Goods: Boy’s Love-themed Notebook/Laptop (Nitro+Chiral Yupon Edition)

BL notebook

BL notebook? Welcome to the Nightmare… *_* (and so the banner says LOL~)

Ok, that’s mean of me. Sorry about that XD The illustration is supposed to be Halloween-themed, that’s why the “Nightmare”. Original pic here:

Yupon Laptop
Announcing: Prime Note Cresion NA Yupon edition (ゆーぽんエディション)

The product specs:

Intel Atom Processor 330
Dual-core 1.60Ghz, 1MB L2 cache
2GB Memory (2 slots expandable to 4GB)
NVIDIA® ION™ Graphics Processor
12.1″ screen WXGA 1366×768 pixels
320 GB, 5400rpm, 2.5″ SATA 3.0 Gb/s (SATAII)
12 Yupon illustrated decoration sticker (to put on your notebook)
CD-ROM(x24), DVD-ROM(x8),BD-ROM(x2)
Weight: about 1.92kg

Well, go read all the “customisable” specs at the product page… Lazy to translate everything lol~

Damage: 69,980 Yen and up

Yupon Notebook
But we all know we’re only interested in Yupon’s illustrated goodies ^^;;

Yupon Laptop

There will be 12 original illustrated decoration stickers to paste on the notebook and new character PC icons and desktop wallpaper. They didn’t mention anything about a screensaver tho’ and I think they should have included it in the package *shakes head*

ALSO, they should have created/included a full-theme with system sounds featuring seiyuu voices for all the three games Togainu no Chi, Lamento and Sweet Pool and so on. Although I know they did create character system voices in the Sweet Pool special (tokuten) CDs (for people who buy/preordered from Amazon Japan, etc).

I think it’s just hype and the notebook itself has just a plain black body. The BL bits have to be pasted on with stickers. No customised keyboards or whatever. Nothing spectacular *shrugs* ^^;;

But I have to admit, the illustrations are really cute! If they were sold separately in a CD-ROM or something, I would definitely consider buying it.

I think they did something similar for Lamento previously… I have an impression of seeing an image of a white casing notebook with Lamento’s emblem/logo before. I can’t seem to find the image online at the moment, so I’m not sure if it was an official item or self-customised item. I have a strong feeling it was official goods tho. Any ideas?

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6 thoughts on “Goods: Boy’s Love-themed Notebook/Laptop (Nitro+Chiral Yupon Edition)”

  1. Yay. ive never had my own laptop so when i saw these i was like *squeee!*. it made me want to buy my first one being nitro theme but it’s just not enough~

    i’d so buy those figures if they were ever made~ ;v;
    I will bet that more will come the chibi figures are hot sellers! *_*
    an omg there this one person on ebay selling i think the akira military figure for over 1000 bucks go see if you want a good laugh.XD

    1. If it was an entirely customised Nitro+ themed laptop, I’ll go squeee too XD COME CHIBIS COME!!! *chant chant* XD

      US$1000 for Akira’s figure? That’s crazy! Unless the buyer is darn rich ^^;; I wouldn’t mind selling mine for a thousand if there’s a willing buyer lol~

  2. lol omg you had me there for a moment. I thought it would come with more things but looks to be just a regular laptop with only the few features. I really love the illustrations i wish she’d release a art book!;v;
    I love the mad hatter like theme for the characters. XD
    Ah speaking of that have you seen the preview for the alice in wonderland movie coming to theaters soon? The cg and outfits are amazing.*_*

    1. XD oops! Yeah if they really wanted to, they could have done something way better to make people want to bleed their wallets.

      I think maybe she’s still accumulating artworks? XD I’ll definitely buy it if there’s one too. The costumes are lovely! :D It’ll be nice if they also released chibi figures wearing these costumes!

      I’m looking forward to the movie too! Awesome art and design. We can always look to Tim Burton for the quirky/dark/cool.

  3. XD That’s right! Anyway I wonder how much this tie-up would help the sales of the notebook… but it does help with marketing it. At least now I know there’s a Japanese brand called Prime that’s trying to target fujoshi ^^;;

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