Goods: Bits and pieces of Shiki and Akira (Togainu no Chi, Nitro+Chiral, Jigsaw)

After the anime is over, a flood of merchandise follows.

Besides various anime inspired Togainu no Chi theme T-shirts (3,000 Yen each), tote bags (2,000 Yen each), etc there are also large towels of anime versions Shiki and Akira (8,800 each).

And there are jigsaw puzzles too and of Shiki and Akira based on artwork by the original illustrator, Tatanakana (Kurahana Chinatsu 倉花千夏).

Title: Togainu no Chi Jigsaw 300 Piece Akira and Togainu no Chi Jigsaw 300 Piece Shiki
Price: 1,600 Yen (w/tax)
Info: 300 pieces, size : 26cm x 38cm. Smaller than A3 size 29.7cm × 42cm.

These illustrations would look good as posters but I’m not exactly a jigsaw person :-\

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6 thoughts on “Goods: Bits and pieces of Shiki and Akira (Togainu no Chi, Nitro+Chiral, Jigsaw)”

  1. Hnnnng that Akira puzzle is so nosebleed. Too bad it was already sold out last time I looked.
    Anyone know where to find a good quality of that image on the internets?

  2. @ponytale ^__^ *hugs* I’m fine too. I’m still having my intern trainee job at school, but luckily, that’s almost over. Just this week and the next, and I don’t ever have to do that job again! I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but I’m dying to have my normal lessons back. This way I’m not so busy all the time anymore x3

    Hee~ xD I’m going to make the puzzles with my mother. I’m also not really a puzzle fanatic, but she is! When I told he that the puzzles where only 300 pieces, she was all like “Pwhah! Piece of cake!”. I also told her one was going to be sexy, and she just smirked, haha ^^;; She asked me if it was that one sexy dude like the pillows xD;; I’m going to need to watch out, that she doesn’t get interested in him enough. It would still be awkward to tell my mother I like yaoi…

    Yeah, I think so too. On the other hand, I can appreciate that even though it doesn’t really fit Togainu, they’ve made something different without reusing other art all the time. I’ve seen Akira’s anime face countless of times on anything you can think of, and the official art is re-used a lot of times also. I wish they’d use the art on the wines maybe on another product too~

    Well, I really did like my skip button :( When playing Togainu on the PC, I could at least skip the paths I didn’t like. I mean, I’m not a fan of Motomi anymore, so I skipskipskip’d him. And I didn’t like the Keisuke/Akira or the Punishers/Akira rape scenes either :( So I skipped them too. Plus, i’ve already played Togainu on my PC, I don’t need to read (…well, it’s not like I can understand it without translator, haha…) the scenes all over again. I want to go to the action and new scenes v__v;; But oh well, I guess you have a point. And yeah, the PC game is still hotter, though! xD I just bought the game for the petit, the poker and the new Shiki scenes, haha xD

    1. @imacatlover: school life is still way better than working life ^^;; that’s why its ideal to try to find a job we enjoy so that it isn’t as taxing. Hang in there! *hugz* :D

      Lol~ I’m still considering the puzzles. Very tempting tho. Well, my parents have no idea of my yaoi interests either :P Don’t think I ever want them to know if I can help it lol~

      It’s good they’re trying to be different but the results aren’t quite right. I don’t see myself using the totes or wearing those T-shirts. As for official art being reused countless times, I don’t really mind cos it is too pretty but I’ll only buy the item if I really like it tho. :P The anime version isn’t as good, so I skipped most of the related goods.

      I like the skip button too but sometimes I skip too much and go oops XD backtrack! Sometimes I feel that there should be a better way to program visual novels, like a mind mapping view so that people can just go/skip to whichever scenes they want. Like reading a real book. The impatient ones would go right to the end? lol~ It is too linear and can be quite frustrating to play without a capture guide. Also usually save slots are not enough for most of us if we don’t use a capture guide too.

  3. Ponnyyy~! How are you? x3

    xDDD I totally bought both of the puzzles like three days ago, haha xD Remember that I was talking to you the other day how much I wanted an official poster of Togainu on my wall? Well, since there aren’t any, why not put a sexy puzzle on the there instead? xD I’m totally going to frame these when I’m done with them~ Akira is totally sexy in this one *¬* If I remember correctly, they used this picture one before on a rare trading card, and as a sketch in the official artbook, so I’m happy I can see it in it’s full glory now~

    I don’t like the tote bags and the t-shirts, though :/ Since when did the citizenship number become important in Togainu? And the designs around Akira’s knife don’t fit the theme of Togainu at all! I mean, pseudo Victorian style?! WTF?!

    Got my Togainu PSP game, btw :3 It’s very nice~ The petit is lovely, and the game is very smooth! Togainu Poker is fun, though I don’t understand any of it. I can’t play poker… ^^;; The only thing that kinda makes me disappointed about the game, is that you can’t use the SHIFT button anymore =__=;; I mean, in the PC game you could just skipskipskip to the point that you wanted to see. The PSP version makes you abuse your O button, cause it only allows you to skip, if you played it once. I’ll be clicking a long time, before I’ve finished Rin’s route… :( A fun option though, is that if you want to hear your character say his lines twice or more, you, can hear them again with the trackback tool :3 Cool~ The rest seems the same, though.

    1. @imacatlover: I’m good, sweetie! Hope you’re awesome too! School’s started huh.

      Yep, yep! I remember! I’m kinda tempted too :-] They’ll look beautiful together!

      I think those tote bags and stuff were a “Huh?” for me too. I didn’t see any connection to the original game at all but you never know. Some fans might just like them. It’s probably cheaper to license them than the actual illustration artworks of the characters.

      Icic… thanks for the update on the PSP game… sounds good! Generally the skip buttons only work after you’ve played a scene before… so I’m prepared for that lol. But I still haven’t got my hands on the console yet. sigh. But the 18+ version is still hotter right? :D

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