Goods: Figure Review Prop Plus Petit Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Vol.2 Box – Agni + Chibi size comparison

Agni looks rather lonely without his Prince Soma :-\
so I gave him Sebby who was impressed with his abilities.

Title: Kuroshitsuji Petit Prop Plus Vol. 2 Box set of 10
プロッププラスプチ 黒執事 Vol.2 10個セット

Damage: 4,750 yen

Agni is Indian Prince Soma’s personal attendant and bodyguard. Agni adores him as he sees God in him. Sigh~ but where is the prince? :( Maybe they’re reserving him for Vol. 3 Box set OTL;;;

Anyway… Agni is one of my favourite characters in Kuroshitsuji ^^ and he is voiced by Yasumoto Hiroki who has a very manly and deep voice. The base of the figure is printed with the line:

ジョー。アギヤー Jyo Agiya

Agni’s charm is an Indian style tea pot with a long snout. His chibi figure is very well-made too.

Side and back view. Cute side cubby cheek :3

Overall, I think this set of Kuroshitsuji chibi trading figures is pretty worth the price for the quality and variety. I’m happy I got my hands on them :)

As promised, here’s a quick size comparison of these Prop Plus Petit figures with Goodsmile’s Nendoroid Petit and Kotobukiya’s one-coin chibi figures. Kindly modeled by these boys lol~ Youji (from Sweet Pool) with Claude and Alois.

As you can see, the Prop Plus Petit boys are about 1.5 cm taller than Youji.

And here’s the Nendoroid Petit size comparison.

Why did I choose Misaki? Well, besides giving myself and excuse to shoot him, he is also voiced by the same seiyuu Sakurai Takahiro, who also did Claude ^^ Lol~ but if you watched both anime, you’ll know that they sounded -entirely- different.

Anyway, this concludes this series of reviews on Prop Plus Petit Kuroshitsuji Vol. 2 Box set. ^^ Hope you guys enjoyed them!

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