Goods: Big and Long Katekyo Hitman REBORN! Boys… cushions (dakimakura, Tsuna, Mukuro, etc)

Mass invasion of the fujoshi/fudanshi bedroom. Mukuro is just one of seven KHR boys!

Title: Kateikyo Hitman REBORN! Big, Long cushion 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN! 特大ロングクッション
The line-up:
1) Tsuna Vol.2 ツナ
2) Mukuro Vol.2 骸
3) Hibari Vol.2 雲雀
4) Gokudera Vol.2 獄寺
5) Fran フラン
6) Dino ディーノ
7) Belphegor ベルフェゴール

Price: 12,190 yen (w/o tax) each
Release date: 31 March 2012
Description: *Delivered in compressed packing. No size or material specs.

Why not just a cover? It would have saved shipping cost. But since I don’t follow this series, I’m not tempted to buy any of them, especially when none of them are in cute ero-ero poses lol /shot. I only kind of know some of the more famous characters cos of other BL fangirls’ discussions of their favourite pairings.

About the manga/anime (via wikipedia)
Reborn!, known in Japan as Katekyou Hitman Reborn! (家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!), is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Akira Amano. The plot revolves around the life of a young boy named Tsunayoshi Sawada, who finds out that he is next in line to become the boss of the most powerful Mafia organization called Vongola, the Vongola Family. As such, the Vongola’s most powerful hitman, a gun-toting infant named Reborn, is sent to tutor “Tsuna” on how to become a respectable boss.

Kokubun Yukari as Sawada Tsuna 沢田綱吉/ツナ,
Neeko/Narita Ken as Reborn リボーン
Ichinose Hidekazu as Gokudera Hayato 獄寺 隼人
Kondou Takashi as Hibari Kyouya 雲雀恭弥
Iida Toshinobu as Rokudou Mukuro 六道骸
Kamakari Kenta/Kenn as Dino ディーノ

I only watched episode one ^^;; before dropping it cos of the huge number of episodes the anime already has. Yeah, I was late to the fandom. Anyway, I like Mukuro’s design. Oh by the way, his seiyuu Iida Toshinobu is the voice of JJ from BL game Omerta ~Chinmoku no Okita.

Hibari is voiced by Kondou Takashi (who will appear in an upcoming BL game Taisho Mebiusline) and that’s quite a bad-ass looking Gokudera on the right.

These guys… I have no idea who they are ^^;;

And this one too. He reminds me of Mello’s sidekick (what’s his name again?) from Death Note. (Update: His seiyuu is Fujiwara Yuuki, who did the voice for Omerta’s Azusa. Thanks SnowMiyu for the heads up lol! :D)

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18 thoughts on “Goods: Big and Long Katekyo Hitman REBORN! Boys… cushions (dakimakura, Tsuna, Mukuro, etc)”

  1. KHR is totally worth watching, it took me a while to actually get into it but once i got past the first 20 episodes it was just amazing. The begining of the series is pretty lame but the rest is really good. The anime itself is aimed for like 12 (maybe even 10) and up so there isnt much BL in it ;_; but there is subtext of corse >:D Gokudera obsessing over tsuna is just adorable :3 I think its very good and if it dosnt have enough BL in it for your taste, there is plenty of doujin and fanfiction to fangirl over, trust me! :)

    1. @lillychu: icic… I’ll keep it in mind! Thanks for your recommendation :D I’ll watch if the story is good. BL is not a must but if it has some, its a bonus heh.

  2. What turned me off is: the main character is loser but ‘suddenly’ became stronger to protect his nakama. I will read the manga later.

    1. @Kencana: Well he had a private tutor to make sure he becomes strong without him realising it. I only watched a few episodes and it was quite interesting.

  3. I’m currently watching KHR! and I looooove it!! Though I only decided to watch it because I saw a picture of Hibari and fell in with him. So i said “I’ll take the the challenge!” but yea it’s a good funny show. Too bad the dakimakuras aren’t pervy~ I still like the designs thou. If Hibari and Dino had pervy designs, I would totally buy them! Hibari and Dino, my two husbands~

    1. @MisakixUsami: I find the boys cute too :D I thought episode 1 was quite funny but I was kinda late in discovering it, so I decided not to continue ^^;; like how it was with Bleach. Watched 1st episode. checked current number of episodes (more than 100) orz;;; itz ok ^^;; I’ll leave it when I have time to kill (which I don’t) ( ToT)/
      It’ll be very nice if they released sexy dakimakuras of their adult selves :3

  4. No Yamamoto? D:

    You know pony, I actually forced myself to read the manga to understand the doujins XD
    The story’s not that great but the characters are fun and loveable.
    I’d advise you to read the manga instead of watching the anime though, they didn’t put much budget in it <_<'

    1. @Mayon: Yeah I thought he is one of the mains too… saw the name on Wikipedia.
      Icic… Thanks for your advice! I’ll keep that in mind and get the manga instead then X3

  5. I follow the series lol, and I’m surprised, they did most of the popular boys. The art is nice overall but eh, I’d want more moe or sexy dakimakuras so I’ll pass on it :D (plus, I’m not so much a big KHR fan anymore xP)

    1. @momo: yeah I won’t buy these covers unless the illustrations are really interesting, since I’m not even following the series. These are strictly for hard core fans probably.

      It’s a pity they lost the opportunity to capture the casual fujoshi. They could’ve done a Tiger and Bunny or Utapuri and laugh all the way to the bank lol

    2. Yeah, these are for hardcore fans. and so true! If it was tiger and bunny or utapuri, they’d be making tons of money, I mean, I’d prob get one LOL! Well depending on the art of course :3

      btw, noticed some of your pics our down cause of bandwidth :D But i think you already saw that.

    3. @momo: Yeah, me too, it’s taking willpower not to cave into the temptations. There are so many types of utapuri goods released, its difficult not to see something you like orz;;
      Yeah, in the end I paid photobucket to extend the bandwidth for a month while I opened another account for the new pics. No time to update all the old goods posts to the new link D:

  6. Funny coincidence that I recently marathoned the series halfway and now I’m pretty much into the KHR fandom. :3
    Even funnier when it took me a while to realize Belphegor is Fujiwara Yuuki who did Azusa in Omerta. No wonder I felt this strange annoyance when it’s Bel’s screentime (since I don’t like his character in Omerta). XD;

    1. @SnowMiyu ah icic I had no idea! So that’s Azusa’s seiyuu lolol I’ll update the post later when I get home :D

      Do you dislike his voice or are the characters happen to be similar?

    2. Hmmm.
      I think it’s his voice. ^^;

      Also, I’m totally flailing over Mukuro because of Iida’s voice. *became an immediate fan from the seiyuu’s work as JJ* |D

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