Goods: Death Note Nendoroid Petit Case File #1 (Goodsmile)

Death Note Nendoroid Petit 1
A quick post to go KYAAA~ about.

Death Note Case File #1 Box.

These Death Note chibis will be available for sale in October 2009. There are 10 figures + 1 secret to collect. Pre-order will open on 7 July 2009. Accessories included with each character are detachable, for example, Wataru’s hat, L and Light’s handcuffs etc. Each comes with a mini-stand and is about 65mm tall.

Damage: 6,000 Yen per box of 12 figures (I think is random? Not sure cos I’ve not bought full boxes of Nendoroid Petit before)

There’ll be a release for other characters (such as mello and the rest of the gang) in “Death Note Case File #2” Box which is currently in the works. ^^

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6 thoughts on “Goods: Death Note Nendoroid Petit Case File #1 (Goodsmile)”

  1. klo mo bli action figure death note yg bgus n murah d kota bandunk d mna yy tmpatnya…?

  2. I prefer L in bigger nendo version. (that is including ryuk too)
    Yea, they have Rem too…

    Not yet. Cannot afford to poke more holes in my savings :D

    1. Hehe bigger L’s expressions are priceless XD the nendoroid petit made him look really cute tho’ Ah~ I oso need to control my spending too. The forced savings plan I signed up for in the beginning of the year is helping (^^)

  3. hee hee hee, my cousin told me about this.
    well i think this is pretty cute, but i’m not gonna put it in my wishlist.

    i just wait for another series of nendoroid petit (from zetsubo or junjyo perhaps?)

    1. I find that this series of Nendoroid petit so much cuter than the Haruhi ones. The boys don’t look wierd here. I think both L and Light are cuter than their bigger Nendoroid versions XD I’ll most probably be getting this set and the next one that’s coming out. And finally they have Rem too ^^

      I think Zetsubou Sensei isn’t likely to get a Nendoroid Petit version unless his Nendoroid sells crazily well? If Junjou’s Chara-Ani limited does well, maybe we might get to buy the full set of characters. Are you going to get your Japan contact to buy the Junjou ones? I’m quite sure they’ll be quite rare in the future.

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