Goods: First Look Figma Miku Hatsune

Figma Miku Hatsune
Some quick pics of my newly arrived Figma Miku XD

Worth every penny and the stress of nearly missing out on a copy. Better poses will come later. Busy :P

Figma Miku Hatsune

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13 thoughts on “Goods: First Look Figma Miku Hatsune”

  1. yeah very useful…help to decide where to your buy BL stuffs.

    good for beginners and those who want to broaden their BL-buying horizon, LOL

  2. izzit okay for me to make a banner for your blog. (100x50px)
    i feel lot better to put banner instead of txt-link in my blog.
    oredi put up several banners of FL i follow.

    so much to do but so little time. anyway maybe it’s better to have special page for tht instead of using posting.
    the topic need pics or it’ll be confusing…

  3. perhaps you can post topic about ‘RAH-dissecting’ or how the body worked??

    Might be useful you know, tips of replacing screw, where to buy etc etc

  4. I think initially you get all *precious precious* over the expensive RAH… I mean who wouldn’t right? ^^” That’s why I bought an additional pre-owned RAH Naoto that I can have my way with. After learning more about how his body worked *licks lips suggestively* (Err… haha pls ignore that XD ) I know what to look out for when posing/playing with them.

    I still handle them gently tho… you know, I’ll strip them but… with the utmost care so that I don’t end up breaking a leg or an arm. I’m not going to rape them… just stripping them Mua-hahahaha… XD *super perv*

    Yummy yummy… looking forward to the pics!!!

  5. Ouch, you stripped them! My dear, you playing them roughly XD XD

    I meant to take their pics but some of them are still intact in their boxes and hubby borrowed my CANON.
    nice idea anyway, will do it by first of Oct (national holiday of eid mubarak)

    akiyama’s bishojo collection vs ponytale’s bishonen collection.

  6. Hahaha… I admit I’m pervy but I didn’t plan the white panty shot okie XD It was an accidental discovery!

    The first thing I do after I receive my RAH box (admiring the figure not counted) is to strip them :P Cos each RAH/Project BM model’s body has a slightly different colour and texture. Curious mah~ XD

    Sounds like a lovely collection! Hey take their pics and post them on your blog too! Come to think of it white panty does seem like a good/neutral colour for figures…

  7. You’re so pervy. (as if i’m not XD)

    Haha yeah i forgot you dissected Light. Okay Doctor, what else do you find? LOL~

    Medicom does not appreciate personal hygiene.

    Yeah..i have several female figurine from ARIA, Himawari, Blood+, Fate/Stay Night, Serial experiment Lain…
    (and i always thought i’m Bishonen-lover)
    I tot white panty are for babies LOL~

  8. Uwa… and guess what? Light and Lulu are also pantsu-less!!! I finally got my hands on a Mushishi RAH too… the character, Ginko also wears no underwear…

    Medicom obviously doesn’t think underwear is an important RAH feature… hahaha

    Ooo.. I never noticed that female figurine wears white panty :O That’s something new to me… *checks Figma Lucky Star Konata* OMG SHE WEARS WHITE PANTSU TOO!!! XD

  9. cute and neat.

    Seriously im not looking at her white panty. (general underwear for female figurine)

    Naoto must be very brave for not wearing any. XD

  10. Yah her popularity is quite amazing. Still waiting for my shipment to arrive. I think cos of the worldwide shortage of Figma Fate *sweatdrop* (which I managed to buy) people kind of panicked when Miku pre-orders got sold out. Well, I know I did *MEGA sweatdrop* I’m such a willing sucker.

    Speaking of which… I had some yummy (leek x pork) dumplings at a cafe yesterday! :9 MmmmMmm…

  11. impressive.
    I look forward for special pics and review for my magazine.
    anyway she’s sweeter on close-up look and yea i like leeks. XD

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