Goods: Ciel Phantomhive incarnated in the form of… (Kuroshitsuji x Azone)

A 1/6 doll! (Again)

Season 2 of Kuroshitsuji, The Black Butler (黒執事) anime may have ended but the manga and related goods sure are still going on strong. Azone International will now make 1/6 sized dolls of Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis!

What do you think of Ciel’s Azone doll? I find him rather cute ^^ He has nicely detailed clothes and accessories. He was first revealed during a Doll Show in Japan sometime in August/September 2010. Compared with the Dal version, which do you prefer?

I’m still waiting eagerly for prototype photos of their Sebastian doll. Azone usually has no major issues when it comes to cute/boyish/girly dolls but their adult male dolls? Hmm… I wonder.

As for Ciel’s doll, pre-orders have opened recently.

Title: Kuroshitsuji Ciel Phantomhive 1/6 doll (Normal Edition)
Damage: 12,000 yen (Get it from Hobbysearch since they have the best discount)
Available: Late December
Scale: 1/6 (Height 21cm)
Series: Asterisk Collection Series
Head: hair implanted soft vinyl head
Main body: Obitsu 21cm boy body whity
Costume: second season outfit and shoes (black x white)
Accessories: heirloom ring, cane, skin color hand part x 3, black glove hand part x 4

Additional info: There’s a limited edition of him that has different accessories and clothing from the normal edition. Evil, isn’t it?

Title: Kuroshitsuji Ciel Phantomhive 1/6 doll (HobbyJapan Limited Edition)
黒執事II シエル・ファントムハイヴ 裏仕事Ver.
Damage: 14,700 yen (w/tax)
Preorder deadline: 10 December 2010
Available: March~April 2011 (OUT-OF-PRINT)
Note: You’ll need a middleman/forwarding service to get this version.

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25 thoughts on “Goods: Ciel Phantomhive incarnated in the form of… (Kuroshitsuji x Azone)”

  1. Maybe the dolls r on amazon I really want one I also really want a sabastain doll I can’t wait till I’m 18 cause the I can do any thing I want like my sis will get a tatoo ( I spelt that wrong I think) but the I would buy them
    The dolls and I would be happy

    1. @Faith: I think tattoos can look beautiful but I’m too fickle minded to commit one design on my body permanently ^^;; I’ll get tired of it very soon and regret lol~

      Anyway, I believe you’ll be able to get your hands on the dolls you like some day! :D

  2. Omg love this doll I need to k ow where to get on same with the subastaun doll some one please tell me where :(tell me also they need to make alios doll cuz that was a good season of black butler but they really need to make a third season or I’m gonna die so please tell me where to buy it and some one make a third season of black butler

  3. omg upon finding this page my heart nearly exploaded. this doll has such fantastic detail! i hate to say, but better than the dal x.x aaaah I WANT AN ALOIS NOW PLEASE ;o;

    1. @kiku: Some people like Dal dolls but I personally prefer this one ^^ I’m looking forward to Sebastian and the rest of the boys too. And I agree… we MUST have an Alois.

  4. Hi,
    he is such a cute doll. I managed to order the limited edition version.
    So happy I did, the stock was gone in a couple of days.
    Cant wait to get him, its gonna be a hard decision wheather to unpack him or not :P
    Considering buying the standard edition too, supriseingly he’s been in stock so many places afther he’s realese.
    Currently Im impatiantly waiting for Sebastian.. :)

    1. @Irkencat: I’m waiting for Sebby too :3 They’re taking such a long time with him so I hope he looks really good! I think Limited Edition Ciel is worth getting… :D I’m surprised that the normal edition is still in stock too. I also thought he would also be sold out as soon as he was released. Anyway, I ordered him OTL;;

  5. @ponytale – ahaha, azone cosplaying ciel, but i mean, that’s the thing though, Ciel already has a childish (girly) character design, but the azone doll is even more innocent looking than the actual character. the doll is cute by itself, but i just feel like as a replica of a character it didn’t follow the original in close enough detail. I just don’t want a toned down, innocent asami (shudder~) I mean, the RAH Kirihara naoto doll was amazing, that did justice to kirihara naoto’s face (and jacket, that jacket was mind blowing).

    1. @iced_wine: yeah, probably the only way they can make their faces look like the original character would be to make a PVC head for the figure/doll. :D Indeed. Naoto RAH sure is one fine specimen of a handsome manly doll that is very close to the original design! XD So far Medicom Toy has done a lovely job making their anime dolls. Lelouch and Death Note were great too.

  6. @iced_wine – I think Ciel’s face is quite cute and doesn’t deviate too much from my expectation. Although he doesn’t really look like his original character design. It’s like the Azone doll cosplaying Ciel lol~ But I find that the longer I look at him the more he grows on me :P

    I’m also not too hopeful about their supposed to be manly dolls like Sebastian and Asami. I think earliest they might release a prototype of Asami maybe March next year? I think that’s the point you see.. cos this Asami doll order cannot be cancelled and the cut off date for ordering him is December *shrugs*

    So keeping fingers crossed on them. I mean even if I can’t own them, I would love to enjoy the eye candy :D

  7. if this is the company that’s doing the asami doll, i’m worried….because frankly, the face sculpt is not mind blowing (as far as i can tell for this ciel figure), and it would need to be for the asami doll to worth over 1000USD….*sigh* i wish they would release a pic of the prototype….

  8. @ponytale

    Whoa i forgot about this comment sorry! (saw the trailer in the togainu no chi episode; recent release.)


    *o* Whoa!! So downloading!!! XD
    Thank you!!

  9. @Pony @Sigma:

    Sorry to butt in guys haha, I think you’re talking about the live action Kuroshitsuji musical, right? You can download the entire thing via torrent through here:

    Just hover over the words here or here for the link to the torrent. :) The musical is amazingly epic and insanely hysterical, especially Grell/Takuya(actor) in his red, sexy lingerie! And oh does he know how to dance–work that pole and shake that ass, baby! lol. Totally worth the watch! :D

    Some incentive: ;)

    Whoops, sorry for the rant but do enjoy if you get around to watching it. ^^;

    1. @Jima: lol no worries XD Thanks for sharing that link. I can’t torrent OTL;;; but I’ll look out for the file. Maybe get the DVD if I can :D

      That’s Grell? XDDD that’s some smexy ass!!

  10. Omg Pony, you know your stuff, an you explained things so well! I love your descriptions on the type of dolls.^^
    I was wondering what they were made of i didn’t think it was the same stuff as PVC material…no wonder there so expensive! X_X

    I’d have to check out the Samurai Champloo dolls i didn’t know they had poseable eyes too!

    Sigh i can’t wait to get my hands on a RAH someday. The Hei one is super, I’m betting he’s going to be real expensive though…

    The Taeyang doll i got was Lunatic Rabbit.
    Bad photos i took of it.;

    ~~~”I read somewhere that Taeyang doll is Pullip doll’s -boyfriend- (LOL… like Barbie and Ken?) LOLLOL~”

    lol XD

    Yea definitely Ceils pullip doll is really pouty it’s still cute in a way but not enough for me to consider buying him at all. To much pout! XD
    I really want to get a Sebby one but wow these dolls are expensive. If i save up i’d want to get either
    or next but not anytime soon.;;;

    Did you see the dramatic live action play commercial of Kuroshitsuji yet?? XD

    1. @sigma: Yeah, the bodies should be similar ^^ plastic heh… I’ll do a comparison post when I have the time and chance. I’m incredibly busy these two weeks.

      Let’s hope we can all get our hands on RAH Hei. It’s been a long while since I had such a big crush on an anime character ^^;;; (but not obsessive kind, fortunately)

      Ah Lunatic Rabbit! That’s a quirky but awesome Taeyang! I love it XD Your photos look great! I like the Taeyang range X3 And your boy looks like such a angel sitting beside him *hearts*

      Both dolls on your links are handsome :D I would get the second one if I only had moolah for one.

      Lol~ nope not yet… you have the link to that video? lol~

  11. @ponytale: Yeah, I hope Azone can pull off the manly look for those manly characters haha. I would love to buy that Asami doll too but heck, I doubt I can dish that much moola for him, too pricey! TwT

    I agree, I was a bit too disappointed Medicom did not make a Suzaku RAH to accompany Lelouch/Zero. Argh! I would have loved a Lloyd RAH too! >.>;

    OH man, somehow I honestly hope Hei won’t be released near Christmas (preferably next year), I have several figure pre-orders that would just kill my wallet if I add any more to it XD;; Then again, having Hei be released near Christmas would be amazing–the faster he’s in our lusty, greedy little hands the better, I say! 8D

    And I own several Medicom RAH’s: Lelouch, Zero, Light, L, Ryuk, Misa, Roy Mustang, Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Captain Harlock, And I think that’s about it… (brain isn’t fully functional since I just woke up so I might have missed one lolol)

    But good to know you’re also a major Medicom RAH fan and collector! ^^

    1. @Jima: Yeah… I think Asami is hot but… a thousand bucks is… =_=;;; and the fact that there isn’t even a prototype makes this a risky buy. Definitely strictly for die hard fans with the cash. lol~

      Ah~ indeed. A friend said maybe Suzaku isn’t as popular (especially due to his role in the anime) so they didn’t expect him to sell as well as Lelouch… as for Lloyd, he is a side character so I guess the chance of him being made into a RAH is very low… hehehe what a dilemma right? We want these RAH to be released soon but $$$ is always a big concern.

      Wow that’s an awesome collection! I have Lelouch, Zero, Light, L, Naoto, Naoya, Chun Li (Regular edition) and Gin (Regular Edition) X3

  12. I’ve been keeping an eye out for this doll since it was first revealed. I think this doll is simply gorgeous, everything from head to toe is spot on. I’m also looking forward to seeing how Azone will make Sebastian. ^^

    I’m not usually a big fan of Azone dolls since I don’t really like that comb-able hair they give them and whatnot and the too cutesy faces their dolls have (but they’re still very pretty though, don’t get me wrong haha.). To be honest, I would have preferred and loved for Medicom to make Ciel and Sebastian dolls–they would have done a much better job and Medicom dolls are on my ally of what I look for in dolls sculpt-wise. Their sculpts and faces stay true to the characters and I can clearly say that because their previous dolls like Lelouch and Zero and the Death Note dolls all look stunning. Heck I can’t wait until they release their Hei (Darker Than Black) doll–he looks amazing! ^^

    But yes, that’s just my opinion because I’m such a huge fan of Medicom RAH’s haha.

    1. @Jima: I’m looking forward to Azone’s Sebastian too. I’m thinking if they can do Sebastian’s face well, they’ll probably be able to pull off their 60cm doll of Asami Ryuichi from Viewfinder manga. I’m not planning to buy Asami doll (friggin $1000 bucks) but I really love to see Azone do a manly doll well.

      I’m also a big fan of RAH dolls and I agree that Medicom Toy’s head sculpts for their anime character dolls are perfect! I also own a number of them (couldn’t resist such a handsome L and Raito and oh Lelouch!!! I love him to death! He is my favourite Medicom Toy doll.) The only regretful thing is that they didn’t make Suzaku and other Code Geas characters. *sigh*

      You’ll be sure that I’ll definitely get my hands on Sebby and Ciel if they were ever made into RAH XD And Hei is also an instant get for me if his preorder opens! I have a strong feeling it’ll be near Christmas time and I pray that he is not exclusive *_* and even if he is I will do my best to get him.

      What Medicom RAHs do you have? :D

    1. @sigma: Woah, which Taeyang doll did you get your hands on? Your doll family is growing! XD

      Yeah, it wouldn’t be right if they didn’t do Ciel’s eye like that :3 YEP I think Taeyang Sebastian looks pretty awesome! Pullip Grell looks great too! I considered getting Taeyang Sebastian and would have preferred it if they made Taeyang Grell instead of Pullip Grell. But then, I read somewhere that Taeyang doll is Pullip doll’s -boyfriend- (LOL… like Barbie and Ken?) LOLLOL~

      I think DAL Ciel‘s face is too cubby and pouty, so I prefer this Azone Ciel as well. You’re definitely right about these dolls growing on you ^^;;; when I first saw the pics of Ciel’s doll, I didn’t feel very strongly about it but he looked cuter and cuter to me as I wrote the blog post OTL;;;

      The main difference between these dolls are their companies (Azone and Medicom Toy) and the range of dolls they make. Generally speaking, all the doll bodies are made of similar PVC/plastic material. They have some differences in other parts of the bodies like the heads and eyes.

      All Pullip, Taeyang and DAL dolls have glass/acrylic eyes. Similar to bigger sized ball-jointed dolls.

      The eyes of Azone dolls in Ciel’s size (Pure Neemo) are painted on but if I’m not wrong, they also make dolls in bigger sizes that have acrylic eyes tho.

      Both companies that make these dolls give them “comb-able” hair. ^^ Kinda similar to Barbie dolls hehe But if I’m not wrong, Taeyang/Pullip/DAL hair is like a wig while hair for Azone‘s Pure Neemo is inserted/weaved into the scalp.

      Most of the time, their heads don’t differ too much from the usual doll heads created by the company. Personally, I feel that these dolls are cosplaying the original characters by having the “right” hairstyles, clothes and accessories lol~

      RAH dolls on the other hand have head sculpts that are tailor-made and sculpted like the original characters. So generally, they look more faithful to the original character design. The only drawback is that their hair is usually part of the head sculpt created and not “comb-able” like Taeyang/Pullip/Azone dolls.

      Most of the time, eyes of RAH dolls are also painted on, similar to this Azone Ciel too. The only RAH I know about that has glass (or movable/pose-able) eyes is one of the later released RAH Batman. Samurai Champloo dolls by Triad Toys also have pose-able eyes too.

      @hiroshichan: yeah that doll is teenager sized ^^ The over-coat and hat only comes with limited edition Ciel. Very pretty huh.

  13. Aww it is cute~

    I’m glad he has his other eye because when i saw pictures of him with the eye patch i didn’t really see the other eye!;;
    I don’t like his Dal version but i recently got my hands of one of those (taeyang ones) an i must say i would love to buy a sebby/griel one someday. There freaking cute an grow on ya~!XD

    I’m not so sure about these type of dolls though. (not used to seeing them;) From far away the detail looks really good an you can tell his age. The outfit is nice too.

    Can you tell me the difference between this type of doll an RAH type dolls(figure)? Is it just what it’s made of that makes it different?

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