Goods: Evangelion undies

Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone Movie Edition Pants Collection (L Size) Box / Character Goods

My my… I wonder what else would they come up with next time XD

The designs are kinda cute tho’ ^^

Damage: 3000 Yen for a 6-piece box. Available in M Size and L size

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14 thoughts on “Goods: Evangelion undies”

  1. I didn’t know anything about Tiger Show until years later. Since it was family trip i’m sure nobody went to see it. LOL~
    As a female i’m scarred by the “acrobatic” vagina. store razor blades…ugh!

    Ha-ha it’s true. Chrisan broke Ryu’s (Street Fighter) leg. Gladly i can fix it alright.
    Have you fix him? Eh which arm anyway? left or right? Probably a good thing becoz he can no longer write someone’s name on his little black book. :D joking of course.

    1. For us, we went with a big tour group, so I remember the tour guide coming on and asking if the adults were interested. So naturally as kids we were curious but were told we couldn’t go lol~ My parents went! After the show, mum told us about the bottle cap and ping pong balls… eww x_x

      Gaa~ I broke his right arm! So Light hasn’t been writing any names since lol~ I haven’t fixed him. The chances of recovery is slim cos there aren’t readily available replacement parts :(

  2. well at least you have the experience. You should be able to make a good BL fanfic based on the hen nights XD
    Stripper probably have strong legs LOL~

    Yeah..probably inspired by Vegas ha-ha. Oh the “Tiger Show” is definitely forbidden for me at that time. Bangkok nightlife itself are quite famous heh…

    From children pov action figure=toys. So gotta be careful until they understand the meaning of ‘collectibles’ and not every toys is playable.
    And yes, you’re right..if they see it but can’t touch it, they’ll be really upset.

    1. And the wierd thing was, we had a feeling he was gay :P My friend didn’t feel as sexed up by it cos of that since he was supposed to make her feel sexy and desirable lol~ Oh yea, he did have strong legs. We could see the muscles, tight butt and all… we were GYAAAA~ *hides but nowhere to hide* the whole time. SO embarrassing. BL fic for male striptease seduction for a BL couple? That would be fun ^^;;;

      I’m not sure I even want to see Tiger Show now that I’m of age. The stories were all about how versatile/acrobatic the women performer’s vagina was. Able to open bottle caps, store razor blades (?), launch/fire ping pong balls…

      Yep. Hand your collectible to your child at your own peril! Don’t come crying when it breaks a leg or two lol~ *points at self who broke Light’s arm* XD

  3. Ic. what was that? a bachelorette party? :D
    Did you slip on his thong some $$$? LOL~
    Striptease is illegal in never have the opportunity to watch one. Watching tiffany show in bangkok doesn’t counts :P

    yea, just let things sort out itself…you’ll know what to do later rather than thinking about it now. same with me…suddenly i find unused shoe boxes are useful.
    Some of the illustration books are safe under the extra blanket box hahaha.

    I know a friend who made an extreme step of keeping his RAH and statues back in their boxes because his of his toddler, told me he’ll wait until his boy grow up couple of years older. Very funny when we’re having a gathering because some of us started to whine of how hard displaying collection in the house.

    1. Yep… bachelorette party (or hens night) It was a first for a couple of us and we were like scared frozen lol~ I can’t remember if the bride slipped $$$ on his thong or not *_* probably did? We were all quite disappointed over his looks and height (The performance was a gift from the bride’s male friend, so we had no idea what he was), altho he was kinda entertaining and had a good body.

      O~ icic… Indo is quite strict about these things right. I don’t think it is illegal here. Lol~ Tiffany show was like a cabaret, right? I remember we watched it during a trip to Bangkok when I was 13+? It was the 18+ “Tiger show” that kids weren’t allowed :P

      I’ll probably do the same thing as your friend when the day comes. Cos you know kids right… if they see it and can’t touch it, they’ll be really upset and try all sorts of ways to get to it. To save the adults and the kiddies the pain and anguish, better to hide the figures somewhere till they’re old enough to handle them properly. But anyway, that’s a happy problem of having a family and children :D

  4. YES…and he actually came over each one of us and teased us. Like leaning close and all that… so scary *~* Was a bit traumatised lol~ But he was quite nice tho… cos after the show he stayed (dressed up of cos) and chatted with us.

    Hehehe… I keep mine in boxes and cupboards but still quite easy to discover if you really want to :P I don’t know… if the day ever comes, I think things will just work itself out ^^;;

  5. Neon pink thong? hahaha tht should give a heart attack!
    I’m a conservative type who thinks male-striptease is silly and quite embarrassing for me to watch it. these days are curious. My secret hideout is in the those shoes boxes hahaha..
    well someday i might have to let them go.

  6. :D yep, such official thing doesn’t’s a 100% bootleg.

    You’re right. Flashy men underwear makes some guys feel gay…but OMG!!! *faints* Ed Hardy undies!! anyway the undies are colorful, makes me feel like i’m seeing men’s stripper website. XD

    C-thong is scary…

    She wrote me e-mail in her broken english about their plan of having baby once they got settled in Europe and for the benefit of the baby (who later will grow up and ask many question :p) she feels better not to keep BL DVD or illustration books in the house.

    1. I think I have conflicting feelings about flashy men’s underwear. Although some underwear designs/colours look gay, they can also be very sexy *v* Is it cos I’m a fujoushi? I wonder if I’m looking at it from a seme/uke pov when I see those flashy types of underwear *faints* My first and only experience as an audience in a private male striptease was kinda embarassing XP He stripped down to a neon pink thong…. and stopped. Fortunately. -silence- I don’t think I can handle a full-monty at such close range, esp. as a first-timer *dead*

      Hmm… icic… quite similar to you too? I think most parents wouldn’t want explicit materials lying around the house when there’re kiddies around. You can bet I’ll be more careful with my BL stash when the kiddies come over for a visit when they are old enough to snoop around cupboards and such.

  7. Yeah, i thought about it too…
    I’ve seen Naruto boxers before, they’re bootlegs and the quality is horrible.

    Going well i think. I’m gonna meet a friend who’s gonna sell her BL artbooks collection.
    She’s going to move out to Europe with her husband and not willing to carry lots of her BL stuffs.

    Wacoal certainly have good ones. Also this brand called ‘ARIANNE’ ( they’re not from Japan but have outlet in Japan, very comfortable. two thumbs up.
    Anyway, check this out…
    Quite interesting and one of the thong-type (C-type) is just ‘too much’

    Men undies are much more simpler.

    1. I don’t think there are any official Naruto boxers right? XD

      That’s true. Books are heavy to ship… I think she might find herself a good market for BL goods in Europe too. It is quite rare there as well.

      Ah~ my friend also swears by Wacoal. She is such a loyal customer, I don’t think she has bought another other brands before. I don’t think I’ve seen the ARIANNE brand here before *rubs chin* I’ll keep my eyes open. I’ve read about the C thong before hahaha… Might as well don’t wear anything? XD

      Oo~ Men’s undies can be quite interesting too! You have to know where to look lol~ Just that if they’re too flashy, they tend to feel gay :P Anyway this popped up in my google search, check out

  8. wow. more reason for men to let the boxer peeked out of the jeans.

    well maybe they ought to make BL-themed thong for us. XD

    1. The mechandising of the whole franchise is amazing *_* but at least it is something wearable and not too expensive. Only gripe… we don’t know the quality of the boxers.

      I’m not used to wearing thongs XD my butt feels naked and without support lol~ but do you have any good brands to recommend? And would you be planning to shop for Japanese NuBra while you’re there? How’s the trip planning coming along?

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