Goods: Artbooks and Shiki!


Shiki just arrived! XD Still in his box. Got him from the PlayAsia sale recently (Related post)

New stash of 4 artbooks arrived yesterday too…

  1. 闇の末裔 キャラクターブック (松下容子) 1,000 Yen
    Yami no Matsuei Character Book (Matsushita Yoko)
  2. ファインダーの標的 キャラクターズブック (やまねあやの) 2,300 Yen
    Finder no Hyouteki Characters Book (Yamane Ayano)
  3. カズキヨネ画集 -斬華- (カズキヨネ) 2,800 Yen
    Kazuki Yone Illustrations -Zanka- (Kazuki Yone) Hiiro no Kakera, etc
  4. メイド★はじめました -ご主人様のお世話いたします- (公式ビジュアルファンブック) 2,500 Yen
    Maid Hajimemashita (Official Visual Fan Book)

Couldn’t contain the excitement. Better pix of Shiki to come later. Busy ^^

Final Fantasy Trading Figures Vol 2Erm… this arrived just when I finished writing the post :P

Also acquired during the PlayAsia sale.

I bought the whole box of 9 Final Fantasy Miniature Trading Figures (Vol. 2).

These figures has been on the market for quite some time already.

Finally made the purchase cos of the 25% discount.

There are a total of 5 different figures. They really are much smaller than what I expected.

Wonder which figures I got :D Hopefully I get everybody, especially Squall XD

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26 thoughts on “Goods: Artbooks and Shiki!”

  1. Mmm… If the poster came with the first press editions, then I guess I wouldn’t have had it cos mine definitely wasn’t the first press. DX

    If not, maybe the one you saw on ebay probably included the poster as an omake? If it is any consolation, within the artbook itself, there’s a beautiful double-sided folded page that you can use as a poster if you cut it out.

  2. Hi~^o^

    I’ have a question. Did the Hiiro no kakera art book come with a poster? I’ve been wanting to get this artbook for a long while now, i remember seeing it on ebay before the artbook had a nice poster. It’s no longer up there an i’m not sure the artbooks come with anything extra anymore.

  3. well…the fanfic will be silly, entertaining but it’s my natural habit to put thriller/horror aspects into the plot.
    I know it’s just fanfic but i think i should take my time to do small research..otherwise he whole thing won’t be convincing enough.
    For example, i have to dig some data of various kinds of pastries (for your darling Tsuzuki).
    I cannot repeatedly saying Tsuzuki is eating pastry or strawberry shortcake. XD

  4. Of course you can! kekeke… the character can be like this “strange” girl who doesn’t use her given name lol~ not even Tsuzuki who she hangs around with knows what it is XD (maybe can cook up some silly back story on the side ^^” )

  5. Do you think i should continue the scenario in a fan fiction? just for fun LOL.

    I’ll put an extra such as K & I…

  6. I can imagine me and Muraki sipping Moet Chandon in a balcony of a five star hotel with Tokyo Tower view and thinking of evil plot to destroy you and your beloved Tsuzuki’s life XD
    By the time me and my ‘partner-in crime- brewing the final stage of our evil plan…you probably having a nice cup of tea with strawberry shortcake, thinking innocently of the world while looking at the busy shops of Akihabara.
    As for Tatsumi he’s probably still in the office…with large beads of sweats poppin’ on his forehead as he read you and Tsuzuki’s cc bills.

    yeah Hisoka complements Tsuzuki personality.

    I think Watson is cute…and her serves tea too.

  7. I think Hisoka’ complements Tsuzuki’s flighty personality :D They’re a good match. Yeah, if we compare Watari and Tasumi, definitely Watari better XD

    lol~ I prefer an easy life… to be paired with Muraki I have to be on my toes all the time and keep him interested enough to not kill me x_x I’ll probably become a very amazing person and have very exciting days (yep, I think you will become his lovely sidekick XD) but I don’t think I have the stamina for it :P I’m weak (T-T) *cry in corner* kekeke

    With Tsuzuki I guess we need lots of patience and encourage him along the way. He has a dog personality, so training is required lol~ With my type of financial planning ability, both of us will cry when we see our credit card bills :P So the best is to sign up for those saving plans that lock your money in for ages so that we won’t retire without $ *MEGA sweatdrop*

  8. Yea but Hisoka is sooooo serious, and if he jokes i think it’s kinda…*Gah* hard to say!!
    Watari probably more fun…
    Anyway, Muraki (my choice) is hardly the fun type, i hope i don’t turn out to be his “lovely’ evil sidekick Muahahaha XD

    As for Tsuzuki, im impressed with his character because he’s playful even silly sometimes but Tsuzuki-san actually a reliable guy. Imagine all the fun you can get having a guy with bunch of shikigamis…
    The bad side is probably he’s damn broke (have to rely on budget from Tatsumi), i think im luckier when it comes to financial issue because Muraki is lot more stable. XD

  9. Mmm I think they’re trying to make it exclusive and special so the dimensions of the book is different (adds to the printing cost I bet) But if you’re willing to rip the pages out and frame it, they are good for display right :P (like as if that’ll happen lol)

    (T-T) Tsuzuki and I will hug each other and cry in the corner. lol

    Yea, I bet he go crazy over the cakes while Tasumi gets a heart attack when he sees the bill XD

    Tatsumi is stereotyped accountant. I think Hisoka is a more enjoyable companion to have.

  10. Im not sure if Death Note book is classified as high quality, haha in my personal opinion the book is expensive and very un-friendly.
    With tht kinda dimension i find the book is hard to keep.

    Muraki IS SCARY. but i think of myself as scarier so he and i will get along fine while tormenting innocent ppl and people like you x Tsuzuki. XD

    I think Tsuzuki will also like Antique Bakery because he likes sweets too..

    Im not sure if anybody willing to have Tatsumi as couple, the man is darn cheapskate.

  11. I bought it from HMV. It is good! High recommended keke

    The seiyuu who voiced Tsuzuki in the cd is Okano Kousuke 岡野浩介

    Hmm… I think CLAMP is not a one-man operation, so the team members all have reasons to keep one another working… but if you’re kinda working as an individual artist, I believe Matsushita-sensei has more freedom to choose what she wants to do in a way?

    Hahaha… I know you prefer the 2nd couple *wink wink* Well, as for myself, I like me x Tsuzuki XD Much as I have a sort of fatal attraction thing going on for Muraki, he -IS- rather scary lol~

    Uwa… that Death Note book is very expensive loh… the price is what stopped me from getting it but I guess we really pay for what we get. It is very high quality right? I’ve seen scans and they were cool.

    Per Shop of Horrors book is also a wish list item hehe. The colour style is very similar to Ayumi Kasai who is another illustrator whose works I find very attractive.

  12. Really? then who voiced Tsuzuki in YnM CD Drama?
    Actually i dont know if YnM have a CD Drama.

    HaHa can’t be just becoz royalty, i mean CLAMP have bigger royalties but they still doing their works.
    Money is never enough and YnM’s quite promising, no reason to drop it.
    Must be a very very personal reason.
    As YnM fans we were forced to draw our own conclusion XD, in my imagination the ending is Kazutaka Muraki x Tsuzuki Asato or me x Muraki Kazutaka. LOL

    I bought Death Note illustration book (Blanc et Noir) in 2006, hand-carry from Japan.
    I was quite upset tht the book is in hardcover w/slipcase and the dimension can be considered unusually large.
    But then Takeshi Obata’s previous illustration book ‘Sai’ is also quite like tht.
    I like exclusive illustration book but i know how much ‘exclusive’ factor will affect the retail price.

    Do you have ‘Pet Shop of Horrors’ illustration book?

  13. We happen to be the ones who Mikhail couldn’t charm hehehe

    None are hardcovers… or will be a lot more expensive. Shipping cost will be worse too ^^” Viewfinder is about 100 pages (50+ coloured), Zanka and Maid is approx 130 pages. Zanka is full colour and Maid is about 100 coloured. So I think that affected the prices too. I find the paper material of Maid”‘s cover the least appealing cos it is slightly flimsy but that is typical of most game guides :)

    I have YnM drama cd. Altho drama cd Tsuzuki wasn’t voiced by MikiShin, he sounded just as in character. It is quite an enjoyable and funny drama too ^^

    I’m not sure what happened to Matsushita Yoko… I used to read bootleg Taiwan copies of her shoujo works in the early years before manga got popular here and she was one of my favs. Can’t remember the titles already. One of them involved a story about two guys who looked exactly the same but are not twins.

    I don’t know… maybe she’s just enjoying a carefree life away from the hectic days of meeting deadlines. The royalties from her books must be pretty good :P

  14. It’s amazing tht my friend also hate Mikhail, lets just the guy is an absolute pain in the @$&
    anyway, Mikhail have long lines of fans so…must be pretty successful characters.

    any of those book hardcover?
    oh yeah i know tht kinda paper, makes me feel the book is very very exclusive.
    but i dunno does tht kinda paper affect the price or not..LOL

    Nods, YnM anime is quite acceptable among non_BL fans. I bought the OST too.
    The english title is amusing for me, Darker of Descendants..sounds very dark eh?
    I also love the contrast between tzusuki Asato and Muraki Kazutaka.
    Have you heard anything abt the author, such as why Matsushita Yoko taking such long hiatus etc etc

  15. hehe they can talk to each other across the walls of their boxes *falls down*

    icic.. I’ll see if I can find it ^^ yeah I loved the YnM anime and I was comfortable enough with it to intro it to a non-manga and bl reading friend. She enjoyed it but thought it was quite wierd that the doctor is so obsessed about Tsuzuki ^^” I haven’t found the time to read the manga tho’

    Mmm Mikhail doesn’t appear in the color or b/w illustrations. Only our favs are featured ;) He is a minor character in this artbook.

    Zanka is not based on a game but the book has many illustrations based on games ^^ but so far not BL games. I like the paper quality of this art book too… the texture feels like water colour paper.

  16. Yea busy here too, haven’t thought of where to put him and his XXX couple so i let them stay in their boxes.
    *hope akira dun afraid of dark*

    Another book is YnM Illustration (also 1000Y) cheapest illustration book i’ve ever known.
    i have a strong nagging feeling becoz the author decided to go on-hiatus…
    the anime itself (thou very colorful) not as intense as the manga, but luckily the anime showered by hot seiyuus such as Miki Shinichirou, Hayami, Seki Toshihiko, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Juurota Kosugi, Inoue Kazuhiko..berry impressive casts.

    I’m tempted by Viewfinder artbook, but i dont think my husband won’t support me for buying it.
    Figures are OK but books (which is more explicit *depends*) Plz no more.
    Not to mention i’m a bit hurt by the appearance of Mikhail.

    oo Zanka based on game?
    Do you buy the game too?

  17. Yeah.. 3500 Yen for shipping o_O but cos some of the books won’t be available here so online shopping is the way to go ^^

    I’m surprised that YnM book still available too. I also thought it was out of print already… I think you’ll love the Viewfinder artbook. It is very high quality. Even the individual pages are printed on thick paper. Simply lovely.

    I like the Zanka artbook for the fantasy-feel pics and Maid Hajimemashita… ^^” it has cute smut and also capture guide as well since it is based on a BL game.

    I didn’t know that the chair was a separate part :D nice surprise for me kekeke. But I always thought these figures were bigger tho’ cos they looked kinda big on screen lol He is still in the box. Busy x_x

  18. Those are heavy shopping.

    I have YnM character book too, surprised me they still have it on-sale these days.
    Shiki still in the box too…becoz my daughter wants to play with its chair. XD

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