Goods: Durarara!! Abura Snack (Yukata Shizaya)

Izaya and Shizuo in yukata. The reason why I bought the expiring snack ^^;;

Title: Durarara!! Durarara – Abura (oil) Snack デュラララ!! デュラララー油スナック!!!
Price: 735 Yen (w/tax)
Expiry date: 31 May 2011 (LOL~) Arrival date: 14 June 2011 ^^;;
Description: Paper package box 140 (l) x 210 (w) x 60 (h) mm
Snack.Ra~Abura (oil) flavour. (内容:スナック・ラー油味) 50 grams.
Each box contains one free sticker (120x60mm) 5 designs to collect!
Available only from Animate Japan

When the snack was first released in January 2011 at Animate Japan, it was sold out pretty quickly. It didn’t bother me cos it isn’t exactly something I would usually buy ^^;; And look at the price. NOT CHEAP.

Anyway recently when I was browsing the website again for other goods, they were in stock again! Probably left overs. :O But it was really close to the expiry date OTL But since I was using a proxy to buy stuff, I thought I would just buy one box to add on to my order and make the most out of it. (I bought expiring Hetalia manjuus too ^^;; but that’s for another blog post)

Since each box also comes with one free sticker, I thought it would be nice if I could get the yukata one :D

Anyway, by the time the goods were sent all over the place and finally reach my doorstep… they’ve expired :P Quickly took some pics so that I can eat them fast. Sorry for the bad picture quality.

Beautifully printed glossy finish paper box packaging with everything fans want to see. Shizaya! See the right hand corner? It says, includes one sticker!

Another view.

Size view. Izaya :3 It’s Extremely Spicy Flavour! It says.

And of course Shizu-chan on the other side :3

Back view with ingredients information. Nothing nutritious about this item. Oh welly~ but I’m gonna rely on the preservatives in there since I’m going to eat the expired crackers lol~

Here goes~

An inner package that fills the whole box but is very light. Doesn’t feel like it contains much.

Crackers revealed! First thing that greeted me was the scent of chilli oil ^^;; Have you eaten NISSIN instant noodles spicy flavour? Same aroma~

Standard cracker. Very, very crispy which is nice. Doesn’t taste like it has expired lol~ Not very spicy in my opinion but the taste is only so-so. I wouldn’t be able to tell if the quality suffered because of the expiry date or not since this is the first time I bought this. Seems ok but not worth 735 Yen by itself. However, if you take into account the nice looking box… and sticker, then maybe… oh well… fans are suckers.

Anyway, my friend, Luvi said that Animate Japan often repackages these food products with different anime themes, so if you’ve eaten something like this, you can most probably expect the same thing if they released similar crackers again. So I would take it into consideration and control myself when I have urge to impulse buy again ^^::

And finally let’s check the box for the free sticker I got… :D

Yay! It’s the Summer Festival yukata clad Shizaya I wanted! <3

Btw, does anyone know which Durarara!! artbook has this pic of the boys wearing yukata?

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18 thoughts on “Goods: Durarara!! Abura Snack (Yukata Shizaya)”

  1. I hadn’t realized there were seiyuuxseiyuu shippers XD That’s kind of awesome :o
    (Now I want some FukuJunxYamaguchiKappei hot action…)

    Right, if it’s crackers I guess it’s okay to eat them.

    1. @Mayon: yep and there were many fans who shipped other seiyuu as real life ‘couplings’ like Suzuken and Sakupyon, Morimori and Ishida Akira etc lol~

      And I survived the expired crackers x3

  2. Naah, it’s fine. Expiration dates don’t mean the item is expired… It’s kind of like a yellow light in traffic light.

    If it’s solid, like this case, normally you still have from a week to two weeks to eat it. Don’t worry, it’s cool = n =b

  3. I didn’t think they’d release so much stuff for the shippers~… Not that I mind :D

    (Don’t eat expired food <_<')

    1. @Mayon: cos the shippers are the irrational ones who’ll actually buy the stuff OTL we’re talking about the shizaya fans AND OnoDxHiroC fans

      I don’t eat expired stuff if I can help it (ToT) but I really want to try the Sakura flavored hetalia manjuus

  4. See, I never got into the whole Drrr thing, not only because it’s not much of my style but because the fan in me wipes since Fujino stopped changed fandoms to it ; h ;

    But the sticker definitely looks nice, though I also liked the one with… the three kids who I would assume were the main characters.

    PS: Good girl, expirations dates are only estimative that mean: eat quickly or be a moron.

    1. @Oru: yep it was a dumb decision but if I hadn’t been cheapo (or had more $$ lying around, I would have chosen EMS OTL;;) well I still have a box of expired Hetalia manjuus to eat but it was expired a few days ago so hopefully still ok lol.

      I read that the anime was different from the novels. But they probably did that on purpose to try to get new fans on board.

    1. @izas: rational mind says no but fangirl side of the brain says yes OTL;;

      The glossy finish box is very nice too. (fangirl brain speaking)

  5. I never watch Durarara!!! But…I just wanted to comment that…
    I love how detailed your photos are. You took every angle of the product.
    Great job! :D
    But s’too bad that it is already expired. D:
    I thought crackers last longer?
    Hope you won’t get a stomach ache or anything.

    1. @maku: it was available since January 2011 and yes we would think that crackers should last longer but… Looking on the bright side maybe there’s not much preservatives added :P so far so good. I didn’t get sick from eating it.

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