Goods: DRAMAtical Murder Noiz PVC Figure (Nitro+CHiRAL)

More good news that came out from Wonder Festival 2014 Summer! :) Nendoroid Noiz!

Title: Nendoroid Noiz ねんどろいど ノイズ
Price: 4,800yen (w/tax)
Date available: May 2015
I think earliest he can be available will most probably be in 2015. Nendoroid Aoba must have sold well enough for such a quick follow-up with Noiz :D A big thanks to everybody who bought Nendoroid Aoba! Let’s get them to make all the boys! XD
Nendoroid Noiz
Nendoroid Noiz
Nendoroid Noiz
Nendoroid Noiz

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5 thoughts on “Goods: DRAMAtical Murder Noiz PVC Figure (Nitro+CHiRAL)”

  1. I never expect GSC will make Noiz after Aoba that’s really cool =D
    He is one of my favorite DRAMAtical Murder character after Aoba. But honestly I never play the visual novel before but I really love DMMD and the characters since I’m a yaoi/BL fan ;-) Will grab him for sure because I already PO Nendoroid Aoba and I’m gonna pair with him to make more fun XD

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