Goods: Are You Ready… for Date Masamune’s wake up call? (Sengoku Basara voice clock)

Sengoku BASARA Date Masamune voice clock
Date Masamune: Let’s Party!!!

Masamune/Nakai Kazuya (中井和哉) fangirl squee!

I meant to post this up earlier DX Hopefully you can still get the clock if you want it. Currently only available from Movic. Stock at Animate Japan and Animaxis has already sold out.

Description from Movic/Animate pre-order page.

伊達政宗 (Date Masamune) My translation isn’t very accurate, so please correct me if wrong :P

  • 「Hey!Wake up!guys!今日もアンタのPartyガ始まるぜ!二度寝なんかはCoolじゃねえ。Are you ready?…… OK!奥州筆頭・伊達政宗、寝起きのアンタと推して参る!」
    Hey! Wake up! guys! It’s the start of your party again today! It ain’t cool to go back to sleep. Are you ready? …… OK! Date Masamune and you (who have awakened) shall be first on the list of Oshu(army).
  • 「WAR DANCE!ーー 御託はいらねえ!オレの魂で起こしてやるぜ!HA!!HELL DRAGON!どうだ、まだ喰らいてぇか?」
    WAR DANCE! A [wake up] message is unnecessary. Let my soul wake you up! HA!! HELL DRAGON! (you’re probably half-dead after he unleashes his War Dance and Hell Dragon on you lol~) How’s that? You still wanna take another blow?
  • 「Wake a sleeping lion!眠れる獅子は目覚めねえと面白くねぇ。叩っ起こしてやるぜ!-- Ha!いい度胸だ!独眼竜の前で高いびきたぁ、肝が据わってやがる!OK、認めてやるぜ! アンタ、今日から奥州・伊達軍だ!」
    Wake a sleeping lion! It’s not interesting to wake a sleeping lion. I’ll give you a beating (to wake you up)! — Ha! You have great courage! Standing tall in front of one-eyed dragon (Masamune’s nickname), you can still hold yourself (your guts?) steady (Guessing here) OK. You have my approval. From today onwards, you’re Oshu – Date’s army!

Title: Sengoku BASARA Two Voice Alarm Clock 戦国BASARA弐 音声入り目覚まし時計
Planned price: 7,140 yen
Planned release date: November 2010

Size: approx. 183 x 128 x 70mm
Materials: metal (clock), with full color print on paper (face)
Requires three AA batteries (included)

No budget for now but I’ll try to get it if I can. My complaint is that the lines aren’t fan-service-y enough unlike the superb Durarara and Hakuouki clocks. It sounded to me like Masamune is trying to wake up the whole barracks of smelly soldiers, including you OTL;;;I prefer a more intimate scenario lol :3 Although they did include most of his famous lines…

But Luvi pointed out that it’s kinda moe in the way as though you sneaked into the army in order to get close to Masamune lol~lol~ XDD Love your imagination girl!

My favourite line out of the 3 is probably the second one where he unleashes his moves on you. Sounds rather comical if it was something that really happened XD

Anyway, I’ll review it if I can get my hands on it ^^ (Updated! Check out the review)

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5 thoughts on “Goods: Are You Ready… for Date Masamune’s wake up call? (Sengoku Basara voice clock)”

  1. If the price wasn’t so insane I’d totally nab it. My favorite line would also have to be the 2nd one, especially the “Let my soul wake you up!”. ;D

    1. @sigma: Hahaha XD it would be cool though! But I agree, I also prefer a more gentle and lovey-dovey wake-up call lol~

      Well, I think many people use their mobile phone alarms nowadays ^^

      OMG! That’s such an awesome idea! I can see my bank bleed all the way if that ever happened… cos you can expect them to do ALL the Togainu characters OTL;;; (well, maybe except for Kau since he is silent ^^;;;)

      @hirochan: hehehe XDD you noticed! Yeah eye-patch moe FTW. They’re creatively sucking our banks dry OTL;;;

      @Jima: Me too ^^ I think the second one is the funniest too.

  2. Let my soul wake you up!

    HAHA WOW, I’d wake up of shock when I hear that. How interesting can these alarm clocks get!?

    I noticed the tag, ‘eye-patch moe’. Made me giggle :3

  3. I might have a heart attack from being awaken with his loud voice first thing in the morning! XD

    ~~It sounded to me like Masamune is trying to wake up the whole barracks of smelly soldiers, including you OTL;;;

    lol! XD

    ah my money’s is safe. I’m still hoping to see a togainu clock. (still using my bad alarm clock, the poor thing….)

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