Goods: Figure Review Prop Plus Petit Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Vol.2 Box – Alois Trancy, Claude Faustus

Alois: Claude, do I taste good?

These small Kuroshitsuji (The Black Butler) figures arrived in the mail last week. Finally found the time during the weekend to unbox them and take some pics :D

Title: Kuroshitsuji Petit Prop Plus Vol. 2 Box set of 10
プロッププラスプチ 黒執事 Vol.2 10個セット

Damage: 4,750 yen

There are total 7 designs to collect and trade, including season two characters Alois Trancy and Claude Faustus, as well as Sebastian Michaelis (Top hat and Tutor version), Ciel Phantomhive (Normal and Robin dress version) and Agni. Each box contains 10 figures, so I have the complete set + 3 repeats.

This collection is part of Prop Plus Petit series of Kuroshitsuji figures. I didn’t find Vol. 1 attractive, so I didn’t buy it when it was released. I think the faces of Vol. 2 are much better looking than the first and seems to have better quality sculpt. Like the previous volume, each chibi figure is about 45 mm tall and comes with a small charm that is related to the character.

Since this is the first time I bought anything from the Prop Plus Petit series, I’m pleasantly surprised to find that the figures heads are removable!

Since there are 7 designs in total, I’ll break up this review into 2 designs per post. Otherwise the pictures loading will be quite overwhelming :P

Let’s start with Alois Trancy, since he is the sexy brat who was the only one who had some real BL action in Season 2 (although it wasn’t with the right person that all of us, including Alois wanted OTL;;;).

As I was saying, each figure comes with a charm related to the character. In Alois’s case, it is his ring. I didn’t pay attention to the details in the anime but is it a ruby ring? There’s a base stand and one of his lines is printed on it.

ほしいよーー君がほしい!Hoshiiyo~ Kimi ga Hoshii! (I want… I want you!)

He is pretty well-made and his details are nicely painted. Here’s the front and side view. Cute bow and little ribbons on his neck and boots. The eyes look a little off-side but still all right I guess. Bratty smirk looks good lol~

The other side view and back view. Such cute pleated details on his coat :)

Next, we have Alois’ desired demon butler, the spider, Claude Faustus.

Claude’s charm is a pair of glasses. Megane love~ :D He is voiced by one of my top favourite seiyuus, Sakurai Takahiro <3 Btw, the charm is made of soft plastic, so it’s bendable.

And on his base, is his demon theme:

私は旦那様を「飽くまで」貪りたい! Watashi wa Danna sama wo [akuma de] Musabaritai (I will crave insatiably for master till the end)

He sure looks rather sexy in that tight butler outfit, doesn’t he? :) And look at those shiny boots! I wish Goodsmile made a nendoroid of him.

Side and back view.

More pics of other characters coming up! Stay tuned! ^^)/

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14 thoughts on “Goods: Figure Review Prop Plus Petit Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Vol.2 Box – Alois Trancy, Claude Faustus”

  1. Whhen I originally commented I appear to have
    clicked the -Notify me when new coments are added- checkbox and from now on every time a comment is added
    I recieve four emails with the same comment. Perhaps there is a way you can remove
    me from that service? Appreciate it!

    1. @Tabatha: oh dear. Do you remember the email you used to subscribe? I searched using the current one you used and it doesn’t give me any results.

  2. Hi! Love your blog! Could you tell me which 3 are repeated? I’m thinking of buying the set, so it would really help me to know what’s in there xD

    1. @Maria: Thanks! XD Glad you enjoyed my posts. The repeats I got are: Top hat Sebastian, Normal Ciel and Alois ^^ But I think every box should be different since these are supposed to be trading figures. But good luck getting the repeats you like XDD

    1. @planck-chan: Yeah Tutor Sebby is very cute ^^ I recommend getting him! I’m quite happy with Claude in the story towards the end cos he really is what I would expect a demon to be like… heartless and without morals. However, I’m sad that Alois died too but you didn’t watch the ending right? Well, in the end, he pwned them all :P so that was kinda a redeeming factor for the boy. Although the ending isn’t that great for either Ciel or Sebastian either.

      @banoni: now that you mentioned it, he does look like him lol~ XDD

  3. Oh my, you got yours! I bought Alois and Agni in a group buy, but not have mine yet. I love Alois! I regret not asking tutor Sebby, maybe later I’ll buy him. But Claude… I also love Sakurai, and he’s so handsome butler but those damn writers made me simply can’t stand him… dunno how many time I need to ‘recover’. Never seen a series go so horribly written as Kuroshitsuji II. One of the worst plots I’ve seen, and I’ve just stopped when Alois seemed killed from Claude, never seen the end at all. After this, I cursed all SE and dumb writers who tried to ruin one of my fave series. We’re lucky enough having the manga, that is pretty awesome!

  4. Heee…i never really have interest on the figure smaller thank normal aside one coin. (is it bigger than 1 coin nitro chiral figure?). But in fact in your review looks nice…might consider buying some later.

    Ah…i’ve been curious for sometime. What’s that ” Aarinfantasy Forum Lucky 7 Bonus Round Passphrase” means?

    1. @Ri: Yeah I seldom buy chibis or small figures except for Kotobukiya’s one-coin as well. This is the first time I bought chibis from this series cos I really liked how Claude looks here OTL;;; They are actually slightly taller than one-coins. I actually took some pix to compare their height and sizes but I haven’t uploaded them yet :) I’m quite pleasantly surprised by how well they’re made.

      Oh that hehe… I’m hosting a contest at the forum and one of the contest bonus round is to collect passphrases from my blog :D

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