Goods: Find your fate with Lucky Dog 1 fortune cookies (Tennenouji)

Let your favourite Lucky Dog 1 boys tell your fortune!

Title: Lucky Dog 1 Fortune Cookie 「ラッキークッキー1 フォーチュンクッキー」
Price 850Yen (w/tax)

Available from:
Super comic city event: 3-5 May 2011

Online shop: 5 May 2011 onwards
(But if sold out during event, will no longer be on sale *_*)

Online shop pre-order:
Orders received before 30 April will receive special bromide of the package illustration.
Estimated shipment date 10 June 2011

Product page:
(You’ll need a proxy to get them)

Box size: 21 x 14 x 6cm

Description: 1 box contains 6 cookies, inside each plain flavoured fortune cookies will contain a fortune written in each Lucky Dog 1 character’s distinct speaking style. Package illustration by Yura 由良.

Total 28 fortunes to collect, including 12 special variations and 14 famous lines spoken by the characters during the game.

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13 thoughts on “Goods: Find your fate with Lucky Dog 1 fortune cookies (Tennenouji)”

  1. @ponytale yeah, but results may vary on the quantity of the ingredients xDDDD, or the temperature in the oven XD.

    I told my friends about the glasses yesterday, and she said she would like to have them to see if they actually “worked” xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    1. @Asamisa: Yep yep XD The fun of baking!

      Oh~ you’ve gotta show her the disclaimer by Spray then. They did say that it doesn’t work like what it does in the game lol lol lol

  2. @ponytale The cookies tasted like a traditional cookie we have around anyway xD.

    Maybe you’re right, but what’s funnier that saying “I have Saeki’s glasses”? LOL Besides I like limited edition stuff, or just plain weird or uncommon xP.

    1. @Asamisa: yep and I heard that they are easy to make supposedly. Just sugar, eggs and flour hehe

      Always nice to have unique stuff of course lol :D

  3. I usually dealt with people I vaguely knew in Japan however some just kinda disappeared and I’d rather not bother others with anything anime-ish / sexualized.
    After lurking around and trying out different places, I came to settle with “FromJapan Limited”.
    They’re also pretty fast and offer tons of different shipping options.

    : >

    1. @Oru icic that’s true :) I’ll probably try them for the lucky dog fortune cookie after working out my budget. Nice to haves but not priority. Thanks for sharing :D

  4. Oh! Oru, tell us! The “middleman” I know charges about 10% >.> of the total cost of the purchase and transactions…

    Interesting, I’ve only tasted fortune cookies once xP, they’re not that common around here.

    And now for something different: I want to get kichiku megane glasses, but if things don’t work (for sure), I’ll go and get them custom made. My sister says that it’s ridiculous use glasses if you don’t need them, but, it’s gonna be a gag in anime cons XDDDD, and will help me to get in character if I need to act xD.

    1. @Asamisa: I think I’ve also only had fortune cookies twice in my life when i was overseas lol. Not so common here either.

      Well the glasses are definitely nice to have but if you don’t need to wear them in your daily life it’s not worth to spend so much tho :)

  5. Mine actually doesn’t almost anything, just 5% in yens which really is almost nothing at all.
    My bigger issue would be it going to customs due to being food, pff ; h ;

    1. @Oru: wow your proxy only charges 5% handling fees That’s great! :O Can you share the contact?

      Hmm… the customs… yeah we never know… that’s why it may come down to luck ^^;;

  6. Oooh, I saw these ones and kichiku megane being sold but had no idea what they were… actually, I thought they were really just selling some kind of bromide/cloth/illustration/wtv with weird littles papers : |

    Derp I be.

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