrong.
      Yeah, if the dakimakura features lying down poses I think they will be going for 10.000 yen each XD

  5. Ahhh, I want the Crimson Spell goodie set ;U;
    I already managed to get my two Ayano Yamane artbooks autographed by her this year, so I don’t need the autographad manga :)

  6. I Love You Pony!!!!

    Thank you very much for putting up this list. It’ll help me a lot in my shopping prep :)
    T_T my poor bank account is crying just from all the stuff I want from this list.

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