Goods: Chiral Gakuen one-coin chibi figures! (Kotobukiya, Togainu no Chi, Lamento, Sweet Pool)

Keisuke: Err… Close my eyes? You want to take my money (to buy those chibis)? After that you’ll tell me where Akira is? Ah… okay ^^

First part of Chiral Gakuen chibis are up for pre-order! And there are some changes from the prototype we saw in February :)

Title: Nitro+ Chiral Gakuen – The first limit (ニトロプラス キラル学園 1限目)
Price: 6000 Yen for box of 10 figures (including the secret). Total 12 figures to collect because of the colour variations.
Available: September 2011
Preorders open at all your fav figure stores :)

How evil… will have to keep my fingers crossed to get both designs in 2 boxes. Yeah… I’m planning to buy 2 OTL;; And the awesome thing is… Akira’s headphones are removable! :D So getting extras of him are okay cos we can use those headphones on other characters :3 With this I FORESEE a Naitou-kun in the very near future as probably an exclusive >_>

I’m not too concerned about getting both versions of Motomi tho :P Either one is fine.

What a difference colour makes :3 Very beautiful!

Love Rin’s tooth. Bardo’s pose looks strange tho.

A rare smiley Youji! And Makoto is always such a joy to see :3

Can’t wait for their 2nd Limit release so that our couples can be completed.

And the secret is Kurosuke… (update in case you’re not familiar. Kurosuke is Keisuke‘s berserk side after he takes Line, a performance enhancing drug in Togainu no Chi) I’m a little disappointed cos I was hoping for Sweet Pool’s Kamiya-sensei or Kitani :( But maybe I shouldn’t lose hope since there’s still 2nd Limit secret to look forward to XD

Last update: 6 Feb 2011

Chiral Gakuen Chibi

Keisuke, we’re looking forward to seeing you in colour too! :D

Revealed at Wonderfest (2011) Winter, we can look forward to more Nitro+Chiral chibi figures designed by Yupon-sensei this year!

Title: Nitro+ Chiral Gakuen – The first limit (ニトロプラス キラル学園 1限目) and
Nitro+ Chiral Gakuen – The second limit (ニトロプラス キラル学園 2限目)
Damage: should be around 5,500 Yen (w/o tax) for 1 box of 10 figures.

These are the prototype figures of the one-coins by Kotobukiya. For the first set, there will be a secret figure of a character that has NEVER been made into a figure before! :D Is it Kamiya-sensei from Sweet Pool? He definitely fits the Gakuen school theme of this one-coin set! The following shows Togainu no Chi’s 咎狗の血 Akira and Keisuke :3

Chiral Gakuen Chibi

That’s Chibi Gakuen version Rin as a student and Motomi, who is a teacher if I’m not wrong.

Chiral Gakuen Chibi

These are the chibi illustrations they’re based on. Slight change to Keisuke’s face :D

Chiral Gakuen Chibi

And that’s Sakiyama Youji and Mita Makoto from Sweet Pool :D

Chiral Gakuen Chibi

Lamento boys, Konoe Leaks, Rai and Bardo. To get an idea of what design the Lamento boys are based on, check out this post :) But where is my megane Asato???

Chiral Gakuen Chibi

Another pic of grouchy Rai keke.

Chiral Gakuen Chibi

Illustrations used as reference for the chibi figures.

Chiral Gakuen Chibi

If there’s only one type of secret figure, then it means we can get the whole set of 10 chibi characters with just one box of one-coins. Love ya Kotobukiya :D

Update! Thanks to the heads-up from planck-chan, I think this poster CONFIRMS that we can expect a part-two to this release because it’ll include the other boys’ Gakuen versions! Including Shiki from Togainu, Shironuma Tetsuo from sweet pool and megane Asato from Lamento! DOUBLE YAY!

Chiral Gakuen Chibi

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85 thoughts on “Goods: Chiral Gakuen one-coin chibi figures! (Kotobukiya, Togainu no Chi, Lamento, Sweet Pool)”

  1. ^^ if you have puzzles you can take the cardboard box of it…take white color or wallpaper and other colors, wood,glue and bolts and lock for the front of the box…ist many work but you can make it with your ideas^^

  2. Yes, I have three boxes all self-made^^ ( a brown box, a red box and a purple box) but, the boxes are full -.-……

  3. @Levi
    wow, we got them on the same day =D
    i got them both normal edition lol
    but i wanted akira normal edition anyways *-*
    (i dislike pink xd)
    and i dont care much for motomi xd

    1. @Shirokaze: I haven’t got round to opening mine ^^;; will probably do so over the weekend! I don’t mind any but like Levi, I would love to have the full set.

  4. Yeah, I was surprised too, as the official date is later than that. But I was too late to order them from, animate or elsewhere (there were sold out whereever I searched), so I got them from Rakuten^^

    I’m so curious which versions are included in the box, but I dunno if I can talk my friend into opening them and taking photos for me XD

    1. @Sug: I read that their release date was brought forward. Hehehe… if you can’t wait I guess that’s the best solution to find out which ones you got XDD

  5. My proxy got the box yesterday *A* But it will take some time for me to get them, since they will be bundled with other items… ;U;

  6. I have preorder one set of Box 1 and one set of box 2. When the problem is, if I preorder two boxes of both volumes and in both boxes the same version of the two-Version-figures…is it bad. I hope I can the 4 two-Vesion-Figures buy in the internet. :-(

    1. @Nabi: if that happens we can try to trade with other collectors too ^^ but of course it’ll be best if we can get both versions if we ordered 2 boxes. So good luck to us all!

  7. Oh, I’m so going to order one set *A*
    But damn, those rare versions – I had enough trouble in getting white Y-Shirt Akira off ebay/online stores (luckily, I had the striped version in my set, whic hwas more expensive) >_< And now they are including two additional versions *sigh* If you are not lucky and get the same versions twice (and when I don't have that one) I'll totally buy one from you XD

  8. @ponytale : ano nee~ there’s this 2 shops in my country who provides anime things~ , manga and figures~ >:D but nee… there’s not much of the figures that sold there so they said they can handle international ship and I think i’m gonna buy this figure there~ >:D its called “Hobby Japan” and the other store name is “Animachi” :D but they are rarely seen in mall… =.=” and for manga I usually search in Kinokuniya! :D

  9. @ponytale LOL!! XDDD i dunno but i guess i’ll try to pre-order it and make all of them mine!! XDDD where can I pre-order it? :D

  10. LO-LOVELYYYYYYY!! KEI-CHAN YOUR SMILE IS JUST MAKE ME WANT TO UGH!! *save the pocket for safety* aki-chan is just SO CUTE with OMURICE in his mouth!!! >___________________< thanks for telling me! i'm sure to buy this when i get money for my b'day next month!! XDDD

  11. Yeah, I want the limited editions…so maybe I’ll order a second set later. Aw…I can’t wait for the second version to be released :D

    1. @momo: Me too but I’ll order the 2nd set of 1st limit separately… I’m hoping I might get another batch of figures and probably raise some chances in getting the different figures ^^;; Can’t wait for 2nd limit!

  12. They’re so cute. Right when I saw them up on amiami, I ordered it right away. Then I was like…SHOULD I ORDER TWO? But then…I should save for other stuffs too ;___;

    Aw and I’m crossing my finger too for double Aki and the rare version.

    UGH. But I really want SHIKI and TETSUOOOOOO. >__> MUST wait for second set! Must have my Tetsuo x Youji…OTP <3

    1. @momo: I ordered one first and will order another set later. Each set will only have 1 type of Akira and 1 type of Motomi. So there’s no getting around it :( Second Limit should be available Nov/Dec period. That’s my guess. Preorders maybe to open in July?

  13. Nah, I didn’t buy them, I try to keep myself to spend only money in fandoms I’m in or related stuff.
    Though I did spend on other stuff (useless stuff) and so I’m pretty broke.

    Also, reading what you wrote… You reckon the preorders for the 2nd Limit batch will come any time soon? I thought they’d be like… for this year winter or after, idk.

  14. Aah I love this version of Keisuke! He looks so innocent and cute, I can’t help to think of him saying ‘Nyaan~’ with that kind of expression… @w@

    1. @hirochan: And he’ll go: Akiraaa~ here you go… your lunch bento! And Akiraa will go… why is there a funny looking shape (heart-shape) in the bento? And totally miss the point :D

  15. Nooo, I’m moneyless!…. And I kinda liked Keiske with open eyes better but they are all equally adorable.
    See, this is bad as I already have too many one-coins all lined up XD

    Will see if my mother can lend me -more- money.

    1. @Oru: Yeah, he is so sweet :3 the closed eyes version is based on the original illustration. Would’ve been nice if they included an extra head since their heads are removable now.

      Oh you ordered all the other yugioh one-coins huh… :D There are 2 sets right?

  16. Awwwww me wants! Akira looks totally adorable, and smilling Youji is such an event xDDDDDD. I wonder how would look kotobukiya Kurosuke? Maybe he’s Keisuke’s evil twin in Chiral Gakuen xD

    1. @Asamisa: Hehe in the Chiral Cafe drama cd, Keisuke becomes very upset and turns into Kurosuke again. I think “Kurosuke” has been hiding inside Keisuke’s psyche all along. Line kinda brought it up to the surface and magnified his presence. So yeah, he is Keisuke’s evil twin XD Yu-pon’s Kurosuke is cute too… I’m sure I’ve seen it before. Just don’t remember which artbook it came from. *_* I could be wrong tho. I’ll see if I can find it.

  17. wow i’m not a fan of sweet pool’s character designs but those chibi figures are soooo cute. love keisuke and akira in gakuen uniforms, and that expression looks like italy from hetalia!

  18. …wait, i’m confused, is kurosuke keisuke?
    i was so hoping the secret could be arbitro’s slave dog/boy (forgot his name)….

    1. @iced_wine: Yep, Kurosuke is Keisuke after he has taken the drug, Line and then goes all berserk on everybody who comes across his path, especially poor Akira ^^;;

      AH! Yes, I forgot! He is Kau… He wasn’t in Chiral Gakuen if my memory serves me right. But let’s keep our fingers crossed. He would be awesome as a yu-pon style figgy!

    1. @planck-chan: Totally XD I’m wonder when they’re releasing 2nd Limit for preorder. I’ll wait for a bit and see if I can order them together XD

  19. Thank you for your answers ponytale & iced_wine

    If the figures /trigun & starry sky) gives ( in the future) only in japanese shops…could become difficult to got the figures ( by starry sky zodiac figures also too….and by the clamp mobile fes more than…..and some clamp in 3d land vol. too, because rar)….

    And chiral gakuen….will be limited…and this is difficult too….

    1. @Nabi: Garage Kit figures are very rare since they’re not mass produced. So if you miss it, it’s highly unlikely you can get it later.

      Other general release figures by larger companies usually go out of print after a while too. If the series or figure is -extremely- popular, they may get a rerun 1 to 2 years later. Clamp in 3D series was released to commemorate their anniversay so I guess you can consider that as limited editions. Usually these don’t get reruns after the initial release ends.

      Is Chiral Gakuen limited? Do you have the source information? cos I haven’t heard updates about it since the announcement in WF.

    1. @Nabi: Thanks iced_wine for answering the queries :) I’ve been rather busy over the weekend. Those two figgies are probably collaboration garage kits, so if I’m not wrong, they’re not for mass production/general release.

  20. @Nabi – the starry sky ones look like it’s going to be open for pre-order in the summer of 2011, 630yen a piece, no exact month specified…

    but are those gintama boy nendoroids i see couple pics up? o0o0o0o boy figures~~~~~

    1. @iced_wine: If I’m not wrong, those are not Gintama nendoroids. They’re Megahouses PVCs of their chibi form called the Gemini series.

  21. Unfortunately I did not get any of the re-releases. Just the original set. Somehow I did end up with a second set of Chiral Forest….I’m not even sure how that happened. It is a curious thought though. I mean the white military chibi’s are distinctivly more detailed then the previous ones, so the re-releases of the others could be too. Dunno.

    1. @Nagara9: lol~ were you trying to get the 2 versions of Y-shirt Akira? Hmm, yeah I think the white military Akira chibi probably had a new mold because they had to sculpt his removable head. That’s why I’m really curious if they would do something to the re-release. But if there isn’t any much difference then there’s no point in getting an extra set since I already have it.

  22. I like how they always keep Keisuke’s personality of adoring Akira in little details. :D

    So these are still just sneak peaks right? I wonder when’s the official release date. Plus, I wonder if there are any N+C one-coin chibi figures’ prices that are lowered. Do these figures usually come in singles or two’s of sets?

    I’d love to purchase a figure soon! Something preferably below 2, 000 Yen (which is about 74 Malaysian ringgit.. 1 Yen is 24 Malaysian bucks, omg =___=)… I feel poor lol.

    (is currently exploring the world of shopping Japanese merchandise lol)

    1. @hirochan: Yeah :) it makes Keisuke so endearing.

      Yep, sneak peaks ^^ so they won’t be available so soon. Expecting them to open preorders in 2~3 months’ time. Usually it comes as a box of 10 figures. If you want to buy separately, there’s no guarantee that you can get the exact figure you what. That’s why they’re called trading figures :)

      You probably got the exchange rate mixed up :)
      1 Malaysia Ringgit is about 27 Yen. Try this currency converter:;to=JPY;amt=1

  23. definitely excited about this set~~!!! what do you think are the chances that we’ll be able to get a set? I mean, is this a limited edition thing or a mass general public thing?

    1. @iced_wine: So far for one-coin sets of 10, kotobukiya has never done limited editions before, so I’m hopeful and relatively sure they’ll be for general release. Mass production and sales probably earn them more moolah. There’s a lot more effort to sculpt all these variety of figures in each set, so I don’t think there’s economic sense to make them limited edition :P That’s my rationale.

      The Togainu military white version one-coin sets are based on designs already released but given a different coat of paint. It’s the first time they have one-coin limited edition probably because their counterpart white PVC 1/8 versions are also limited sets for Animate Japan.

  24. This aggravates me… I just bought the third nitro release ones and they’re already making gakuen versions?
    Those bastards D:

    These are just way too adorable to pass out though. Keisuke and Rin are way too cute to be true, aha.
    Guess it’s time to sell another kidney, hmm….

    1. Oru: XD Those lovely bastards! OMG you’ve sold your kidney??? lol~ I’m so glad they’re making new versions rather than just re-releasing the old designs. YAY. Hopefully they give us their yutaka or cafe versions in the future!

  25. My poor wallet! ;A; Arg.

    A characters of whom there was no figure until now?
    Could be Kamiya-sensei, Kau, Aoba (Dmmd)…or maybe Naitou? XD

    1. @Sug: Yea not one set but two! XD our poor wallets! I think Dmmd may not be in time to make the set but who knows hehe.. Ooo I would love to have those other three definitely.

    1. @Levi: They’re not out yet. Those are the prototypes to make us salivate! lol~ I’ll post when news is up. I think we can probably expect preorders for them around March~June 2011 ^^

  26. I’m pretty sure they’ll make asecond set. They seem to be missing some key players. Not to mention the figures are based off a sticker set, which has about twice this many designs. (these illustrations do have the teacher from sweet Pool, so I bet he’s the secret)
    I hope they keep making these things though. I really love them! Keisuke with the bento is to die for!

    1. @Nagara9: XD yay it’s awesome they’re doing new chibis in 2011! Btw, did you buy an extra set of the re-released Togainu no Chi one-coins? I’m curious about the quality but I don’t want to buy another set cos I already have 2.

      Yeah, and Akira didn’t get WHY there’s a “funny (heart-shape) thing” on the rice. OTL;;; The poor boy (Keisuke).

    1. @planck-chan: Ah~ that’s an awesome report! Thanks for sharing! The poster confirms that there is a 2-part release that includes Shiki in another set of 10 figures! And it includes Tetsuo and megane Asato + Shiki too! XDD YAY!

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