Goods: DRAMAtical Murder Ren PVC Figure (Nitro+CHiRAL)

CAST-OFF Available! Plus 2 versions announced! :D

The exclusive Rhyme version where Ren has a serious face (and cast-off) and a general release “together forever” (zutto isshoda) ずっと、一緒 だ version with a smiling face.

They still owe us a pre-order date but I see that happening real soon! But 2 versions!!! orz;;; Hopefully his price isn’t too damaging. Which version would you get? Or both? :D

Title: Ren 1/7 scale PVC figure 蓮 Rhyme version (Exclusive to Goodsmile online store:
Price: 19,800 Yen + 2000 Yen shipping (fixed)

Title: Ren 1/7 scale PVC figure 蓮 Zutto, isshoda ずっと、一緒 だ
Price: 10,800 Yen (w/o tax)
Both are available on: June 2015

More official pics: Rhyme mode ver.

Love that bod (♥o♥)

Uuuu…… smiling Ren ♥ and the lovely clear waters of the beach…

Last updated 27 July 2014

Woo~ that CLAW.

Ren’s 1/7 scale painted figure update from Wonder Festival 2014 Summer! Those new to the game wouldn’t have expected a cute pup to turn into such a bad-ass bishie. But here he is :D

Start saving folks. This figure will set you back at least 14,000 Yen…

What a beauty. Instant buy when he is up for preorder I guess.

More shots from pics found on the web.

Original illustration that the figure was based on.

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18 thoughts on “Goods: DRAMAtical Murder Ren PVC Figure (Nitro+CHiRAL)”

  1. Can u add more yaoi doujin and figures that I feel can be huge and make anime of it too
    This figure is cute
    Its from tsukoumo go collection
    Here’s the pages to the picture and website

    And this could be a funny anime series there two versions to their stories 18rated and teen reted I’ll just add the twitter and website
    Got a huge collection it almost looks like an anime show at times without the naughty bits has like the four panel manga trend and lots of couples
    Some info for new pages :-D

    1. Want~
      I don’t know if my wallet wants it though… :( Hopefully they give some time between releasing that and these.

    2. It’s awesome right?*v* I can’t wait to see it painted. It’s going to look so beautiful together as a 3D illustration sculpt! <3

  2. I wonder if his cape is removable…
    I’m already getting Aoba’s re-release, but don’t know if I can afford to get both Aoba and Ren… I really want both, though.

    1. @Kouki: There’s potential for a removable cape. Let’s hope for more pleasant surprises :D They probably won’t be released at the same time. Fingers and toes crossed for you :3

  3. He looks fab, but I need more pics of face! XD Love his outfit sculpted, especially the shoes.<3
    I wish they added more crystals, but I can see why they didn't because his base probably takes up more space than needed. (Think he will be cast-off? heehee~)

    1. @Maria: Yeah! It’s a beautiful 3D realisation of a lovely illustration! I sense a PO coming end September (after the anime ends *o*) Cast-off would be an added bonus!

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