Goods: Figma Xmas Special Edition

figma The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Haruhi Suzumiya School Uniform Ver. W/ Limited Santa Costume / Figures & Dollsfigma Fate/stay night Saber Armor Ver. W/ Limited Santa Costume / Figures & Dollsfigma Mahoshojo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Nanoha Takamachi Barrier Jacket Ver. W/ Limited Santa Costume / Figures & Dolls

Wanna dress up your figma with Special Santa Costume Christmas items? Check out these limited editions bundles.

All the figmas in Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi gang are bundled with these X’mas specials but CDJapan is only selling Haruhi, Saber and Nanoha bundles.

Limited stocks left! xD

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14 thoughts on “Goods: Figma Xmas Special Edition”

  1. I like the CMs where he acts silly, for example the really old Kirin one where he was in a kids playground hehe

    I think the French is supposed to make him sound suave and romantic… which I think he does… doesn’t matter if it is audible since most Japanese wouldn’t know better anyway hahaha xD

    But I find that Gackt’s face looks too “plastic” in most of the videos x_x too much make-up/botox… its scary.

    Hmm… the CM is fantasy extreme… hehehe… how can he be so clean shaven if he was stranded on the island. See what the island did to Tom Hanks in Castaway HAHAHAHAHA XD

  2. Since 1998.’s complicated but really exciting!
    The thing tht remain is is (i think) hentai game XD

    His acting on CM is bleah!! There is another CM of Gackt where he speaks french.
    non-audible french actually becoz i barely can hear or understand it…

    Wow..stranded on an island with Gackt is like a blessing in disguise.
    You’re faraway from internet and cellphone but ended up surviving on the island with Gackt.
    Probably will try hard not to leave the island….

  3. 10 years! xD Anyway, it is a fan-service DVD just like Advent Children is for Final Fantasy… I’ll be happy too if I was a fan ^^

    Early BL games are easy to guess. Just choose option A all the way and you’ll get your desired Good ending for character A and so on. Nowadays, for some BL games, a capture guide is a necessity cos the routes are not straight forward, especially when you want to collect all the CGs. Like in Togainu, if you’ve not unlocked the Rin route first, there’ll be some CGs of Shiki route that you’ll not be able to get.

    I also love the song featured in the Gackt commercial ^^
    Also, there was another commercial where Gackt and the girl was stranded on an island. He looks a lot more natural there with the girl and cute xD Gackt in Loincloth KYAAAA~ but *cough* he really can’t act x_x

  4. It’s not a harsh opinion and YES definitely okay to say it since i feel disappointed oso.
    The story? Well..this is a CG movie based on game, the game plot is good but implementing it in movie is not easy.

    Basically i appreciate the story is not as lousy as the live-action trilogy *puke* and i understand it’s hard to satisfy fans, coz we all have different opinions and tends to be subjective.
    I have to say the story is OK, the animation sucks (sorry CAPCOM :D)
    Buy the DVD if you’re Resident Evil fan..especially for somebody like me who followed the game series for almost 10 years.

    Yea, it’ll be stressful spending your time thinking your way during gameplay, making notes etc etc
    Thou im not familiar with cap guide i understand the need. Im using walkthrough for certain games….so’s good to have someone to guide your way.

    Sexy omake but artificial.
    I will feel lot better if Gackt is in the bath tub with another male. *faints*
    BL-alert..sorry Gackt, don’t mean to offend your masculinity.

  5. Whoa..ponytale gonna have a ‘hot’ xmas gift this year!!!

    yea for fans but non-fans can enjoy a bit becoz Leon sorta had some few seconds flashback.
    the dialog’s not natural (come to think of it..a virus tht can turn you into zombie is oso unnatural XD)

    Im glad you notice the animation factor. it is disappointing consider how much they bottled up all the info as if the animation is going to be super-awesome-Hi quality

    Another omake, this one is from Gackt. This CM is a veiled porn i think XD

  6. I’m looking forward to sweet pool but =_= I don’t think I have the luxury of time to play through the game without a capture guide *sobs* It is fun and exciting but the thought of having to do that can be quite frustrating… I’ve played BL games without following a capture guide before and you REALLY need A LOT of time to go through everything one by one and keeping record and notes of your routes using an excel sheet LOL~. It is worse when the stories/routes are long and complicated *faints*

    Mmm… from what I see from the trailers, the animation is not as good, considering what the industry is capable of nowadays. The characters mouths don’t fit the dialog very well. I’m quite sensitive to these visual elements when it comes to animation :P I would think that the animation can be compared to the 2001 Final Fantasy The Spirits Within movie ^^ but maybe that’s a bit harsh since I’m only judging from trailers. But if the story is good, then it is forgivable lol~ Sometimes the producers spend so much $ and time on the CG and forgot all about the story…

    I like that omake xD Sexy~ Love that scene in the bath tub kekeke

  7. Sweet Pool is due for release on 19 Dec ^^ The only shipping option available was EMS so… it may be more expensive but it also means I get it before Christmas! xD

    Mmm the trailer looks just like you’re playing the game lol~ Definitely for the fans huh… I think the CG looks fine in-game but as a movie, the animation is a little disappointing tho’ :S

    The omake is awesome. XD

  8. Depends, if you like the will enjoy the movie coz popular character appears (such as the lovely Leon S Kennedy-in a more serious face)

    the movie successfully put ‘gaming factors’ inside it, such as enemy turned into monster tht had to be shot repeatedly, dark rooms with zombies, etc etc
    Seriously my fingers is very itch to press buttons during the scenes…
    (Yah forgot to tell you i i oredi watch the divx ver.)

    As for the lah and the animation is not top class. might wanna judge the quality from trailers at youtube.

    Hopefully my DVD shipment will not be late.

    Yea i notice the price is lower…but i stick to the policy of not buying it unless i really want it. The truth i’m kinda scared to see my monthly CC statement XD

  9. Ooh~ Maybe you can send me the link hehehe ^^ You know I’ve not played the game before right? Ah~ Leon looks droolsome!

    I pre-ordered the special edition Figmas from CDJapan but after some serious consideration, I cooled my head and cancelled it. Too much of an impulse buy cos I have all 3 of them already! :( *angry with myself*

    And cos of the unexpected expenditure for the new PC, I think it was the right thing to do ^^” At the most I’ll make my own figma Santa costume *pouts*

  10. My only gripe with these bundles is… I ALREADY OWN THOSE BLOODY FEATURED FIGMAS!!!

    But the Saber and Nanoha bundles are quite a bargain tho. Their prices are lower than their original costs without the x’mas costumes while bundled Figma Haruhi is the same price.

    Ooo~ let me know if the movie is good ^^ I can go buy a copy.

  11. that’s a possibility.
    Juz a sales gimmick for suckers…LOL~

    It could be fun.
    Btw, Biohazard CG movie DVD will be released 17 Dec 2008.
    If you want a copy i’ll be happy to sent you (personal use only XD)

    Im going to do a review about it in upcoming KOHAKU MAG website

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