Goods: BL fan-service K Pairing Hand Towels

What’s your flavour?

Title: “K” Hand Towel A 「K」 手ぬぐい A Yatogami Kuroh 夜刀神 狗朗 Isana Yashiro 伊佐那 社
Title: “K” Hand Towel B 「K」 手ぬぐい B Fushimi Saruhiko 伏見 猿比古 Yata Misaki 八田 美咲
Title: “K” Hand Towel C 「K」 手ぬぐい C Suoh Mikoto 周防 尊 Munakata Reishi 宗像 礼司
Price: 1,000 Yen (w/o tax) each
Available: May 2013
Size: Appx. 900 x 350mm
Material: Cotton
Print: Silk

A variety of anime goods always pop up after the run ends. And if you’ve watched the anime, you would have known these 3 obvious pairs which seem to be officially “sanctioned” by the creators. BL fan-service will continue in the Season 2. Definitely looking forward to that :D More information about the anime here.

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3 thoughts on “Goods: BL fan-service K Pairing Hand Towels”

  1. Uhm… Like I said before, my mother would think i’m insane If I get some themed bed sheeting, but… Towels, that’s it. She would never care. These I think can buy ._.

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