Goods: Bra and bath accessories for figma (Akiyama Nozomi Sekirara)

Figma Akiyama Nozomi

Ooo~ bath accessories and a bra this time! :D

These accessories come with Figma Akiyama Nozomi (秋山望美) from an 18+ eroge (H-game) called Sekirara. Once again, if not for the accessories, I probably won’t buy this figure.

The rubber ducky is cute and lol~ bra… this is cos the character in question is a loli who is only 138cm tall, petite and has small breasts ^^ Now we need a bath tub included with a figma next time so that we can use it for Sweet Pool or something XD

The character’s face is very cute too :) I like her green hair! Reminds me of Minami Iwasaki from Lucky Star… also a mint-green haired girl… who also has a small breasts complex! Hey… is it an unspoken stereotype that green-haired characters have small breasts? ^^;;;

Damage: 3000 Yen (w/tax) More expensive than usual figma releases due to the extras.

Figma Akiyama Nozomi

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