Goods: Durarara!! Official Shizaya Dream Cushion (male dakimakura, hugging pillow, DRRR!!, Kotobukiya)

Invasion of the male dakimakura! Okay, maybe I really shouldn’t have told Kotobukiya during the survey that I want them to make eroero male dakimakura… The result: SHIZUO x IZAYA!!! OMG MY BANK ACCOUNT!!!

Title: Orihara Izaya Dream Cushion Cover 折原臨也 ドリームクッションカバー
Title: Heiwajima Shizuo Dream Cushion Cover 平和島静雄 ドリームクッションカバー

Price: 4,500 Yen each (special price during Comiket 81)
Available: 7 January 2012
Kotobukiya Rakuten store:
Kotobukiya Direct:
Size: about 750mm x 750mm

Date available: 29-30 December 2011 (Pre-sales. Will be released later in 2012)
Kotobukiya Booth: West Hall 4 Booth 145
Inner stuffing sold separately at 3,500 Yen each.

Kotobukiya joins in the male dakimakura fun with these two DURARARA!! boys! I’m going to have to get my hands on them. The illustrations are pretty cute!

Description: I Love People!「人、ラブ!!」人間を愛する Information broker Orihara Izaya 折原臨也. One side of the cushion has Izaya smiling slightly. The other side shows Izaya during his private, sleeping moment. Ah~ so quiet, so cute… so angelic lol~ Wanna poke that belly button of his.

Ikebukuro’s strongest man 「池袋最強の男」 Heiwajima Shizuo 平和島静雄。On one side of the cushion cover shows Shizuo in a sexy smile, holding his sunglasses in one of his hands. The other side shows his usual sleeping face. MOERU!!!! I wonder why they always draw Shizuo showing more flesh… :D Resisting the urge to pull the zipper on his pants down lololol~

Front and back design. Comiket 81 special. If you buy the items during the event, you’ll receive these exclusive carry bags. Pic of the cushion inner stuffing. And 3,500 Yen is so expensive for a cushion inner stuffing.

Prepare for a bank bleeding 2012 (as if 2011 isn’t bad enough) Now we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to male dakimakura! I can’t wait to see the upcoming Shukan Soine ones as well as the remaining Kichiku Megane designs to make a final decision. Why is money limited? Dammit! (*A*)

Check out the sample! Either the girl is really small or the cushion is huge!

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43 thoughts on “Goods: Durarara!! Official Shizaya Dream Cushion (male dakimakura, hugging pillow, DRRR!!, Kotobukiya)”

  1. YAYYY! We finally get better sexier poses for Shizu-chan and Izaya.. I LOVE the Shizuo cushion (saves up) <3 praying it's not an exlusive..not an exlusive…not an exlusive PLZ!!

    I really love that they put more effort into making it ero-ero ahah, the other ver where they look like they just kicked off their shoes in bed was rather boring (tbh) :D It's sad when you know fanartists do better job at making sexier poses than the company artist themselves.

    1. @Joi-chan: Its cool that they’re really taking our suggestions into account. The cushions are not supposed to be exclusives so I expect to see preorders up sometime in January?

      Well this is a start :D maybe some of these fan-artists will get offers to draw for Kotobukiya in the future!

  2. I hope there will be no exlusive shop for the later release, I sooooooooooooooooo want to get my hands on the both of them that I might die if I eventually don’t ToT

    1. @ponytale Yeah, but I have buyers’ remorse; if I don’t get something, I will scratch my face in angst xDDDD. So, even if I had the money, well… xDDDDD

      ANYONE would need courage if I managed to get my hands in all the dakimakuras you show here XD.

    2. @Asamisa: Got to distract yourself or something lol~ scratching your face isn’t good XDD
      Will there ever be a completely naked official dakimakura? lol~

  3. I love shizaya and I personally like Izaya a lot, too much tbh. But this time I think he looks a bit weird? But Shizu-chan loks awesome =)

    1. @Rukia: I think the images are a bit too small but Izaya should look good if we can see a bigger pic :D And best is they’ll be available for general release!!! Well, Kotobukiya better not make them a store exclusive OTL;;;

      YES Shizu-chan is too awesome :D Must get! Especially if you love them.

  4. My saving grace is that these things are at Comiket and I’m not. But if these and/or the Kichiku Megane pillows go into any type of regular release I’m doomed. Already preordered my Shukan Soine pillow though. Thank goodness my family doesn’t know how much this stuff costs.

    1. @Prettyvillian: These Shizaya cushions will be available for general release (but not sure if they’re kotobukiya store exclusives)… so you’re doomed! XDD But seriously. If you love these two, it’s really hard to resist.
      Which Shukan Soine pillow did you order? I’ll only make a decision after seeing the illustrations. I’m eyeing at 2 of them.
      Me too. If they knew OTL;;;

    2. I ordered the Volume 12 because I’ve recently discovered my ‘short dark hair + megane’ moe and I have that CD preordered too. Would love to get the Volume 8 as well (again the short dark hair) but $$. I ordered right away because I had the money that week and otherwise I would forget about it.

    3. @Prettyvillian: I’m eyeing that one too by Midorikawa Hikaru :D and also the pink haired one voiced by Inoue Kazuhiko. But the final decision will depend on side B of the dakimakura covers :3 I’ll also be getting their CDs. XD

    1. @TasukiHoneyBunny: Yeah its an odd shape. I’ll be looking around to see if there are cheaper inner stuffing alternatives. If I can’t find any, I think it’ll probably be wise to just but the official ones.

  5. Wow these dakimakuras are sexy. Shizuo smile is so sexy~! Izaya looks just so moe in his sleeping face. I want to give him a kiss!

  6. Ahhhhh, mouuuuuuu–! What is this?!

    Dowannnnnnt! ; 3 ;” Egh, ouch… my wallet… hnng, but I can’t resist… Shizuo is too moe-!

  7. Lol, kinda wish they could fit BOTH on one pillow (like that first pic u have there), but the pillows are still very sexy!

    1. @Razberry: Cos they want our monies OTL;;; and I think there are probably some people who like one or the other. So to get everybody to buy… they did this (ToT) I think both in one pillow case is better too.

  8. ….WHY DO THEY DO THIS TO ME? OMG. I want those BUT, case + stuffing = $$$$!

    ….Oh yes…The Shunkan Soine ones too…/sigh. 2011 is so bad…2012 was also pretty bad, but not…they’re just making it worse.

    So much wants, so little moneys T^T. Anyways, I love the expression on their faces. It’s uber cute~ I esp like their sleeping faces and Shizuo’s smirk *___*

    1. @momo: Me too D: I think stuffing I’ll only buy 1 OTL;;; and rotate the boys. So far I haven’t found any other cheaper alternative. Official stuffing is probably the way to go for now.
      Where to get all that money to buy everything??? And these are not the only stuff I buy. Have to work extra hard in 2012 for the cash.

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