Goods: BL goods galore from Togainu no Chi, Sweet pool and more (Nitro+Chiral)

Good news everyone, Gift is reissuing all new Togainu plushies on 30 November 2010 at Japan time 13:00 hrs at their web store. Thank imacatlover for the heads up ^^So get your favourite proxies to grab them for you! Also she recommends Yokatta ( if you’re not sure. Other possibilities, Crescent ( and Tokyobuyers ( Good luck! XD

Finally, these goods will be up for preorder soon on Gift’s online shop! The date to watch: 1st November 2010, one day after Chiral Night event…There are a few new items such as Military Akira and Military Shiki canned bread, Good night handkerchief and Naito-kun plushie (Nitro+Chiral’s boy mascot)

Hopefully they will be available for international order so that we don’t have to go through proxies and pay extra for them *_* Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

The full list here at Gift online shop.

I’ll update when links for shops with international shipping are available :)

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46 thoughts on “Goods: BL goods galore from Togainu no Chi, Sweet pool and more (Nitro+Chiral)”

  1. Tomorrow is the day showing what items will be available at Gift Nuigurumi Festival 3RD next month. I hope there will be a re-release of naito-kun QAQ
    I only find out that it had been sold again in 2012……

  2. When I read about the re-release I was sure I won´t be able to get them in time..
    But today I saw that Gift actually still has them in stock! So I ordered my two Akira cuties ^_^
    Now I am happy :D though my wallet cries.. (how can someone spent so much on two small plushies >.<)

  3. @Ponytale: No pictures with bento. I did incorporate the boxers into a couple pics, and a cushion. (Shiki side of course) It was way fun;D

  4. Yes, I do have it, and personally I love it! It was kinda funny the day it arrived I was cosplaying Akira at a local convention. I wanted to take pictures using it, but I was scared I would mess it up.

    1. @Nagara9: That’s lovely! Hehehe XD Akira eating bento made by Keisuke? Did you manage to take pictures with it? It would be such a cute pic XD

      I love the illustration on the box cover. If I buy it, I’ll probably use it to hold stationery, accessories or maybe cards instead of actual food :P

    1. @Jes: I’m not sure actually… cos they didn’t indicate on the website but if you can’t find them at Animate or other physical stores, then they’re most likely Gift online store exclusives. But if you’re going to Comiket 79 in December, I’m sure you’ll be able to buy them there!

  5. *___* Pony~! Got my plushies today!!! I’m so happy about them, cause they are so SO cute!

    As promised, I made pictures, but they’re not that good, though, haha ^^;; My camera makes pretty crappy nightpohoto’s…

    Littlemonster, I’m so happy you got Y-Akira too today *w* Did you manage to get all the plushies you wanted too, pony? I’m so happy they don’t sell out that quickly anymore, as they did the first time. Now I’m sure more people will be able to get them too ^w^

    1. @imacatlover: They LOOK SO SWEET together!!! I’m glad you can enjoy them so soon! And don’t worry about the lighting, the photos look awesome.

      Yeah I got em too XDD The overwhelming demand probably gave them a lesson and made sure they restocked properly. Yay~ now all of us have a piece of Akira and the gang XDD

  6. I’m still targeting for that Youji phone strap and Y-shirt Akira handkerchief. Well, the hanky won’t be too suspicious since it’s just an innocent picture of a boy in jammies asleep… :p

  7. I have a question. Did you order any from gift? if you did how much did you pay in total for one?
    I see them on ebay, but 60+ is a lot of money for one plush.

    1. @sigma: I’ve not ordered directly from gift store before. I bought the 1st version Akira and Shiki from Tokyohunter in ebay, at about $70 a set of both + shipping was around $80+ I can’t remember exactly. The Luckydog boys I ordered from CDJapan, Hobbysearch and Amiami (cos by the time I made up my mind to buy the remaining boys, they were not all available from just one store OTL)

      I saw the new plushies on ebay too *_* yeah… 60 bucks is a lot to pay for one plush. It’s probably cheaper to get a proxy to buy from gift store if that’s the case.

  8. @Nagara9: Yeah, I know the nervousness too… Dx the first time using a middleman was so nerve wrecking. The middlemen that I applied first is not very well known, I think, and I couldn’t find any feedback about them at first either. When I had to send the money to them, I was so afraid to never get it back! But when everything was send, and I when got my goodies I was really pleased ^^ It’s so great to know you can get stuff through people that would otherwise never reach Europe!

    But back on the guy, I think it’s awesome he does things like that! ^^ Sadly, I have no work for him right now, as I’m seriously broke, but who knows… *w* Thank you for sharing~! Maybe he can help others to their plushies too *hearts*

    @ponytale: Yeah, me too ^w^ But I was totally obsessed with getting them, so I feel like I can finally relax now =w= I really pressured my middleman to actually get them the second they’d come out, and by the time they did, it was like 7 in the morning for me, and I could only read my confirmation mail finally at 12 o clock at school x__x;; so much stress… And lol, now I’m stressing again, cause I want to order Naito too! He’s just too cute, and I can’t unthink the fact that he’s the lovechild of Shiki and Akira xDD;; I can see it now… Akira will be the mommy, and Shiki the daddy… *w*

    I’m kinda sad nobody of my friends, especially you and Planckie, could get them, though! D: I always like the feeling of sharing the same happiness with everybody, and fangirling about the same goodies. Of course I will be extremely happy when I get them, but I’ll be the only one who can enjoy them. So I definitly hope for lots of resale for all of you! ;w;

    1. @imacatlover: Yeah, I guess it’s back to stalking Y!J auctions after 8 Nov which is the date the plushies are shipped :-\ SIGH. Anyway, I’m sure many people bought more than one of the same plushie and some buyers are doing that with the intention to resell it.

      Hahaha :D yeah! Naito-kun has the traits of both Shiki and Akira right? Shiki’s eyes and Akira’s hair (albeit a lighter shade) XDD I’m going to get them all if I can. But hopefully while I wait, Y-shirt Akira becomes miraculously available again somehow :P

      Well, at least you did get him! I’m happy for ya! I know planck-chan and I will get him eventually, just the question of how much it’ll cost OTL;;; We can fangirl together for him when it happens lol. So don’t feel bad! Do take lots of pics of Y-shirt Akira when you get your hands on him X3

  9. @imacatlover- I hear you there. I was pretty nervous at first, but I really wanted the boxers without Ebay. So I took a gamble on it. Now I think I’m on my 6th order from him. He is pretty awesome. Anyway I hope you can find the stuff you are looking for too :D

    1. @Nagara9: Thanks for the link! :D I’ll definitely try him out the next time. I hope those shorts will be available eventually (T_T)

      @sigma: I wants them all too DX

      @planck-chan: ZETSUBOUSHITAAAA!!!! I was so busy at work today I totally forgot all about it (ToT) But all is not lost… usually the international stores are a few days late. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

      @imacatlover: That’s great :D I’m glad you managed to get the boys!!! I was so busy at work today I forgot all about the plushies OTL;;; didn’t even had a chance to check my blog or gift’s website! I hope they’ll restock him (T_T) I’ll try to order all the boys together when that happens. Yep, I’ll try to get Naito and Youji too if it’s possible. Glad you’re enjoying Sweet pool! XD

  10. Noooooooeeeeeeessss!!!!!

    Not only they were not available on traditional sites, but Yshirt Akira and Military Akira plushes are already sold out at Gift site! Dunno who’s fault on this (being a exclusivity of Gift site), Gift or Nitro+, but they really made us angry this time! Now their prices gonna go to the moon on auctions T__T

  11. Ponnyyy! ^w^ Long time no talk~! How are you doing? :3

    I ordered my plushies through Yokkata today. They got me Y-shirt!Akira, and the military plushies! I’m so happy they got them for me ^w^ But man, did you see how fast Y-shirt Akira went O__O;; he was gone in less than an hour! His plush was really popular… Man, GIFT really teases us with their shop-only exclusives… The Lamento rings are back too, btw!

    I really wish I had more money for Naito too v__v;; He looks like an awesome lovechild between Shiki and Akira, and his clothes are really cool too~ Are you ordering the Youji one? I think he looks cute, but ah.. money…! orz

    I’ve been playing Sweet Pool a little, btw ^__^ But I need to get used to the setting quite a bit, and I get confused at the blue-red options, haha xD;; Need to find more time to play it though, but the opening is so relaxing xD Almost make it seem like a normal game… xD

    Wow, that’s good to hear that people are willing to do that *w* I always know there are people on forum boards or other sites that go to these events, but I feel like such a bother if I’d ask them to take a thing or two for me with them. And also, it hard for me to trust not specialized people like that. Thank you for the link! ^__^

  12. @Sigma- I think right now they are still event exclusives. I’m not so sure about being released generally later. I haven’t heard anything. That would be cool though. We’ll have to keep our eyes open O_O

  13. I found a person in Japan who buys things for people in other countries. He goes to events, doujin shops, does auctions, and orders from shops. This is a link to his sight.
    I had him pick up the three new plushies at AGF, as well as the Togainu boxer shorts at a previous event. He charges original price, and a very small fee about 15 dollars or so. I dunno if that helps anyone, but I have had very good luck with him. Good luck :D

    1. @momo: yep yep.. XD must-get-these-plushies…

      @planck-chan: Don’t worry. I’m very sure the plushies aren’t exclusives! My only concern now is whether Amiami/HS/CDJapan will carry them like they did for Lucky Dog 1 boys. I hope they do! XD Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Yeah Tokyobuyers response can be quite slow indeed OTL;;; but you’re right. They are usually the cheaper alternative for our poor bleeding wallets.

      @Jima: XD I hope everybody can own their fav TnC plushie XDD

  14. Hmmm hope you’re really right pony, cos if they will be Gift exclusives we are all f**ked, they gonna sell as fast as light on their site, that’s my feeling… I’m anxious ans nervous about them.
    If they are available at AmiAmi, HS etc, we can do a sacrifice and stay up all night and try to get them ourselves… but if we’ll have to use a proxy, we have to specify them to do the same on Gift site and grab them really fast, it’s the most difficult thing I think, cos good services like that demand higher fees. I use Tokyobuyers cos they have one of the lowest fees, but to contact them rapidly and make them do this, I think is kinda difficult. So the best way for us is plushes available on other internet stores.

  15. Aw. Naito-kun is so cute. :3 I really hope they have it up for pre-orders on international sites so we don’t got to do proxys T.T

    I really want Naiko-kun, Strip shirt Akira (lol) and Youji! <3 :)

  16. Wonder what character is that plushies with the headphone? I saw it on Animate Girl festival too but i have no idea what series it come from.

    1. @banoni: well you deinitely got that right ( T0T)

      XD sensei’s official blog in English!! Her Akihito chibis for the site buttons are real cute lol~

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