Goods: Dakimakura with arms that hug you back (Hugging Pillow)

Probably the first in the market? Nitro+ strikes again…

Although the dakimakura is not from Nitro+Chiral, the Boy’s Love department which gave us manly semi-nude mousepads… with the increased popularity of male hugging cushions lately, you never know ^^

By the way, Super Sonico is Nitro+ (Ero games) mascot.

Title: Super Sonico Hugging Pillow (Cover and mini wrist pillow set)
すーぱーそに子 抱かれ枕 (抱き枕カバー + 腕用ミニ枕2本付属セット)
Price: 10,500 Yen (w/tax) (15% discount here)
Available: August 2011 (preorder period 1 – 16 June 2011 only)
Size: 160 x 50 cm

The designs front and back. Isn’t that a rather Yaoi pose.

Hugged by the cushion!

Hmm what do you think? I think as long as the illustration is done well, I’m ok with male dakimakuras that come with arms too LOL~ XD But I think this requirement will limit design possibilities.

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12 thoughts on “Goods: Dakimakura with arms that hug you back (Hugging Pillow)”

  1. Mmmmm certainly, the back pose creeps me.. But’s it’s ok, I think o.o, if you like girl dakimakura xP.

    Yes, male dakimakura with arms, please! XD

    1. @Nicky: Lol~ there’s an even creepier dakimakura released last year (I think) of a “cult-classic” Bara Yaoi male character. They give you an extra cotton piece to insert into the area where the male character’s crotch is on the dakimakura cover OTL;; but it’s quite funny too.

  2. Personally that would rub a bit the “weird” factor for me and, the fact my friends would freak out about it as well and assume some bad things, would definitely keep me away from it.
    Tl; dr: looks fun but wouldn’t buy it.

    Also, they keep making sonico’s face more and more big-eyed-moe-loli : |
    I used to like her a lot but now she’s just coming off as awkward with the mix of face + huge, sexy woman’s body.

    1. @Oru: Yes it is weird :P I’ll still buy it if its a male character I like but probably won’t be using it. I’m definitely not going to buy this Sonico cover ^^;;

      Yeah sadly her face will continue to change to suit demands of male otaku who buy her merchandise.

  3. LOL can you imagine hug Akira like this? And the slut version, without pants and maybe yshirt opened a lil to show off nipples *smirk*

    Anyway open arms could represent be opened or be surrendered, so I think it’s more obvious for male otakus have a girl dakimakura like this.

  4. If they were to make a male version of this dakimakura, I don’t mind hugging some guys from Nitro+Chiral. XD
    But sadly it seemed like the price will be expensive too… OTZ

    1. @maku: Well it is not the usual stuff so paying more is understandable. Tho I would rather they keep them affordable ^^;; imagine if all N+C characters are published as dakimakura. We’ll all be bankrupt except N+C. lol~ well, unless they space out their production ^^;;

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