Goods: DRAMAtical Murder Aoba PVC Figure (Nitro+CHiRAL)

Woohoo~ It’s Nendoroid Aoba and Ren! :D

Title: DRAMAtical Murder: Aoba & Ren
Price: 3,889 Yen (w/o tax)
Date Available: September 2014
Maker: Goodsmile
Sculptor: Yuuta Matsuzawa
Specs: Painted ABS&PVC non-scale articulated figure with stand included. Approximately 100mm in height.
Official info:

– – – INSTANT BUY – – –

Love all the facial expression and body (nekkid top!) parts given… which explains the higher price. Just hope they don’t stop at making Aoba and he ends up being alone orz;;

\( ^o^ )/

Last update 23 July 2014

Title: Aoba 1/7 scale PVC Figure
Price: approx 14,095 Yen o_O
Date Available: March 2013, Dec 2014
Maker: Max Factory (woo… who knows, maybe Nitro+Chiral figma boys are next in line lol~)
Sculptor: Nanako 菜々子
Size: 1/7 scale (Height 285 mm)
Official info:

Restocked in December 2014! Don’t miss him again :)

Last update 19 October 2012

Best news for bishie figure collectors this season :D

Update 29 July 2012: More pics from wonderfest came in. Aoba is indeed a must buy. Aoba figure gathered from the net during wonderfest Summer 2012 :D So awesome.

Lol, you gotta love Nitro+Chiral’s Joy Max for his great choice of camera angle. Aoba is Uke-MAX. Thanks planck-chan for the pic! XD

Update: 27 July 2012: We didn’t have to wait till wonderfest after all!

Coloured prototype was shown on Nitro+Chiral’s live broadcast here: which I think they edited out in the recorded version :( but no worries, found more pics here!


Side by side comparison :D woo!

Last update: 23 July 2012

Thanks to planck-chan for the heads up <3 According to the blog post by Nitro+CHiRAL staff, the figure prototype will be displayed during the upcoming Wonderfest Summer on 29 July 2012. Information about it will also be featured in brochures included in the Nitro+CHiRAL comiket 82 set (12 August 2012). If I do manage to get more information and/or a comiket set during the event, I’ll try my best to post updates :D Please share too if you have any details!

My guess is that Aoba’s figure sculpt is based on the illustration below first published as a DVD jacket illustration in Nitro+CHiRAL Comiket 79 set. It’ll be pretty awesome if its true cos the pose is so dynamic and Ren is included in such a cute way :D And looking at the long working relationship between Nitro+CHiRAL and Kotobukiya, I think the figure will most likely be sculpted by them too. I hope he is a 1/8 size like the new version Akira and Shiki figures and that he isn’t an exclusive *fingers crossed*

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93 thoughts on “Goods: DRAMAtical Murder Aoba PVC Figure (Nitro+CHiRAL)”

  1. I’ve been waiting for him since he was first announced *v* I’m not at all familiar with nendo’s so his price seemed reasonable to me lol even with the shipping. Hope they won’t just stop at Aoba though I thought they were supposed to be making another PVC figure of one of the other characters too but heard no news on it (guess its a good thing or we’d be broke XD) but I’m sure when the anime is out merchandise for dmmd is likely to increase even if it turns out to be a train wreck like TnC was (because that also got a bunch of new merchandise). The thing I want to know though is where are the one coin chibi figures TAT! Even Sweet Pool got those…in a way.

  2. Naked top + ashamed face. Exposing this nendoroid other way would be a sin.
    (not even his figure can keep his clothes on, eh? xD)
    Great for them to release the pre order in his birthday!
    Now I expect a Noiz nendoroid, with a lot of cubes and cutes bunnys~

  3. i ordered him at nippon yassan cos he was cheaper than amiami :D
    i just hope that he magicaly fits into a small packet, cos i can’t afford anything else :/
    even parcel gets caught by customs so… if it doesn’t go to small packet i will have to cancel him when the time comes x.x

    1. I ordered him there too as I’d previously ordered the Aoba PVC figure from them and that was pretty damn big. I chose eco sal which despite his size was really cheap and didn’t get a custom for him because his value was marked incredibly low nowhere near the amount he cost. Not only that but he arrived a week after he’d been shipped so I think you’ll be pretty safe from customs but it depends on your country I guess but here in UK they like to slap a custom on near enough anything outside of Europe so I was amazed he got through. One thing I’ve found is that the cheapest shipped items often goes unnoticed whereas when I pay the expensive and fast shipping (like EMS which I avoid like the plague now) for items I get a custom fee that costs more or equal to what I already paid.

  4. I saw him on Amiami today!XQX
    i pre-ordered my doom lol;;;; it’s far away i have time to save!>v<
    He looks so amazing~!!<3

    1. @dandycorset: I ORDERED HIM TOO (;o;) our money… If I could, I would love to order 2 lol~ *greedy* The preorder bonus is such a nice thought too. I hope he sells really well :D

  5. Wow~~~ really loving the dynamic pose and all the hints to the semes combined into the figure. They definitely did not disappoint! But that price + the possibility of it being exclusive… ;A;

  6. It’s pretty cool for a figure but I don’t know him. hehe. good thing. XD I like the Tales releases of Altair this WF. :DD

    1. @banoni: Good for you! Cos this boy is expensive orz;;; Yeah the Tales of bishie prototype looks beautiful too! I don’t play the game so I have no idea who he is lol~ I do find him well sculpted.

  7. He’s the only one who looks good from the entire game (haven’t played it yet) but I was attracted to the catchy OP and his style matches that OP so well. Dayum, he’s a floating bishie! Must have for me too. But he might turned out to be an exclusive just like the Utapri petites…

    1. @urusaiii: I like the red one too, Koujaku cos of his Japaneseque fusion look lol~ Let’s all pray for general release. Exclusive will mean addiing at least 3000-5000 yen to the total orz.

  8. aw, god dam.
    thanks to a friend of mine i ended up watching a bunch of the game vids… and now i want the figure -_-
    i might even not buy the T&B GEMs… to save up the money for this one.

    pose wise, this one is much better than the taibani gems…

    1. @Shirokaze: lol~ welcome to the dark side XD Similar to you, if I only have money for the 2 Aoi no Exorcist boys or 1 Aoba, I’ll get Aoba cos of the awesome pose, sculpt and painting. Although it’ll hurt to not have the Aoi no Exorcist boys \(ToT \)

    2. @pony ya, the aoex boys look good, but i fking hate yukio -_- he’s an Ah*le -_-
      rin on the otherhand, is so cute :3
      but seriously now… i haz no money

    3. @Shirokaze: I love both boys! Yukio tries too hard :D but it isn’t his fault he got mislead and deceived.
      Well, priorities, priorities orz;;

  9. DETAILS!!! You can see lotsa items represents the Seme X’D
    Pipe : Kojyaku, Rabbit Cube : Noiz, Chain : Mink and an Umbrella : Clear
    this might cost a lot, but totally worth it >_<
    time to save money…

    1. @Yuki: Yep! The details are fantastic! And the red bird sillouettes too XD I’m going to be more selective of what I buy from now on, so that I can have enough budget when this goes up for preorder.

  10. This looks so good! They did a great job with the Aoba PVC Figure. Ren looks so cute! I hope other DRAMAtical Murder characters get there own PVC figure! >///<

    1. @ Ponytale

      Yes, it is epic! I can’t wait for the rest! >//< I'll be looking forward to the Noize, Ren, and Clear PVC figures if they ever think of making them! Also, Koujaku and Mink. It would also be interesting if they did Virus and Trip PVC figures. Now, I'm getting excited!

    2. @King Rein: They really outdid themselves this time :D I think many of us will be reorganising our priority on what figures to buy cos it cost so much much orz;;

  11. and looks good he does – dude those new pictures are phenomenal! like to the point i could cry

    so it’s 12k yen a piece? that’s it??? thank god, i was expecting something in the 300-500 lol

    1. >at least
      oh. lol crap, ran my mouth too soon augghghh

      i forgot the dollar sign in my previous post apparently: 300-500 was supposed to be in dollars

      also off-topic but would you happen to know where i can find someone who could do a pickup service at the the comiket event that’s happening in a few days from now??

    2. @Becki: Well, you can try Check her blog for updates. You can also try but I've not used her services before.

  12. It looks SO good.

    I’m hoping he’s a normal release though. But if he becomes exclusive, then I’ll still get him. But it’ll suck having to spend extra.

    BUT COME ON, NORMAL RELEASE PLEASE. save me some money -.-

  13. This figure is beyond amazing; I must have him *______*

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and information! Do you think his being made by Max Factory will make it more likely that he won’t be just an exclusive? I’ll be so sad if I can’t get him because I live in the US ;~;

  14. He’s is freaking gorgeous! The details are amazing and the pose is grand, I love it! Great guess on guessing which pose it was from, from only the snapshot!XD

    The price will kill me though, as once it’s converted and then all the other fees, it may come to 200.OTL

    1. @dandycorsets: Yeah hopefully he gets a general release including international stores. At that estimated price he’ll be incredibly expensive for me too if we had to go through a proxy.

  15. this is one of the most dynamic poses i’ve ever seen for a male figure…..but 12k yen? is that price confirmed??

  16. WOW! 12k yen!!!
    im so glad right now that im not an aoba fan x_x
    that’s a lot of money Dxxx
    but i gotta say the figure looks amazing. loving the pose and all the details in it.

    1. @Shirokaze: yeah… this will be my most expensive PVC statue-type figure to date when I get it. Not counting Medicom’s Real-action heroes of course :P Truly awesome sculpt and quality.

  17. omg o_o this worth the price. I need this one so hard @___@
    As I always miss the pre orders and all the beauty figures, I will probably just sit here and cry waiting for a e-bay list in the future =-=;;

    1. @Senkai: Since this is a BL figure, I don’t think he’ll sell out that quick… you should be fine! Let’s just hope it is not an exclusive orz;;

    2. @ponytale I hope so. If it’s excluisve I’ll give up the same time.

      For me is hard to buy in japanese stores, and the nearby store that usually do this for me was unable to help me the last time, so I had to pay almost 5 times the original Konoe Strap price to get it -_-‘l| (… Yeah, my Konoe cost me almost the same than this Aoba…)

      Even if this one is really a must have for my collection, I’m not paying 5 x more again XD No way.

    3. @ponytale After my favorite (and the best) figure store tell me they’re somehow unable to buy from GIFT (they even asked a partner living in Japan), I had to wait for a chance in e-bay.
      You know, e-bay is a trap, if the seller know the rarity/difficulty to get the item, they will bankrupt you.
      I spent 6 months checking it every week, and when it finaly appeared the seller wanted fuc**** 110 dollars for it. I bought it myself as a birthday gift, but only because it was Konoe.

      I usually have more lucky with e-bay, I had never paid more than 40 dollars for a limited item before, and I have some ones I’m really proud in my collection, but Konoe almost killed me.

      (But I have nothing to complain about the store that failed in got it from GIFT. I bought there almost all the Nitro+Chiral one coin figures with a really low price with then and they even gave me the boxes I asked @_@ I returned after weeks and the salesman came to me smilling and gave me Leaks’ card that I forgot to pick with the others!)

    4. @Senkai: Ah… Probably because Konoe plushie is GIFT store exclusive, that’s why they can’t buy it from them as a wholesaler? If not then it could be due to Konoe being out-of-stock when they tried to place the order. I remember reading that he sold out within a few hours after he went up on sale on GIFT’s online store. Konoe plushie is extra precious and special to you now I guess *hugs*

      Well, that’s pretty good service! :D

  18. I’ve never paid 12y for one figure before, but it’s totally worth it! Hope it’s for a month with nothing else – and I insist even more now that I know dat price *please don’t be exclusive!*. And Max Factory is a BIG surprise, they only do Sabers and other girls, but they do know how to make dynamic poses.

    1. @planck-chan: Me too! (Not counting real actions heroes) And I agree… totally worth the price (*q*) *prays for general release in international stores*
      Yeah… I did a quick count and found that Max Factory has a history about 700 figures and of that less than 50 are male (excluding kamen riders, monsters and non-human items) lol~

    2. Wow, that’s impressive statistics! Never knew they got this amount of figures, but I did know males were the very minor part. There’s also a Mikatan post about male nendos and figmas, as Max Factory also does them: but the only male nendo they made til now is a trap, Hayate!! XDDD

      Found two more pics of Aoba. this one’s from Max Joy’s twitter: – what a yummy angle!! XD and this looks good too:

    3. @planck-chan: Well, If they only show the male figures together it looks like there are a lot, but when you compare them with the number of girls they make…

      Lol~ gotta love Joy Max XD he knows what we fujoshi like to see XDD Thanks for sharing <33

  19. This looks awesome! I love the details on it and wow, this would probably be my most interesting figure when I get it. I’m curious when it’ll go up for PO! Cause I’ll def be getting this figure for sure even if it’ll cost me 12,000 yen! -.- Killer!

    1. @momo: yep yep! He has the most interesting pose I’ve seen in a male figure. I’m so glad they got Max Factory to make him. The face and painting looks exactly like Aoba in the illustration! <3 Much as I love Kotobukiya, their 1/10 Hakuouki boys were a little disappointing, especially when some of the chara faces were pretty off.

  20. *O* Aahh! So awesome news! Can’t wait for more pictures!
    I can’t believe wonderfest is in like a few days~ ;o;

    1. @dandycorsets: yeah… I decided to give the GK by onizuka seiji a miss this year. Out of budget (;_;) but I’m glad we managed to get their previous one, Joshua cos the posing is much more awesome than Nirvana :)

  21. holy moly, i am legit foaming in the mouth at this amazing piece of news. that figure WILL be mine even if it means me eating nothing but bread and water for the next 3 months

    thank you based nitro+, for forever jacking up my priorities!

  22. Yep, buying plushes and other cute small stuff using proxy is already a bleed for our wallets, imagine a full scale figure like him! So please it gotta be regular run! (I don’t wanna see those evil words “Animate exclusive” tagging my wished items again!!) I just can’t wait for this WonFes, I’d love to see chibi figures (if not full scale) of Kuroko no Basket, won’t they explore this mine of gold? But really, Aoba is the most awaited!

    1. @planck-chan: Wow so tempting to get! *_* The GK looks fab! I don’t think I have the skills to make it look so good orz;;; but the fundoshi chibi will be finished product so its not a bad thing if we want to get it. :D What a great idea huh! All the chibi one-coins in fundoshi lololol~

    2. @planck-chan: I think Kuroko no Basket will get its share of goods and figures considering its popularity. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! Maybe preorder for Aoba figure would be available for December with a release date in Feb 2012?

  23. Gotta save up some money….While making my shopping list for the GiftxAnimate goodies…and the Artbook will be released at Comiket too (I think it was written somwhere)? Gosh, can’t they wait until the fangirls have money again? ;U;

    1. @Sug: Yeah now that you mentioned it, the DMMd artbook will be sold during comiket too. I’m waiting for more items to be announced for GiftxAnimate goodies, apparently there’ll also be new sweet pool and Naitou goodies :D

  24. im not sure if i’ll be getting this figure even if its a standard edition.
    i’m just not an aoba fan and i’ve never really liked futuristic sets/designs.

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