Goods: DRAMAtical Murder trading chimi figure collection (Aoba, Koujaku, Clear, Noiz, etc)

DMMd trading chibi
Update! Preorder available here! The figures are finally available for order! But

They seem to be only available from Gift online store (unless you’re lucky enough to get them during a DRAMAtical Murder event held early Feb 2015 早春ドラマダ市). You can try your luck at Yahoo! Japan auctions if you are only after some of the characters. They have already started to pop up :)

Title: DRAMAtical Murder trading chimi figure collection
DRAMAtical Murder トレーディングちみフィギュアコレクション
Price: 6,800 yen (w/o tax)
Pre-release sale (Event): 21 February 2015
Pre-order period: 24 Feb 2015 – 9 March 2015.
Date available: Mid April 2015
Online store:
(Shipped within Japan only. Proxy buyer or forwarding address required. )
Manufacturer: Nitro+ and Gift.

Description: Featuring characters including Aoba, Koujaku, Noiz, Mink, Clear, Virus, Trip and 1 secret. (「蒼葉」「紅雀」「ノイズ」「ミンク」「クリア」「ウイルス」「トリップ」「シークレット1種」の全8種です!) Eight figures to collect. Each box contains 10 figures and you can get the full set with each box.
Measurements: Approximately 4.5 cm tall (height varies depending on the design).
Tokuten: Big Aoba keychain

I was really surprised that Nitro+Chiral didn’t work with Kotobukiya again for their one-coin figures. Maybe Gift gave them a good deal considering that they are making DMMd 1/8 PVC (Aoba, Ren) and Nendoroid figures (Aoba, Noiz) Anyway, I wonder if these chibi figures have removable heads like their predecessors too? It’ll be a shame if they don’t :(

These are the official shots. Aoba looks pretty cute. I find Koujaku’s colours a bit off the mark.

DMMd trading chibi
Noiz and Clear look good. Unfortunately Clear didn’t come with his mask :(

DMMd trading chibi
Mink is cute too. I don’t really like his character, so… ^^;; And the secret is obviously Ren.

DMMd trading chibi
Dynamic duo Virus and Trip (his outfit’s colour is off too).

DMMd trading chibi

Overall I feel that the colours look a bit too washed-out since the official photos look over-exposed. They’re probably trying to go for a “cyberspace” look ^^;; Here are more shots of the figures from events and users under “normal” lighting.

The box packaging looks like the usual Kotobukiya ones. What do you think?

DMMd trading chibi


DMMd trading chibi

Clearer pic.DMMd trading chibi

Yahoo Auction pics. Ren looks so goofy from this shot lol~

DMMd trading chibi

Freebie Aoba keychain

DMMd trading chibi

Anyway, I only ordered one box this time since I wasn’t overly excited by how they turned out. Maybe I’ll change my mind after I see the real thing.

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6 thoughts on “Goods: DRAMAtical Murder trading chimi figure collection (Aoba, Koujaku, Clear, Noiz, etc)”

  1. Aw that’s sad they didn’t release these through regular site and that koto wasn’t working on it. This is the first nitro+ chiral set i’ll be missing.;o;

    The colors do look washed out (and not right) and the sculpt seems not as sharp. I guess because it is prototype pics. Hopefully it turns out nice when you get them! Let us know when you get them. :D

    1. @Maria: Maybe they aren’t very confident with the new production and didn’t want to make too many o_O;; I can only keep my fingers crossed and hope the figures turn out well. I’ll try to do a review when I get them :) And by then, maybe Nitro’s international online store would carry them.

  2. was super excited when this set was announced, but the final painted ver. was disappointing. from the pics posted on MFC, paint job on these are rather lacking in detail. how did yours turn out?

    1. @iced_wine: Me too. I didn’t like how they turned out in the pics. I wasn’t motivated to pay extra just to get them earlier from the event. I’ll get mine only in April since I just ordered one set from Gift when preorder opened this week. Have you ordered yet?

    2. @ponytale: i’m skipping this set. i feel like the price point is just not right for the quality. still wishing koto could somehow pick up DMmd and do a set of one coins (unlikely, i know). their previous N+C one coins turned out really well.

    3. @iced_wine: I wish I could be as rational as you are and not order it when I thought it wasn’t worth it orz;;; I can only hope I won’t be too disappointed when I see the actual figures. Yeah, Kotobukiya had years of experience doing the chibi figures after all. I was really surprised they were left out this time :(

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