Goods: Be intoxicated by Togainu no Chi, Lamento Beyond the Void and Sweet Pool wines (Nitro+Chiral)

Update: 21 Feb 2011: Previously only available from physical stores, they’re now available for order from Animate Japan online store :O


The wines:
1) Togainu no Chi Original Wine: Ruler~ General Shiki’s wine (Red wine)
「咎狗の血」オリジナルワイン「支配者~シキ総統のワイン」~ (赤ワイン )

2) Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID- Original Wine: Time of Traveller. Flavour of fruit wine of Ransen (White wine)
「Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID-」オリジナルワイン「旅のひととき藍閃の果実酒風ワインから」 (白ワイン)

3) sweet pool Original Wine: Pure. Sacred. (Rose wine)
「sweet pool」オリジナルワイン「純・聖」 (ロゼワイン)
On Sale: Late December 2010
Price: 5,250 Yen (w/tax) each
Available: Limited production available exclusively from Animate stores: Ikebukuro (main store) and branch outlets: Sendai, Nagoya, Akihabara and Yokohama . 池袋本店、仙台店、名古屋店、秋葉原店、横浜店 (update: now also available at Animate online store. Click on links above)
Note: On sale only for ages 20 and above. Customer must show age identification upon purchase/collection.

Each wine will also come with a corresponding bromide (below) and pendant.

It’s not possible to import alcohol without paying very heavy customs tax in my country, so I have to sadly give this a miss. Fans who are of age and are in Japan… please enjoy it on our behalf! (T_T) And let us know if you do. I’m so curious about the taste!

I think I might want to give it a shot and see how it goes. Checked the custom tax rates… it just MIGHT work out.

They didn’t mention whether they are white or red wine. From the photo, it seems that all are white wines. They’re going for the safer route cos women tend to prefer white wines. I think Shiki’s wine will be more suitable for red wine though. I love fruit wine in general cos they are usually sweet. I’ll probably enjoy the Lamento one the most.

Feb 2011 Updated with new information. Togainu is red wine, Lamento is white wine and Sweet Pool is rose wine :3

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17 thoughts on “Goods: Be intoxicated by Togainu no Chi, Lamento Beyond the Void and Sweet Pool wines (Nitro+Chiral)”

  1. Wow! You’re gonna order it? I envy you, I want to get, at least, the Togainu no Chi wine. I don’t like alcohol that much, but this is something I want, maybe to share it with my Togainu no Chi/Lamento/Sweet Pool girl-friends fans XDDDDD. My sister likes booze (REALLY LIKES), but I think I wouldn’t share it with her, because she wouldn’t appreciate the origin and how special are those wines xP.

    Now I’m tempted to buy it, if you can get one of the bottles, tell me if you were sucessfull… and the money damage XDDDDDD.

    1. @Asamisa: I’ll try to get it and update the status when I do X3 Hopefully I won’t be taxed too much. I like wine in general, red/white as long as it tastes good :D

  2. Luckily for me I live in a town that produces some of the best wine in the whoel world SO I won’t be craving for these pretty bottles… And I’m sure the pendants and/or bromides might pop up on Y! from time to time.
    The Sweet Pool one looks very gorgeous and nonchalant but heck.. for whine whine, better go with TnC! : D

    Good luck getting one ~

  3. Taking a second look at the pendent the sweet pool one is kinda mysteries. Love it.

    Your going to order it!?*_*
    Wahh if you do which one are you going to choose? Choices choices…OTL

  4. Omg~! Even though i can’t drink it…..i still want it for the artwork. *shot* XD;;
    the sweet pool picture is super elegant! And Shiki/Akira!(he’s on his knees~!) *nosebleed*;

    I wonder how much shipping would be if someone were to get it from japan ? o-o

    @imacatlover: “I’m kinda suprized they’d choose wine to advertise their BL games, though! (or maybe it’s the other way around?) I mean… why wine of all things! o__O;;”

    lol XD i wonder too, but dang its sexy so it works.♥

    @plank-chan: “But wine is truly the Gods’ liquor! No other drink symbolizes love and orgy so perfect!”

    LOL! *agrees 100%* XD

    1. @sigma: me too lol~ gets shot as well :D

      Mmm I think one of the problems about shipping wine is that they contain liquids and is alcohol. You know how sensitive the authorities are nowadays about such things. OTL;;; And you most probably have to ship it by sea because of that. I remember hearing the postal staff tell a customer as I was queuing for my turn. “You cannot post items containing liquids by air” was what she said. The customer was trying to mail a small bottle of medicine in liquid form. But in terms of shipping fees, I think it should be normal? But liquids are heavy tho :)

  5. @ponytale Yeah, the cards really should be sold seperately! Or better yet, it would be awesome if they made posters/wallscrols out of them! It always surprises me that all Nitro+Chiral games have so little of them. And if they do have them, they’re either never really big, magazine scans or Comiket excusives =__= Ever since my room has had a makeover, and I have space for posters, I’ve been looking for a decent, non-anime poster. I wish they’d resale the interior sets again… :( A Sweet pool poster on my wall would be pretty awesome too~ :3 Maybe I should consider the bathroom posters… but ah, it would be proxy time again =__=;; *poor empty wallet*

    Oh, I guess that makes sense *w* But isn’t Christmas a holiday for lovers in Japan? It seems pretty wierd to buy a BL game wine for your date xD If I lived in Japan, and had a BF, this wine collection would be my own dirty little secret~ ;3

    @Planckie xDD Haha, my father would SO agree with you! He had been in the wine business for 15 years, before he decided he wanted to be a manager in a furniture store. He still knows a lot about wines and which ones are good, so I guess he must be pretty disapointed in me, cause I don’t like wine xD;; I don’t like the smell nor the taste of any wine he’s ever tried to make me taste, so all that knowlegde is waisted on me. I’m more of a mixed drink/cocktail person, haha~ =w=)b But I do agree wine looks sexy with any bishie ^w^ Kinda like cigarettes! They smell horrible, and I don’t support smoking in any way, but gosh, it can make the right character look so cool! x3

    1. @imacatlover: hmm that’s true. Maybe that’s why they seem more valuable cos they are so rare. Cos if something is mass produced, we won’t feel the great urgency to buy since they are all over the place anyway ^^;;; consumer psychology. I think it works well for them overall in generating buzz by working with exclusives. Yeah… those bathroom posters are like on my wishlist for a long time :-\ The interior sets are beautiful. I got Lamento one from Y!J auctions. The Togainu one is much rarer.

      Hehehe I think Japanese guys might be more open-minded about their girlfriends if they happen to be fujoshi? I don’t know XDD

      Wow your dad is in the wine business! :D That’s cool~ but can’t be helped if you don’t like the taste. My cousin can’t take any sort of wine either cos of the taste. And I’m like… on my… what a waste! It tastes so good! *_* but to her it isn’t a waste at all since she doesn’t like it anyway lol~ I like cocktail too XD

      I hate the smell of cigarettes too *_* besides the bad health effects they have. But do you know? There’re odourless and smokeless cigarettes… but cigarettes just don’t look right without smoke lol~lol~ and yep… they do lend a certain quality to the right characters :3

  6. @imacatlover But wine is truly the Gods’ liquor! No other drink symbolizes love and orgy so perfect! But I’d never import something like this, nor even for the pic, but if only I was in Japan, surely I’d prove it!
    @ponytale LOL I’m a woman who prefers red wine, and not dry, please.

  7. T____T Oh man, this is so unfair! I don’t like wine at all, but those cards you get with the wines… x( I’m totally diggin the Akira and Shiki card, cause it seems like original art, and the Military end is so sexy ;~; The other cards are awesome too (although Bardo’s tail in the Lamento one seems kinda out of place. He’s wearing a longcoat, so either he has a 2 meter tail, or the artist was lazy xD), and you even get free hangers with it! Man, I’d totally love to buy a normal wine bottle if they’d always come with such sexy goodies!

    I hope a kind Japanese person will scan their cards, after buying the wine. I so NEED a bigger resolution of them T_T;; I’m kinda suprized they’d choose wine to advertise their BL games, though! (or maybe it’s the other way around?) I mean… why wine of all things! o__O;;

    1. @imacatlover: Yeah, if only they sell the cards separately :( Besides the military TnC illustration, I really love the Sweet Pool one as well. Yep, I hope someone scans them too. Haha you’re right about Bardo’s tail… I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out. The pendants would be nice! Hopefully can find pic or two.

      I think it’s the festive season ^^ We drink wine during Christmas and New year celebrations, don’t we? :D It is probably for current fans who already love the BL works. It’s a great way to promote if they give them as gifts to their friends or buy for themselves :3

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