Goods: BL Karuta Seme (Morikawa Toshiyuki), BL Karuta Uke (Toriumi Kousuke)

All the little things that makes learning Japanese fun for a BL fan :D

In 2009, they had Toriumi Kousuke 鳥海浩輔 (Akira from Togainu no Chi) read the scripts for the uke in card game, BL Karuta Uke BL カルタ(受). This year, Morikawa Toshiyuki 森川智之(Rai-Lamento aka the Emperor of BL/Teiou/帝王 who seme-ed countless seiyuus) takes on the role of reading lines of semes in BL Karuta Seme BLかるた (攻)

Title: BL Karuta Seme BLかるた (攻)
: 2,999 Yen (w/tax)
: 30 December 2010 (Animate only. Comicomi may carry it nearer to the release date) (Pre-sales during Winter comiket 79)
Official website:


Morikawa Toshiyuki will voice lines and scripts spoken by various types of semes, including cool seme, kichiku seme, teasing seme, cute seme, salaryman seme, teacher seme and even otaku seme (!? probably a seme who likes cat ear uke cosplays lol~) Each card will also be beautifully illustrated.

『恋のイロハ…遊びませんか?』 ついに!待望の続編『BLかるた(攻)』が登場! 読み手は攻めといえばこの人! 「森川智之」が担当。 かっこいい攻、鬼畜な攻、先生攻、オタク攻(!?)などなど様々なイケメン攻の台詞と共に美麗イラスト作家陣でおくるBLかるた(攻)萌えvなお正月を演出いたします。2011年の初めはやはりこれBLかるた攻!!!!!!!

Illustrators include:
旭まあさ, あんくみ, 壱コトコ, イチミヤ, 沖銀ジョウ, 椎名秋乃, スメコ, 千鳥ぺこ, 三尾じゅん太, 水渡ひとみ, もざ・始村ミオ, 龍華哲, 零壱, 山田シロ, 雪代朔也

What is Karuta? I’ve actually answered my own question when Togainu no Chi’s Kau Karuta 狗かるた was released the other time. Let me grab the definition again.

Karuta cards are also called 歌留多、加留多、嘉留太、骨牌 according to Japanese Wiki. They’re some sort of a traditional card game with each card representing one hiragana character. Seems like there are around 48 cards included.

The game is often used to help younger children (and Japanese Language students) learn to recognise the Japanese characters. There are many ways you can play this game and most commonly, a person will spread the set of cards on the table and call out for a card (reading the text or the hiragana? not too sure) Players will try to find the card. The first to do so will get to keep the card. When the game ends, the player with the most number of cards win.

Found this photo (see below) of the previous BL Karuta Uke set read by Toriumi Kousuke. It includes the cards and a CD. So you set the CD player to play the tracks randomly so that Torikou will be calling out a random card each time during the game.

More info about the uke set. It is out-of-print now…

I was very tempted by the 2009 karuta uke set which included uke types such as: cute uke, yanchyana (?) uke, boss uke, top student uke, senpai uke and otome (girly?) uke but I resisted it. $$$ was a big demotivating factor. I’ll most probably not buy the seme set either. But I have to admit. I’m really curious about them. Do you have the uke set? If so, please share your thoughts! :D

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  1. o_O It blows my mind that something like this even exists. It’s just so…WEIRD. But in a good way. Damn, I love yaoi and the crazy people who create all that is related to it.

    1. @imacatlover: Thanks for the heads-up! XD Hopefully I can get my hands on them this time!!! Uwa~ enjoy your plushies!!!

      There’s never enough time (and money) to do everything I want OTL;;; I want to earn more $$$ cos I’m so broke now.

      Please take care too! And best of luck for your exams and assignments XDD

  2. Ponyyy~! ^__^ Hey how’ve you been~? It’s been awhile since I last had time to read your blog orz|| I’ve been so busy with homework and such lately, but blah, I came with good news though~

    I checked GIFT’s online shop today, and the plushies are all getting a resale! *____* They are getting sold again on November 30 around 3 o’ clock Japan time! It’s so exiting to me, even though mine are already on their way to be shipped to me, but still, exitingly hopping around here xD;;

    Since I remembered how dissapointed you were about not getting them, I thought I’d contact you ^w^ Plus, maybe you could make other people aware too? If you need a middlemen who can buy them the second they come out, I’d recomment Yokatta! In fact, the plushies will probably be sold out within the hour again, so you’d need a fast middleman .__.;;

    But yay, just wanted to tell you ^^ How’ve you been? Also busy with work or school? I’ve got so many winter deadlines, it dazzels me sometimes @w@;;

  3. Have a happy Thanksgiving pony!

    (the card games lots fun. Maybe i’d learn something from playing it, while it keeps my interest.XD)

    1. @sigma: Happy Thanksgiving sweetie! Holidays are always a wonderful relief from work and school :D Enjoy!

      Yeah, it’s been a while since I played card games like UNO and such :3

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