Goods: Eat me! So says your Yandere boy

I dare you! :D

Title: Male Yandere Pie 男ヤンデレパイ
Price: 630 Yen (w/tax) each
Available: late December 2011
Date of expiry: 6 months from date of manufacture.
Only available at Animate Japan:
One box contains 9 pies. Sweet and sour blueberry flavour. Includes yandere bookmark. There is a female yandere pie version as well lol~ and this is the 3rd in the series of snacks based on this anime archetype. The boy is very cool but also extremely “sick” lol~

If it doesn’t sell out by the end of this week, and budget allows, I might just consider getting it for the fun of it :D To get an idea what yandere is about, check out my review of a CD that has a yandere character :)

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20 thoughts on “Goods: Eat me! So says your Yandere boy”

  1. Mmm, delicious yandere pie… I think I remember seeing the female version around, but the male version is definitely more of my taste, haha~!

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