Goods: Billie Jean… OWW!

Michael JacksonAnd my wallet sings… Not my lover… OHH!

Michael Jackson is next in line to be immortalised in plastic! Erm… non-fans will probably read something else into that ^^” but anyway… Woo~ the joy, the joy! XD

Everything about this period where he was into shiny white sequined gloves and socks and doing the moonwalk feels very nostalgic. Gaaah… I seriously loved Michael Jackson then! Sigh~ He was like unbelievably a.w.e.s.o.m.e. up to Dangerous/HIStory. *squeals* and after that… SIGHs~ :-\

Okie, so this figure is expected to be released next year February at a damage of 18,858 (w/o tax). But since it is going to be produced by Hot Toys, we can expect additional parts like hands and such. From observation, Hot Toys are generally a lot more “generous” when it comes to accessories.

Some info: This collectible stands approximately 30 cm tall, features the authentic likeness of Michael Jackson – the legendary musician and Hollywood pop star in the 80’s.

Michael Jackson collectible figure features:

  • Hot Toys’ newly developed TrueType- “Slim version” body with over 38 points of articulation.
  • Trademarked single sequined white glove
  • Sequined black coat
  • White socks with black shoes
  • Black hat
  • Microphone
  • Microphone stand
  • Three sets of interchangeable hands
  • 12 inches figure stand with Michael Jackson nameplate

See? See? Much more generous than Medicom for something along the same price range. *rant*

Licensed for sale in Japan and Hong Kong only. Whatever, we can still import him hah! xD

If I get my hands on this figure, he’ll probably be my first male Hot Toys figure. The upcoming She-Predator – Machiko that I’m also rather interested in but yet to pre-order is also a Hot Toys product.

Yeah… Michael Jackson! HEEHEE~OOH!

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6 thoughts on “Goods: Billie Jean… OWW!”

  1. That’s true… and with the right lighting, wow it’ll be an awesome display piece ^^ Look at the shimmer and glitter of his coat and glove!

    I think my parents will shake their heads at it tho’ but they knew I was a MJ fan XD

  2. if buy this thing have to find appropriate display case too otherwise won’t look good.

    if i have this i wouldn’t let anybody touch it XD

  3. Yep agree…but he couldn’t stop himself looking for perfection which ended up badly.
    Not to judge him or anything because he’s very talented but still i think of him as weird.

    Hell, i want his sequined black coat and single gloves.

  4. In a way it is good cos the technology to produce realistic head sculpts have improved tremendously ;) And if it was produced at that time, I don’t think I have the $ to buy it before it becomes sold-out either.

    I’m glad this figure happened ^^ but I also wonder how much licensing fees Michael got for agreeing to it. It’s sad that plastic surgery is irreversible… I thought he looked rather handsome already during the period around Thriller ~ Dangerous.

  5. awesome but kinda late. i mean MEDICOM should look upon Jacko as a subject years ago.

    This is a great memorabilia, something tht we can remember from Michael instead of his over-plastic surgery face these days.

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